Thursday, August 24, 2017

Away Mission to Terra Beta

Part 188

"While I believe that taking this world as a protectorate may keep the Romulans away it could complicate relations with Terra Alpha and perhaps even the Klingons we will protect our peoples but we must show care lest we become as controlling as they were."

Amanda rolled her eyes at Soval she knew the history of their earth and where indigenous people were concerned no European or white race had treated them fairly not even almost five hundred years later, it had not been until the rise of Khan that native peoples had any real voice and sadly she knew that she could and would be as ruthless to prevent another 200 plus years of stupidity. Fortunately they had Louis and Tessa to help at least in their part of the world. The Dons also seemed to be moving in a positive direction. However Americans were arrogant and so damned sure they were to rule the world that any other view was unacceptable. The colonial powers at this time were hardly better so it was going to be a challenge. She thought of their new Daughter and silently swore she would inherit a world at peace who would value her and all children as special and as equals even if she had to gut every bigot on the planet. The dark look Soval gave her made her grin. Well she was only human and only a bit civilized….

He glared as he now knew full well his mate shared his DNA as well then again Vulcans who had been in this stage of development had almost destroyed their world so maybe human were not quite as bad not that Soval would ever admit to that.

Jonathan Archer walked the Mall and enjoyed the cool air. It was a beautiful day. So much had happened. He was grateful that he had found this place. They could learn so much about their past as a human civilization because clearly this world was on a similar development stage. He wondered what the Vulcan science academy would make of this. That thought made him chuckle. He entered a small shop and moved to look at the Jewels he needed something special for T'Pol for Christmas. Upon seeing some items in gold he moved forward then frowned at the Label. "Black Hills Gold." Now this could be an issue damn... it. Well it looked like Soval was right they would have to step up and in.


The news of a lost Vulcan colony spread like wildfire the normally sedate Vulcan populous was demanding information. Many clans had members on that long ago lost expedition and many were hoping to find lost family or at the least their children or grandchildren. Hope was renewed.

As the news hit Romulus and Remus the senate exploded in anger one of their own had found and lost a world with Vulcan hybrids on it. They would make him pay. Losing such creature was not acceptable. The Emperor called for his Senator because this failure to report such beings was treason as every Senator knew the empire was trying to create a soldier to infiltrate Vulcan and they had many individuals available and blown it. This was not acceptable not to mention that Vulcan and her federation had once more gained a rich world.