"I did not think it was true" someone said behind Ethan and Ethan turned around it was his son all grown up.

"Why are you here to cause drama Mr. Winthrop" LE/Sammy asks spatting at his sperm donator


"Its Sammy thank you very much why are you here"

"To see my children"

"You have no children" LE says angrily

"I'm sorry son"

"Stop calling me that I'm not LE Ethan anymore" LE/Sammy says

"You will always be my son"

"No I am Jared Casey's son I am NOT YOUR SON"

Ethan didn't say anything because it was true

"Jane hates you but she loves you" Sammy says "Stay away in fact disappear again from OUR LIVES we don't need you here" Sammy says

"I'm here to get my family back" Ethan says determinedly

"Did you not listen to Uncle Chad mom is happy Janie and I are happy no drama don't bring your baggage back to US PLEASE I'm begging you"

"I Still love your mother" Ethan says and LE glares at him

"Where was that love when you took US way as in Me and Jane Ah where was that love when Gwennie took off AH mom had every right to press charges on her AFTER what she did to her"

"Look I'm sorry"

"No your not your still selfish bastard that left years ago"

"No I'm not"

"Then prove it DAD" Little Ethan Says sarcastically

"I am trying to prove it"

"No your not LEAVE Don't come back" LE says

"I see a coward"

"I had to do what I had to do in order to keep Gwen away from the two of you"

LE laughed "No you didn't you were a coward Jane hates Gwen she told me once she would never want to see Gwen again and I can't blame her she took Uncle Luis away from us almost took mom away several times and put HER Own Child in danger resulting in killing HER" LE says

"It is really all my fault"

"IF you just let mom be happy like you have been"

"How am I doing that" Ethan says

"By leaving her alone for all these years you dangled a piece of meat in her face all those years ago she could not move on because you kept dangling that meat in front of her" LE says

"I'm sorry"

"Show us your sorry by leaving US alone"

"I want to see Jane"

"Stay away from Jane you caused her enough hurt" LE says "And forsake of yourself and your mother don't go the cowards out"

"Which is that way"

"Killing yourself" LE says before leaving the Book Café and Ethan cries he truly lost everything he ever cared about no one would care if he had killed himself but maybe there was s a little love in EJ he should say and Jane left. He smiled at that thought now he needed them back but how was he to get them back to get them to listen to him to see him. He looked around at the Book Café it hadn't changed one bit there were still books and magazines in that little corner the coffee bar, tables around and couches that were red and updated. He sighs as much as this town changed it hasn't change one bit. He decided to walk around town to see what was out there. He went to the park first where he saw His Theresa with the twins playing on the playground and running around with another little boy and the women he assumed by Theresa was Isabella Sam's daughter he hated that she was Chief Bennett's daughter he wasn't. He was use to getting what he wanted. He sighs he would one day get Theresa back get her to love him again. He had to get Jared out of the way and those twins would be his not by blood like he would like but by adoption like Jane and LE were. Screw what Chad had said to him and HIS son he would get his family back no matter what the cost…..Hopefully this is a long chapter hehe Gwen has rubbed off on Ethan and he is the crazy one now haha….Sorry it took long for me to update…..Thanks to TerryGyimah for the inspiration