The East Coast Witches part 1

"Wow!" Piper said when they got back from the future. They were sitting at the table where they were writing about their lives in the Book of Shadows in the present and future.

"I have all girls!" Phoebe said, tears started to wet her eyes. When she had a premonition in the past, she had one girl but three that was a whole different story. She wasn't arguing though, because that was what she wanted. A nice, healthy, and normal family.

"Good luck finding new names for girls that begins with the letter P." Paige said. "I got lucky. I got Henry Jr and twin girls."

"Actually, I think that my oldest will be named Prudence after Prue, the middle child will be named Patricia, after mom, and the youngest will be Penelope, after grams." Phoebe announced.

"Well I will finally have Melinda that I have always wanted. Not that I am not happy with Wyatt and Chris It's just..." Piper started.

"You always wanted a girl," Phoebe finished and smiled at Piper.

"Don't you think it's odd?" Paige said out of no where.

"What?" Both Piper and Phoebe said at the same time.

"Piper will have two boys and a girl. I am gonna have two girls and a boy, and Phoebe have three girls. All we need now is someone to have all boys." Paige said, with a little laugh.

"No, I don't think that's odd. I think it's perfect!" Piper responded and Paige smiled. Piper then sat back and sighed. "I finally get my restaurant." She smiled and then stood up to close the Book of Shadows. She headed into the living room. Paige and Phoebe followed. The men were in the living room, waiting for them.

"So, how was it?" Leo asked smiling. "Was it like how we saw it?"

"Yes. It was amazing." Piper said as she sat down next to him. Leo wrapped his arms around her and kissed her head.

Phoebe and Paige brought Coop and Henry up on the details on their futures together. "...I have a book out about finding love and then that is about it from what I saw." Phoebe finished now sitting on Coop's lap with his arms wrapped around her.

"So we do get married?" Coop asked.

"Yes and we are happy, and we have three little girls." Phoebe assured him with a huge smile on her face.

"Then it makes this a hell of a lot easier." Coop said as he got down on one knee and opened a box in his hand. He then took Phoebe's hand in his and asked, "Phoebe Halliwell, will you marry me?"

"Yes! Yes, Coop, I will marry you." Phoebe replied, smiling at him. Coop placed the ring on her finger and twirled her. He then finally kissed her passionately. Phoebe quickly looked at Paige and Piper. They didn't have the power of telepathy, but they knew what she was thinking. They nodded to show their approval. Phoebe turned back to Coop. "You know, we were married by the Angel of Destiny. If we wanted to get married right now, we could." Phoebe said with a sly grin on her face.

Coop looked at her in shock. "Seriously? You would marry me right here and now?"

Phoebe bit her lip and nodded, still smiling. "All I have to do is conjure a dress and some flowers and stuff it doesn't need to be big. Just all of us."

"Let's do it!" Coop shouted. He loved Phoebe and wanted to marry her as soon as possible. Everyone started laughing. "Sorry." He started to blush.

"I didn't know that Cupids could blush." Phoebe teased.

"We'll go conjure the dress. Coop, go to the Angel of Destiny and tell her..." Paige started but was stopped bye a swirl of lights.

"That won't be necessary." Destiny said, appearing in front of their eyes. She was smiling. "I'll meet you guys at Magic School. Now go and conjure your dress."

"But what about all the other stuff?" Phoebe asked as she was being pushed up the steps by her sisters.

"I will take care of all that, don't you worry." Destiny said. Paige and Piper hurried Phoebe upstairs to get ready.

Upstairs, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige were all getting ready for the wedding.

I need something that says WOW,

I need it now,

Something that is not in town,

A beautiful wedding gown.

Phoebe chanted after her sister had helped her with her hair and makeup. A flash of yellow appeared and then a beautiful wedding gown was floating in front of them.

"Nice spell, Pheebs" Piper said putting the final touches on her hair and then helping Paige with hers.

