Thought of this while working with mayonnaise as workmate complained of ice cream while talking about the fan fic "That's why we have rules" by gothfeary this is a one-shot

Vala and Daniel were in the middle of lunch in the SGC when Vala took a spoonful of mayonnaise and held it up in front of Daniels face.

"Do you want to know what this looks like?" Vala asked Daniel who had one too many experiences with Vala and what this food looks like' game to know that this was not a good idea to encourage her.

"Not really I'm too busy trying to work out this tablet from—"

"Work, work, work that's all you do Daniel come on liven up become spontaneous and help me play a joke" Vala pleaded

"What joke and on who?" Sam asked as she and Teal'c joined them for lunch Vala's eyes glinted with glee.

"Well I know I won't be able to enjoy my chicken salad sandwich any more I'll see you around." Daniel said picking up the tablet and walking out the room.

Daniel was stopped by Cam as he was walking into the cafeteria

"Daniel wanted to talk to you, how's the trans—you don't leave them alone do you? Come on join me for lunch" Cam said guiding him back to the cafeteria

"I've already eaten." Daniel replied Cam seemed to carry one with out hearing him ordered while Daniel explained the importance of the tablet but was stopped short while seeing SG-1 playing with the food.

"What's going on?" Cam asked sitting next to Teal'c who joined Vala and Sam in letting the white substance fall off their spoon and into their bowl.

"This ice-cream does not seem to be frozen." Teal'c replied in disgust.

"No, it's not very good is it?" Vala asked scrunching her nose to the offending bowl. Mitchell looked at the ice cream

"Come on guys that's the only way to eat ice cream—mushed" He replied

"Well we bought you a bowl if you want." Sam replied sliding a bowl down to him. Cam lifted the bowl off the table and held it as if he was about to whisk an egg he then got the spoon and mixed the ice cream around.

"You have no idea what your missing." Cam said in a wishful tone as if he hasn't had melted ice cream in a long time. The rest of the table seemed to disagree with him—even Daniel couldn't see that being very nice on its own. Cam lifted a spoonful to his mouth where his facial expression went from 'Mmm this is niiiice' to sour Cam put the substance back into the bowl where it crashed on the table with Mitchell trying to get rid of the foul taste to Sam, Vala and Teal'c laughing so much they were crying.

"What was that!?" Cam asked in disgust.

"That is what the mayonnaise reminded me of!" Vala said through laughter Daniel then joined in getting the punch line.

"I can't believe I've been punk'd again!" Cam exclaimed mentally thinking of a way to get back at his team mates

A/N ok seemed kinda lame I know I think it worked better in real life than on paper (sorry boss) try it next April 1st you would be surprised at how well it works or how different Mayo or sour cream tastes when you expect ice cream