(Prolog )

Rin had been going to school in the modern era for the past 10 years She was now 15 and lived with Sesshomaru. She was quite happy but no matter where she looked all she saw were couples people hugging , holding hands , kissing but rin had none . She loved sessy but all he thought of her was as a daughter. So she gave up . She decided that he had plenty of options, their family was very rich because Sesshomaru owned a company ( make up your own like a lawyer or something). So she thought that he would end up with one of them. And he still clams that he dislikes humans but that was not her concern she knew he cared for her he spoiled her but not rotten she had every thing that she could ever want or need.

At school

"Rin, hold up a minute I got to talk to you." said a young mans voice

"rin turned around to see Ein he was in 6 of her classis.

"Hi Ein how are you, you weren't in school today how come ?" asked rin

"Well I had to watch my little sis she was sick and my mom just got home." said ein well purposely avoiding eye contact. " you have a sister?" asked rin not really to any one just to clarify that with herself.

"Well I was wondering if you would go out with me?" asked ein

"Well….you would have to ask …Sesshomaru-sama that." replied rin stuttering ½ the words.

" Is that your old man? Or something " asked a confused ein.

It took rin a minuet to thing of a reply she would rather be his friend then his daughter because then she had a shot with him.

" Well kinda" was rin's answer.

Ein just looked at her confused. He thought some one was either your parent or not. Rin could tell he was confused so she said " He's my guardian, my brother, mom, and dad were killed when I was small, and Lord- I mean Sesshomaru-sama took me in." said rin as she got sad.

"Oh….sorry…I didn't know…Well then I shall ask him." said ein