"It worked, did it not?" Phoebe asked as she grabbed the dress and went in to the bathroom to put it on. When Phoebe came back out, she look beautiful. Her hair was in a very fancy bun with flowers and pearls wrapped around it. Her gown was pure white, and wasn't puffy. It was slim fitting and beautiful.

After the wedding, everyone was in the sun room, drinking wine. Coop was holding Phoebe around the waist. "Did you know that this is the first time that a Cupid has married?"

"Aren't we lucky?" She asked, leaning into his chest.

Across the room, Paige was talking to Henry. "Look, they're so happy."

"Yeah, just like us." Henry kissed her cheek.

"You don't know what it was like, watching her heart get broken day after day."

"Well, now she has found love, literally." Henry joked, referring to the fact that Cupids help people find love.

Just then, Paige heard a jingle. She sighed, "I have to go."

"Hurry back." Henry said, giving her a kiss.

A few moments later, Paige returned with a frown on her face. "We have a serious problem." That got everyone's attention.

"Damn it! I wanted to have a trouble free wedding day, just like you and Henry." Phoebe pouted.

Leo turned back to Paige. "What's wrong?"

"Children from the magical community along the eastern coast are disappearing." Paige explained in a slight huff.

Piper stood up and looked at everyone. "I'll see if Billie can watch the boys for us."

Piper was about to go to the phone when Phoebe stopped her. "Wait a minute. You're actually willing to go? I thought you were done with demons for a while." Phoebe stated.

"I remember what it was like when demons were after Wyatt. If kids are being taken, then it's our duty as Charmed Ones to help."

"Fine, Coop and I will be right back. Lets go get ready for a little vacation." Phoebe said, grabbing Coop's hands. They disappeared in the Cupid's flash.

"Henry and I have to pack too." Paige said, orbing her and Henry to their apartment.

"And while you call Billie, I'll pack our things." Leo said, heading upstairs to their room.

Twenty minutes later, everyone met back up at the manor. "Ok, Billie, everything is here on the list. Phone numbers for my dad and family friends, the boy's schedules...stuff like that. I don't know how long we will be gone but I will call everyday." Billie only nodded as Piper gave her Chris. Piper said her goodbye's to the boys and then turned to the rest of the group. "Ready to go?" They all nodded and then left in orbs and a flash.

"Welcome to Maryland." One of the elves said to the group. The rest of the elves bowed.

"What are you doing?" Coop asked them.

"We bow before the Charmed Ones." One of the elves replied.

"No, please, it's not necessary." Phoebe said, helping one of them up. The female elf that she helped up, handed her a small elf child. "You're so cute." Phoebe said, showing the baby to Coop. Coop looked over Phoebe's shoulder and smiled.

"When we asked for help, we didn't expect so many Charmed Ones." The Elf Queen said.

"What do you know about us?" Piper quizzed them.

"To be honest, not that much. The magical community all across the world talks with each other. When we sent out our distress call, our friends from San Francisco told us about you. We never realized that there were so many."

"Oh, no. You got it all mixed up." Henry said. "These three..." He said, pointing to Paige, Piper and Phoebe, "...are the Charmed Ones. We're just their mortal husbands. Except Coop. He's a Cupid."

"Oh, this just won't do." The Elf King sighed.

"What won't do?" Paige raised an eyebrow.

"You won't be able to protect the mortals. What ever is taking our children, has no mercy. They won't be able to defend themselves."

"We'll see about that." Phoebe said, sitting down in a tiny chair. "I need paper and a pencil." Once these were received, she started working on a spell immediately. After about two minutes, She rose. "It's ready." Paige joined her on her left, and Piper took the right. Together they read the spell.

We call upon our powers to make the switch,

Turn this mortal into a witch

They pointed at Henry. He was soon engulfed in light. They did the same to Leo. "There. Now you can defend yourselves." Piper said, confidently.

"Piper, what are our powers?" Leo asked.

Piper bit her lip and looked at Phoebe. "I really don't know. Phoebe, can you answer that?"

"Umm. Why don't we try something?" She turned to the Elf Queen and King. "Can we have something to practice with?" The Queen snapped her fingers and one of the elves brought forth several targets.

