A Family Past: Chapter 1: At the door

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Judda Hospital

"That's good now one last push" said the Doctor to Miss Inverse. Who than gave one last push as the Doctor took the baby in into the blanket as it took its first breath. "It's a healthy baby boy Ms. Inverse I still can't believe triplets are very rare for your kind. So what are you going to name them?" The doctor asked

"How about Brittany for my Blond black spotted headed oldest and for the wild children" pointing at the fighting red haired girl with red eyes. "How's Ranko Lina for the girl." pointing at blue eyed black red spotted haired boy. "And Ran…"

"MA" chorused the two girls and boy looking up at their mother smiling as only babies can. "Ok then." Laughing Ms. Inverse said "Ranma it is."

"Sounds good dear." Mr. Inverse said.

Later that night outside the nursery

A woman stands over a dead body of a nurse wiping the blood off the katana she held. After she finished cleaning the blade off and sheaving the blade and walked over to the door to the nursery and entered. She walked up to a crib that held a baby hooked up to all sorts of life-saving equipment looking at it with disgust she said "It's been two months and you're still so weak you can not be my child. No child of my can be so weak." With saying this she took out her katana and was about to put the blade through to baby when she heard a baby crying looking to the crib a few lanes away she felt a strong Ki coming from the crib. She walked over to the crib finding it larger than the rest of the cribs looking into the crib she saw that it held three babies a boy and two girls going by the blankets blue for the boy and pink for the girls. She could tell the ki was coming for the boy with the black and red spotted hair she read the of the boy's name Ranma Inverse thinking out loud "No wonder the child is so weak," looking back at the first crib she stood in front of than looking back at Ranma. "They somehow mistook my son with same gaijin whore's child." so saying she scooped up Ranma.

The moment she picked Ranma up both Ranko and Brittany started crying along with Ranma. She hurried out of the nursery only to run into a man with a red shirt and black cargo pants. "Sorry about..." the man started than saw Ranma in the woman arms "What are you doing with my son?" he yelled about to make a grab for Ranma when he was hit from behind knocking him out. Standing behind Mr. Inverse was a male were-cheetah who then walked in to the nursery followed by a female were-cheetah.

"Hey bubby lets see these kids of yours?" a mans voice come from around the corner hearing this the women with Ranma took off just as she got to the corner the weres left the nursery with Brittany in the arms of the male's and Ranko in the female's arms. The man who called out came around the other corner and saw what was going on. He quickly pulled out three daggers from nowhere and threw them at the shadows of the three people missing the women as she made it around the corner. The male blocked the dagger with a sword but the female were was unable to block the dagger but it missed her and stuck into the ground where her shadow was. As she tried to move to go with the male were, who after blocking the dagger was off running around the other corner, she found herself stuck. The man that had came around the corner, ran to the other side turned the corner only to find the male and the women gone "Damn" he said then walked back to the female took Ranko from her then knocked her out. After checking on Mr. Inverse he told the nurse who had come after hearing the babies crying to call the police than went to Ms. Inverse's room with Ranko.

She looked at him knowing something was wrong. "What wrong Xellos?" She asked her family's 'Old' family friend sounding very worried on not seeing Ranma or Brittany and holding a crying Ranko "Is there something wrong with Ranma and Brittany?"

Xellos sign than replied "Damn I sorry but I only could get Ranko back some woman got away with Ranma and your ex got Brittany I Sorry Cryna.

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