New Arrivals

Phoebe Halliwell hung her head. She was at the Bay Mirror, trying to write her advice column. She had been doing so for the past three hours. She kept coming up blank. She had been so preoccupied with everything. Her being pregnant, her getting a hand on her new powers, and of course, her marriage to Coop.

She loved Coop with all her heart, but with her being a Charmed One and having her job at the Bay Mirror and his job as Cupid, their relationship had been strained. He felt bad that he was off doing his job while Phoebe went to the doctors.

"Phoebe, I'm heading out. Close up when you're done." Elise said, standing in the doorway to her office.

"Alright, see you tomorrow, Elise." Phoebe said. She picked up several letters and tried once more to think of some good advice. She went back to thinking about Coop.

"You're thinking about me." Coop said, teleporting in.

"Hey. Yeah, I was just thinking about the past few weeks." Phoebe informed him.

"I know, so have I. I love you, Phoebe and I'm glad you're my wife." Coop stated.

"I know, but things have been so difficult for us. This pregnancy, which I am glad happened, has been hard. We knew what we were getting ourselves into when we got married. With your job, you can't always go with me, which I know upsets you."

"I just don't want to seem like I'm not there for you. I have never loved another woman like I love you." Coop protested.

"I know that. What are we supposed to tell people your last name is?" Phoebe asked. "Because, believe me, they ask."

Coop thought for a moment. She had a point there. "How about Valentine? Coop Valentine."

"A Cupid with the last name Valentine. Hmm, very original." Phoebe joked.

"Phoebe, I'm here for you. All you need to do is confide in me. I am your husband after all."

"Okay, I'm just afraid that with our jobs raising this child will prove more then a challenge." Phoebe confessed.

Coop stood up and clasped his hands together. "See, we're getting somewhere. I can talk to some friends of mine and see if they can take on some of my charges. That will give us some time together."

"You can do that?" Phoebe asked.

"Certainly." Coop assured her. He crouched down next to her. "Need any help?"

Just then, Paige and Parker orbed in. "We need you back at the manor."

"We'll be there in a sec." Phoebe replied. Paige and Parker orbed back out. Phoebe went and shut and locked her door. "That way no one walks in when we come back." She explained to her confused husband.

Coop held his hand out for her so he could teleport them both to the manor. Before she could take his hand, she teleported out on her own.

"Whoa." Phoebe said as she materialized in the kitchen.

"Phoebe, get down." Piper said, dragging her sister to the floor, just narrowly missing a fire ball.

"How did you do that?" Leo asked, putting up a forcefield.

"Don't know." Phoebe replied. She stood up and shot some lightning out of her hands. It hit its mark and vanquished the demon that was on the right. She got back down. "One down, two to go."

Coop teleported in behind the protection of Leo's shield. He focused on the center demon and sent all the love he could. The demon couldn't handle it and exploded.

Phoebe pulled him down. "Thanks." She said.

"Glad I could be of help." He grinned at her.

Finally Piper stood up, threw her hands at the last demon and he blew up. "Glad they're gone." She said, going back to her stew.

"Back to my question, how did you get here?" Leo asked.

"I don't know. I was about to take Coop's hand and I teleported here instead." Phoebe explained.

"You must be using the baby's powers." Piper stated. "Remember when I was pregnant with Wyatt, I got his force field?"

"Our child is half cupid." Coop pointed out.

"You must be so proud." Paige said, rubbing Phoebe's stomach.

"Oh yeah. I'll be in the middle of a meeting and I'll teleport out." Phoebe said, sarcastically.

"We'll worry about that later. Right now we have a problem." Henry said, walking in with the Book of Shadows. "A BIG problem."

"What is it?" Parker asked, sitting down at the table. She really loved getting to use her powers freely here, and to be able to study and learn about demons, but even she hasn't had a chance to look through the entire book.

"Apparently these demons are attracted to magical babies that are still in the womb. Very powerful magical babies." Henry explained.

"You mean like the very first witch/cupid?" Piper asked, looking at her younger sister.

"But I was at the office with Coop. Why didn't they attack there?" Phoebe asked.

"Unless they weren't after our child, but another." Coop eyed Paige.

Paige touched her stomach. "But…" She looked at Henry.

"You knew when Phoebe got pregnant, can you tell if Paige is too?" Henry asked.

Coop's ring flashed. A rose colored light engulfed Paige. It started at her head and moved down. When the light vanished, Coop turned to them. "Congratulations."

Paige's jaw dropped. "I'm…" She stopped and turned to Henry. He smiled at her and gave her a big hug.

"We're going to have a baby." Henry shouted.

"Actually, we're going to have twin girls." Paige corrected him.

"Even better."

"What's all this commotion?" Billie asked, walking in with Wyatt and Chris.

"We're pregnant." Paige shouted.

Billie gave Paige a hug. "I'm so happy for you." She said.

"Umm, back to the demons." Parker said.

"She's right. Neither Phoebe nor Paige are safe as long as they're pregnant." Leo stated.

"Is there a vanquishing potion?" Coop asked.

Parker scanned the entry. "Yeah, but these demons are hard to find. You can't scry for them. They have to come to you." She read off.

"Then we'll give them something to come after." Paige said.

"Wait!" Henry and Coop said at the same time.

"What does it say will happen if they succeed?" Piper asked. "Do they kill the mother? Do they kidnap the mother?"

"Actually, they remove the child from the mother. It says they don't harm the parents. They just want the children."

Phoebe took a deep breath and wobbled a little bit. Coop helped support her. "Maybe you should sit down for a bit."