"Try something." Paige urged Henry. Henry closed his eyes and pictured himself moving over to the targets. When he opened his eyes, he was exactly where he pictured he was.

"What just happened?"

"You orbed, honey." Paige jumped for joy.

"This is going to take a while. We don't have a while." Coop said.

"Coop's right. There's got to be a quicker way." Phoebe agreed.

Magical assistance is what we sought,

Show us what powers they got.

Piper finished the incantation. Henry orbed, moved super fast, he was able to borrow any powers that were in a five mile radius of him, whether they were witch, whitelighter, or demon, and he became invisible. Leo moved the targets, which meant he had telekinesis, he was able to sense who was in the area, and whether they were mortal or a magical being. If they were a magical being, he was also able to tell what powers each of them had, and his third power was to create force fields

"Perfect. We're ready to lock and load." Paige said, with a smile on her face.

"Phoebe, your power of premonition has improved, right?" Leo asked.

"Yeah, and I got my levitation back." Phoebe said.

"Touch the cribs and mats in the day care to see if you can get a premonition."

They headed to the nursery, where Phoebe touched the first cradle in the room. She waited for a moment. "Nothing." She was about to take her hand off, when she gasped.

Black robed figures, about fifteen of them, raided a day care full of sleeping children. This time, it looked like wood nymph children being taken. One of the robed figures pointed at the eldest person of the day care. Lightning shot out of it's finger into the nanny. The nanny burst into flames immediately.

When Phoebe came out of her premonition, she was sweating. "Hot!"

"Phoebe, are you ok?" Coop asked a little worried.

"Wood Nymph children will be next. I don't know where they will strike next, all I know is that it was at a nursery. It could be any state here along the east coast. I counted about fifteen robed figured in black. One of them had lightning shoot out of his hands. He killed the nanny."

"Book of Shadows?" Paige said.

"We left it at home." Piper sighed.

"Wait here a sec." Paige said as she orbed out and a moment later, orbed back in. This time, she had the Book of Shadows in her hands.

"There will be nothing for us to use in there." Coop stated.

"Why not?" Paige asked.

"That book is about demons, warlocks and other magical beings that live in California." Coop explained.

"He's right. Not every magical thing can survive everywhere. We're on our own." Leo said, agreeing.

"Fabulous. Any other surprises?" Piper asked sarcastically.

"Well, we might not have the potion ingredients we need when we find out what these things are." Leo added.

"I was being sarcastic." Piper said as she rolled her eyes.

"We'll stay here for the night, You and Henry need to learn to master your powers." Paige said.

"Well while they master their powers, will you ladies follow me to one of the victims home? Her name is Kelsey McDonald. She is the most recent one missing from our clan." The Queen elf told Piper, Paige, and Phoebe. They all nodded and followed the Queen elf to a small, but beautiful house.

The Queen elf gently opened the door.

"This place is amazing." Paige said in awe. "Who built this?"

"We did. We always build our own homes." The Queen said.

"Can you tell us what happened?" Piper asked, picking up a baby blanket. The house was torn up. Who ever came for the little one didn't have an easy time.

"We really don't know all of the details, just that who ever took the child, came in the middle of the night."

"Well, who ever these robed figures are, they got a little of what they will get." Phoebe said, confidently.

"The mothers of the Elven community don't take our jobs lightly. Not only are they our children, but they are the next generation. They carry on our traditions and customs, not to mention our magic." The Queen said, proudly.

"Not now." Paige pleaded. The women turned to look at her. "They want me." She pointed up, referring to the Elders. She disappeared in a swirl of orbs.

"Okay, now, how many are there missing all together?" Piper asked, getting back on track.

The Queen Elf had to stop and think. "Fifteen."

"Fifteen robed figures." Phoebe gasped.

"So they are taking children according to how many there are."

In a small field, Henry and Leo were trying to get a hang on their powers. Coop was helping them. "Okay, now let's try your invisibility."

