Disclaimer: Hey yall, none of this is mine and, unfortunately, it will never be

Disclaimer: Hey yall, none of this is mine and, unfortunately, it will never be. Things you see that aren't from JKR are still not mine. So get over it!

"Hermione? Are you preparing for another ice age or have you, posibly, LOST YOUR MIND?!" yelled/asked/said Severus

"Of course not I just had some coupons and wanted to be stocked up so we won't have to go to the store soon." Severus looked at her disbelievingly

"Hermione, you got seven gallons of milk and 5 pounds of bread. Though with our friends it will be gone in two weeks. We're going to have to go back to the store because of them and that means me cutting out more god damned coupons." He said while helping to put every thing away.

"Well think of it this way Sev, at least it will be two weeks instead of less than one. Plus all our friends will be over more." She said smiling and putting away the ninth loaf of bread into the freezer.

"Oh, what joy." Said Severus rather sarcastically laying down on their couch and being pounced on by his lovely 5'6" 175lb wife.

"You couldn't resist could you?" he asked wrapping his arms around her waist

"Not a chance." She said kissing him and laying her head on his well-toned chest and dropping off leaving the food to be put away at a later time.

They, of cource, didn't notice Harry, Draco, Ron and Lucius come in and grab some sandwichis, milk, rootbeer, chocolatecake, and some milkduds and go on there way but who the hell cares they had plenty more and Sev was quite rich after all. Then again Luna, Ginny, George, Fred, Chairlie, Bill, Percy, Neville, Seamus, Dean and Lavender all came in and grabed much more than them and nearly cleaned Sev and Hermione out but those two were used to it. And like I said, Sev has a lot of money.

A/N: I know, stupid right? I don't care I got this in my head while cutting out coupons for my mom and shopping with those same coupons. I am all shopped out.