Title: The Greastest Enemy
Rating: PG-13
Genre: General
Pairing: Sasu/Naru
Summary: Being the Fourth Hokage meant he had many enemies. So who did he consider his greatest enemy?
Warnings: Over-protective father. Possible OOC. There may also be a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes.
Disclaimer: Naruto does not belong to me. No copyright infringement is intended.

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As the old cliché goes all is fair in love and war. And while there were many who may dispute the validity of his claims there was no disputing the fact that he, Namikaze Minato (the greatest Hokage that ever Hokage'd), was indeed in the midst of a battle of sorts. Only in this battle there was no plan, no cavalry and not a single attack to speak of, at least none of the physical variety. No. This was a pure battle of wills and he wouldn't have it any other way. Especially when he knew that a gentle flick to the head was all that was probably needed to send the littlest Uchiha crying home to his mommy. Now as the Yondaime Hokage he was sometimes a little hotheaded, maybe even a teensy-weensy bit irrational at times, but he wasn't a bully and he certainly wasn't stupid. Apart from having to deal with two very angry and let's not forget powerful parents, he was sure more than half the population (aka all the maternal women in the village) would come demanding his balls on a stick for even thinking of hurting the brat. Not that he would. At least he didn't think so. The kid really, really got on his nerves.

So it was just his luck that Uchiha Mikoto was a regular volunteer at the academy daycare and where she went the little hell spawn followed. In other words they were both very much a permanent fixture at the place. It was at times like these that he really hated being Hokage. Despite his many misgivings, with all his other options exhausted, it had become quite a common practice for him to leave Naruto at the academy daycare. It was just too bad that every time he did the little hell spawn was always there and as he was quick to discover, will always be. At least until his mother finally decides to stop volunteering at the center.

"Sasuke-chan," he heard her call, her voice stern as she picked up the discarded dog beanie from the ground. He watched as she purposely strode towards the clearly sulking toddler and his cheerful blond playmate. Completely ignoring the pout directed her way she put the ridiculous hat back on and smiled. "Now be a good boy and don't take it off again. I know that you don't like it but it's for your own good. Mommy doesn't want you to catch a cold, and I know you don't want to have to stay home and leave Naruto-chan here all alone now would you Sasuke-chan?"

At that the brat's eyes widened, throwing an almost panicked glance to the blond beside him before answering with a vigorous shake of the head. Looking truly like a three year old about to be denied his most favorite of toys.

"Sasuke will be good," the brat responded with a pout.

Unable to help himself Minato snickered, gaining a glare from the brat, a smile from the kid's mother and an overly excited squeal from his son the moment his presence was made known to the oblivious trio. Quickly getting to his feet Naruto shot across the room, practically launching himself at his father with a cry of, "Daddy."

After a long day at work there were very few things he looked forward to and one of those things were the ever exuberant greetings he would always receive from his cute little son. Without fail Naruto would come to lavish him with hugs and slobbering kisses. And though most times he would often be too tired to properly respond he couldn't help but secretly bask in all the attention. With very little effort he lifted the toddler up into his arms and smiled at the rain of kisses he was instantly gifted with. Smiling widely he eagerly returned the favor, placing a big wet kiss on a scarred cheek, much to the delight of his son and the ire of the dark haired midget currently glaring daggers, knives and whatever other sharp maim-able object his three year old mind could possibly conjure up at him. He smirked at the silently fuming hell spawn. Yes, life was good.

"Daddy," Naruto cried, once again demanding his attention. He looked down to the little boy in his arms to find big blue eyes blinking owlishly back at him. "Naruto-chan has no hattie. Where's Naruto's hattie? Naruto no want to get sick."

Yondaime frowned at the apparent lack of beanie on his son's head. Not believing he had unwittingly overlooked something so important. It was fast approaching winter and he hadn't even thought of getting Naruto some warmer clothes. He'd been too busy. Overcome with guilt he gently brushed his lips over Naruto's warm forehead and murmured, "We'll go buy one on the way home."

"Like Sa-chan's," came the excited squeal.

"Yes, like the br-" he began, only to stop short with the realization said brat's mother was standing right in front of him and immediately corrected himself. "I mean Sasuke."

If she noticed the slip she did a hell of a job ignoring it because rather than threatening him with bodily harm Uchiha Mikoto simply smiled and with a little wave said, "Bye, bye, Naruto-chan. See you tomorrow."

"Bye, bye, Sa-mommy," his son chirped in reply, returning the wave with one of his own. When those blue eyes lowered the bundle in his arms immediately began to shift. "Down daddy, Naruto say goodbye to Sa-chan."