"I'm not sure how to work it." Henry said, trying to become invisible. Just then, Leo turned on him and scared the crap out of him. Henry got scared and disappeared. When he reappeared, he looked confused. "But how...?"

"When Paige first got her powers, she couldn't orb, unless she was scared. Our powers are tied to our emotions. Get scared and you'll disappear." Leo explained. He turned back to Coop. "Ready?"

Coop nodded and concentrated. Even though he was a Cupid, he could inflict the evil. Most demons have no heart and can't stand love. He could throw love at them. That was what he was trying to do to Leo now. Three bright red lights shot from Coop, in Leo's direction. Leo was waiting for him. He concentrated and pictured the bolts of love reflecting off of his force field. Just before the bolts hit, Leo's force field came up, protecting not only him, but who ever was behind him. The bolts shot back and hit Coop. Since he sent them, and he was love, he walked away unscathed.

Back at the elf home, Phoebe and Piper were waiting patiently for Paige to get back. When she did return, she didn't look happy.

"Well...?" Piper prompted.

"They're angry at us for giving Henry and Leo powers. But they'll deal with us later. Looks like we have to go. Phoebe was right with the Wood Nymphs. Apparently nothing has happened yet, but the Wood Nymphs are worried."

"We have to get to them before it gets dark. Where are they?" Phoebe asked.

"In Massachusetts."

Henry, Leo and Coop were still practicing when the women returned. "Any luck?" Coop asked.

"Some. We didn't find anything at the house, but Paige got called up there. The Wood Nymphs are in Massachusetts and they need our help." Phoebe informed them.

"What did you guys get done?" Piper asked.

"We got down our powers." Leo said, kissing her.

"Good. I don't think I am going to be able to orb all of us, not without someone who can orb also." Paige said, looking at Henry.

"Don't worry. We have them down." Henry assured her.

"Well, then. Let's get going." Coop said. They said their goodbyes to the elves. Paige took Henry's hand, Piper took hers, and Leo took Henry's. Phoebe put her arms around Coop and they flashed out. Paige, Henry, Leo, and Piper orbed out.

About five minutes later, they landed in a little Massachusetts cabin that looked like it was made out of a tree. "You're late!" A tall beautiful Nymph dressed in a robe said forcefully..

"Excuse me?" Piper looked at the Wood Nymph.

"You're late. There has already been a kidnapping of an eight year-old named Ariel Miller. Now follow me." The Nymph said in a stern tone as she walked out of the house. The Halliwell clan all looked at each other and then followed the wood nymph out of the beautiful cabin.

"I can't believe that we're late." Paige said, frustrated. Her and Henry were walking hand in hand, patrolling the northern most entry into the Wood Nymph village.

"We still got here in time to protect the rest of the children." Henry pulled her to the side and kissed her.

When they broke apart, Paige smiled. "I love it when you do that."

"Do what? Kiss you?"

"No. The way you make me feel that I can do anything." Paige replied.

"From what you have told me, and what I have seen, you, Piper, and Phoebe are close to invincible." Henry stated.

"Well, now you're a witch and can protect yourself. Speaking of which, I want to work with you, one on one, on your powers. What are they again?"

"I can orb, move super fast, power other's powers, and become invisible. Leo helped me with the invisibility." Henry assured her.

"You don't have a problem with your orbing, since you helped me orb Piper and Leo here." Paige said.

"No, that couldn't have been me. You have orbed Piper and Phoebe at the same time before."

"Well, if you didn't know how to orb, you wouldn't be here. Moving more than two people at the same time is hard for me. So you helped."

"So all that is left is my super speed and my ability to borrow powers."

Paige picked up a stick. "I'm going to throw this stick. Imagine yourself racing to it before it falls." Paige pulled her hand back and released, letting the stick fly far. A second later, Henry returned with the stick.

"Next." Henry smiled.

"Okay, Mr. Smarty Pants. The last thing we need to practice is borrowing others powers." Paige thought of something. "Picture the power of healing coming out of my body, into yours."

