Disclaimer: I know it's hard to tell, since I'm writing something without Horatio in it, but this is actually based on characters from CSI Miami, which are owned by people who work for big corporations under the CBS logo, and not me.

Prompt: When my roommate for the summer asked me about my odd sleeping habits. (so it took me a while to finish...)

Pink-Polished Toenails

He'd heard it argued once that couples lasted longer if they slept apart, that humans were meant to sleep alone because no two's resting habits matched perfectly. He wasn't entirely convinced of the merit of that statement, but once in a while, Calleigh's particular habit tempted him to reconsider.

She liked to poke her feet out from under the covers.

That is to say, Calleigh was perfectly content to pull the covers up to her chin in any weather, but she couldn't stand having them come past her ankles. She tried, for his sake, but somehow they always ended up kicked free. By the tenth time he'd woken up with freezing toes, Tim was considering the option of separate blankets, if not beds altogether. She told him to wear socks.

"Okay, no one sleeps in their socks."

"My uncle Fred did," she tossed back gaily, far too alert for this hour of the night.

"…how and why do you know a tidbit like that?"

"Fred was a bit of a drifter. When he stayed at our house, if he slept past noon, my brother and I were in charge of waking him up." A pause, followed by a good-natured scold of a swat. "So you can just buy a cute pair of argyles and quit complaining."

"You're impossibly upbeat," he muttered.

"And you love me for it." Instead of answering, he firmly and pointedly tucked the fabric around his feet and turned his back, doing his best to appear indifferent to the arms that knew better, encircling his waist, and snuggled against him.

Because, he would admit to himself later, deep down, he liked that she had that quirk. Aside from maybe her family, or her former boyfriends (whom he definitely wasn't going to think about), it was something that only he knew about her, a private in-joke. As much as it annoyed him at times, it also endeared her to him.

And on nights he got back later than her, temporarily disenchanted by the job, before he entered the room he could peek through the door to see pink-polished toenails – the sight of which never failed to make him smile.