"What I need is to calm down." Phoebe said, picking up a pen and some paper.

"What are you doing?" Paige asked.

"Writing a stress relieving spell." Phoebe replied. "There." She said, finishing it.

Powers of the witches rise,

Course unseen across the skies,

Make this environment exotic

So I don't become psychotic.

The room around them turned from kitchen into a sex room with hot men everywhere. "I said exotic, not erotic." Phoebe said. The room switched back to normal.

"I guess we have to try something else." Paige said.

"We need those children." The upper level demon said to his minions.

"We understand why we want the children, but why do you?" One of the baby snatchers asked.

"It's simple. Raise some of the powerful kids in the world and their power is yours." The upper level demon explained.

"How's that potion coming along?" Piper yelled into the kitchen.

"It's almost done." Parker called back.

"Okay, now that Phoebe can tap into her baby's powers and teleport, we will use Paige as bait. We'll make it seem like she's alone and then when they attack, we'll either orb or teleport in and make them tell us who wants the children and why." Piper announced.

"Doesn't it sound kind of risky?" Phoebe asked, touching her growing stomach.

"Yes, but we put are lives at risk every day." Piper pointed out.

"Oh, right." Phoebe said. She stood up. Well, if we're going to do this, let's do it. I have a column to write."

"And I have a wife to romance." Coop smiled. "Oh, and by the way, for now on, when anybody asks what my last name is, tell them Valentine. Coop Valentine."

"We'll remember that." Paige said.

"Parker." Piper shouted.

"Coming." Parker said carrying in a tray of vials already filled with the vanquishing potion.

"Let's roll."

"Master, the one witch is all alone. Should we attack?" One of the minions asked.

"Not yet. So many demons have fallen for their tricks and traps. We must learn from their mistakes. Wait until she's all alone, preferably in public place where they can't orb or teleport. They wouldn't risk exposure."

"Where are they?" Paige muttered under her breath. She has been waiting for nearly two hours. She was in Phoebe's office at the Bay Mirror. She was browsing through the letters for Phoebe's column.

Back at the manor, everyone was waiting patiently. "Why haven't they attacked yet?" Henry asked, concerned for his wife and his unborn daughters.

"They know it's a trap." Phoebe stated.

"How could they possibly know?"

"They're demons. They always seem to know when we set traps." Piper stated. She was tired of this waiting around she wanted to vanquish some demon ass.

"Maybe what we could do is…" Phoebe started. She accidentally touched Paige's car keys.

Paige was walking past a crowd full of people, the demons were following her. Their hands were glowing. The first one raised their hand and Paige grabbed her stomach and fell to the ground.

"Are you alright?" Coop asked, helping her up.

"What did you see?" Leo asked.

"The demons will follow Paige on her way somewhere. The demons followed her and struck her down. There was a crowd full of innocents." Phoebe explained.

"We can't risk exposure." Piper stated.

"No but I have an idea." Phoebe agreed. She turned to Billie. "Can you watch Wyatt and Chris for us again?" Billie nodded.

Paige wasn't going to wait forever. The demons didn't attack and she tried calling home to see what she should do but there was no answer. She decided to go to the nearest store and buy a pregnancy test. It wasn't that she didn't trust Coop, after all he was her new brother-in-law, but she wanted some kind of proof.

She turned right and walked past a bench that had Phoebe's picture on it. It was an ad for the Ask Phoebe column. There were two men sitting on the bench that rose when she walked past. Paige was too deep in thought to notice them following her.

She walked past a small group of people and suddenly felt a small jolt of pain in her stomach. She turned around and saw that the two men that were on the bench had their arms raised and were pointing at her.

"Now." One of the civilians cried. The last crystal was dropped into place and the magical cage went up, trapping the two demons and saving Paige.

"What is this?" One of the demons asked.

The small crowd of people flashed and there stood reinforcements. Piper raised a potion bottle. "Now are you going to make this easy, or do we have to do this the hard way?"

"What news do you bring?" The upper level demon asked.

"Sorry, master, but it was a trap. We lost two of our best men." One of the minions stated.

"We have to get those children before they're born. If I am to control them and their powers, I need to raise them my way. To believe what I teach them. To corrupt their morals." The upper level demon hissed.

"Hey, dude." One of the minions in the room said. The upper level demon turned to face him. The demon glimmered into Phoebe. "You're one sick freak." She hurled a potion bottle at him.

It broke and the upper level demon was engulfed in flames. "Nooo." He cried, then landed in a pile of ashes.

"I love when they go boom." Paige said. Soon, one by one, several of the baby snatching demons turned into each of the Halliwells or their spouses.

"This is a warning to the rest of you. You come after us again; you will not live to try again." Paige said.

One by one, they either orbed or teleported away.

"With Parker at Piper and Leo's, we have the condo to ourselves." Coop said.

"I know. We can finally have some time alone." Phoebe said.

"Or…" Coop started, throwing their bedroom door open. Inside, there were rose petals all over the bed. Candles were lit and soft music was playing.

"You know how to make a girl feel loved, you know that?" Phoebe asked.

"That was my intentions." Coop smiled. Phoebe pulled him close and pressed her lips against his.

Paige and Henry were laying on the couch together. Henry was gently rubbing his wife's stomach.

"Okay, add this." Leo said. Parker did as she was told. There was a small pop. "Well done."

Downstairs, Piper was playing with Wyatt and Chris. "Okay, Wyatt, put your block ontop of Chris's." She said. Wyatt did just that. "Very good."