Minato visibly twitched at the demand. With the greatest of reluctance he gently set Naruto down. Unable to do no more than watch as his precious blond bundle hobbled over to the dark-haired devil in order to place a chaste kiss upon the slightly reddening cheek of the young Uchiha who return the gesture in kind. To his great annoyance it had become somewhat of a ritual between them, one that his son was determined to uphold, no matter what. The few times he had actually tried to separate them Naruto absolutely refused to leave the centre until he was allowed to bid a proper farewell to his beloved 'Sasu-doggie'. If it wasn't for the smug smirk the little hell spawn would always see fit to direct his way every single damn time it wouldn't have been so bad, hell a tiny part of him could even admit to it being kind of cute, but it was always there. Every. Single. Damn. Time. Just like it was now, silently mocking him, just daring him to take Naruto away.

"Aren't they're just so cute," Mikoto beamed, clasping her hands together with a girlish squeal. "Oh, it just gets me every time they do that."

"Me too," he moodily agreed with a slight twitch, mentally adding, 'Only in a different way, a very different way.'

The moment his son moved away from the brat he quickly scoop the little toddler back up into his protective embrace. Trying his best not to seem rude he bid Mikoto a polite, albeit very quick farewell before practically rushing out with Naruto safely tucked in his arms. With chubby hands the young toddler happily clung to him, letting out a cry of "Whee!" as they made their way across town and into what was probably his son's second most favorite store in all of the village, behind the Ichiraku Ramen stall of course. Upon realizing where they were Naruto immediately began to fuss, clearly wanting to be let down so that he could raid the place.

After wrangling out a promise not to make too much of a mess he allowed Naruto free reign of the place before going about the task of picking out new winter clothes for his son. It was only when he was nearly done did he finally spot the collection of hats that the doggy beanie no doubt came from. He looked over the large variety and found himself grinning when he spotted an orange striped kitty hat in amongst the pile. He picked it up with a smirk. His smirk slowly turned into an all out grin and before long he found himself laughing a laugh that would put the evilest of villains to shame.

"Daddy," came a delighted cry. "I want this."

Quickly regaining his composure he stared down at his son who was staring up at him with a big green frog in his arms.

"You can have that Naruto but first let me show you your new hattie," he replied. Then with a wide smile Minato lowered himself down to his son's level and held up his discovery for the little boy to see. "Do you like it?"

Like one examining a piece of art he watched as Naruto scrutinized the orange cat beanie with what could only be described as extremely critical eyes.

"But Sa-chan has a doggie, that's not a doggie," the toddler complained with a pout.

His smile never faltering Minato carefully placed the hat over Naruto's shock of blond hair and gave him an affectionate pat.

"But if Naruto is a kitty then Naruto and the hell-er I mean Sasuke can play a game."

At the mere mention of the word Naruto immediately perked up.

Excitedly the toddler asked, "Game, what game?"

"Cats and dogs," was the simple reply. "It's just like hide and seek. You are the kitty and Sasuke is the doggie. The kitty must always run away from the doggie because if the doggie sees the kitty, the doggie with eat the kitty. It's a fun game and the best part is that it helps you with your ninja training. You want to be a great ninja right Naruto? Just like daddy." He paused and was more than pleased to see a fervent nod he got in answer. "So when I drop you off at the daycare center tomorrow you must keep away from Sasuke, understand? Or else you'll lose and will never be a good ninja."

"Naruto will not lose," the little blond stated, expression set in determination. "Naruto will be Hokie, just like daddy."

"Yes, just like daddy," Minato cackled and for the first time he just couldn't wait to drop his son off at the daycare center.

When the time came to pick up his son the next day Minato all but skipped towards the academy daycare. The moment he got there however his good mood quickly evaporated at the sight that greeted him. There on the floor with a purring blond practically in his lap was the smirking Uchiha spawn. Reacting on pure instinct he quickly snatched his cute little son away with an accusatory glare directed the Uchiha's way.

"Daddy," Naruto cried, his obvious agitation at being taken away from his beloved playmate quickly giving away to the joy he always felt when he saw his father.

"W-why aren't you running away?" Minato somehow managed to choke out. On the verge of hysterics he blurted out, "Don't you want to be a good ninja? What happened to your dream of becoming a good ninja? Why don't you want to be a good ninja anymore? Why? Why Naruto? Why?"

"But daddy Sa-chan no doggie, Sa-chan boy," his son answered.

Slowly Minato turned and low and behold there was not a hat to be seen on top of the brat's dark head.

"Naruto is Sa-chan's pet, meow, meow," Naruto went on to explain, leaning forward to nuzzle his father and give his cheek a soft lick. "Like this. Sa-chan teached Naruto how to be a good kitty."

Minato froze and slowly lowered his gaze to the evil, evil little boy staring up at him with what could only be described as a superior look on his face and visibly twitched.

Minato: 0, Sasuke: 1.

It was then that he realized how wrong he was. The littlest Uchiha wasn't the spawn of Satan. He was the prince of darkness himself.