"What am i going to heal?"

"Me." Paige took a knife out of her purse and made a deep gash in her arm. Not enough to kill her.

Henry walked over and laid his hands over the wound. He closed his eyes and concentrated, doing as Paige suggested and pictured the power flowing into him. He opened his eyes a little and saw that nothing has changed.

"Concentrate. Why would you be healing me?" Paige asked.

"Because I love you and don't want anything bad to happen to you." He replied.

"Use it."

Henry focused once more, thinking of nothing but love.

"Henry." Paige called.

Henry looked up and his jaw dropped. His hands were glowing and Paige's wound was disappearing. Paige smiled at him. "You're going to make a great witch."

Over on the southern side of the village, Phoebe and Coop were sitting, waiting and watching. "If you're right, that means that they will come back for fourteen more children." Coop said.

"I just feel bad that we didn't make it here to protect that little girl." Phoebe said.

"Don't worry. you'll get her back." Coop said, pulling her into an embrace.

"I know. I just feel awful."

Coop pulled Phoebe close and kissed her.

Phoebe pulled away quick.

"What is it?" Coop asked.

"Someone's here." Just then, they both got hit with red balls.

"My, my, my. You're looking rather fine." Phoebe said, pulling Coop close. He picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist. They started kissing wildly. Coop carried her back to their hut, kissing on the way.

"We won't have to worry about them anymore." A voice in the bushes snickered.

Phoebe tore the shirt right off of Coop. He removed her shirt in the time it took to blink. They started to kiss passionately. "Wait." Coop said, pulling back.

"What is it?" Phoebe asked, getting wilder and wilder by the moment.

"Are you sure?"

"Hell yeah, I'm sure." Phoebe pressed her lips against his. Next came his pants and her skirt. Coop laid her gently on the leafy bed that the Wood Nymphs had so kindly made for them.

Across the meadow, Piper and Leo were on patrol. If anything was going to attack, they'd be ready for them. "What do you think they want with the children?" Piper asked.

"I have my ideas, but I can't be sure." Leo responded. He suddenly stopped.

"Leo what is it?" Piper asked.

"There are others here." Leo said, looking around. "Two warlocks. Male and female. One has the power to get people to give in to their lust." They looked around some more, and suddenly Leo shouted, "Duck." He grabbed Piper and dropped to the group. Two red balls flew past to where they were just standing.

"I take it, she has the power of lust." Piper said, seeing the demon. She made a motion with her hands and the warlock exploded. The remaining warlock, blinked out.

Back in the hut, where Coop and Phoebe were having sex, the lust wore off. "What?" Coop started.

"Happened?" Phoebe finished. They were still intertwined in each other

Outside, cries of the Wood Nymphs could be heard. Coop and Phoebe quickly dressed and ran outside. There they ran into the others.

"What happened to you two?" Paige asked, ducking an energy ball.

"Lust." They both responded at the same time.

"One of the warlocks had the power to maximize lust. They must have got hit." Leo stated.

Fourteen robed figures stood in a line before them. Raised their hands and pointed them at the group of remaining wood nymphs.

"Get behind me!" Leo cried, putting up his force field. Lightning, energy balls, and spells and enchantments flew off of Leo's force field. Leo started to get weak.

Henry turned to Paige and nodded. He became invisible and made his way over to where the captured infants were. He had one in his arms, when he was hit with a spell. Henry landed on his knees, still holding the infant. He became visible again. One of the warlock produced a fire ball in his hand and was about to throw it.

"Henry." Paige called, orbing him to safety.

Just then, Leo's force field disappeared. He was so weak, he couldn't hold it for long. Energy balls hit Leo, Paige, Piper, and Coop, leaving Henry and Phoebe left.

"Head this as a warning. You get in our way and you will die." The robed figure in the center advised. They grabbed the remaining infants and blinked away.

"Paige is the only one that can heal." Phoebe cried. Henry looked at the four people who has gotten attached, one of whom was his wife.

Phoebe held Coop's limp body in her arms and cried.