12 Years Later

11 Years before Jane is ah one years old Alistiar is dead and Theresa after much thought and scolding by her mother decides to give up the Crane Empire giving it to Sheridan but not before she got her duaghter back. She either threaten or paid off every judge to stay away from Rebecca or anyone associated with her.

She had won fare and square getting her daughter back after all Ethan and Gwen only had temporary custody of Jane and after hearing all the evidence on both sides the judge award Theresa custody of Jane

Gwen: why does she get our daughter

Judge: after reviewing everything I have decided that the custody of Jane Winthrp go to Miss. Lopez Fitzgerald

Gwen: But

Judge: you kidnapped her, you were insane right after she gave birth, you attacked her

Gwen: I did not attack Theresa

Judge: zip it you put a child's life in danger not only once but twice Mrs. Winthrop and Mr. Winthrop you should be ashamed of yourself

Ethan: she married Alistair Crane

Judge: and he's dead Mr. Winthrop you had the charges against wife dropped which that was not allowed only the proseuctor has that right I'm sorry Chief Bennett but as of now you are being investigated

Sam: I understand

Judge: do you you say you were about the law but when it comes to your son you made the charges disappear

Sam: I'm sorry he looks down in shame as his children look in digust at him

Judge; court ajourned oh Mrs. Winthrop every single charge is being reinstated court ajourned

Gwen was arrested her mother screaming along with Ivy and Theresa came up to Ethan you can see her anytime and with that she took her daughter from his arms.

Theresa: your allowed to see her anytime and if Gwen see's her it has to supervised

Ethan: how can you do that

Theresa: you've done it to me Ethan with that she takes her duaghter and leaves with her family

Ethan looks at his daughter one last time and leaves the court room

Gwen got out of Jail one year later thanks to Sheridan but Sheridan wasn't talking to her

They moved away and Jared adopted Jane her name is now Jane Maria Casey Theresa and Jared had two children twins Michael Luis Casey and Haily Whitney Casey. this is where the story really begins when Ethan and Gwen wants to see Jane but Jane doesn't want to see them.

You'll find out why in the next chapter