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Summary: A story of how Athrun felt while being Cagalli's bodyguard and what he does before and after leaving her side in the second war. Will she win him back or let go? Sort of follows GSD storyline, changed it to my liking. AxCxL slight KxL DxM YxS SxS

Genre: Humour/Romance/Action/Adventure

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My Fate, My Love

Chapter 3- Back on Track

In Space, somewhere near PLANTs

"This is Commander Joule speaking, Counsellor Caines is onboard the Minerva, we are to protect it at all costs, Dearka, Shiho, we'll handle the new models, the rest of the Joule Team are to take care of the Wingdams. "

Counsellor Caines, Kayce Caines' father, was put on the Minerva as bait for the Earth Alliance. Loosing Caines would have a heavy impact on PLANTs due to his massive reputation and power, almost second to the Chairman. Though his presence was kept a secret, the Earth Alliance managed to locate him on the Minerva. But how?

"Yes sir!"

"Let's launch!"

"Roger that" Dearka mocked salute his best friend.

"Sir" Shiho replied with respect along with the rest of the team.

Technically, nobody but high councillors and the chairman can order a FAITH rank officer; he was stationed under Yzak's ships by the Chairman. Plus he didn't mind being ordered by Yzak, Dearka was a player type, unlike Yzak who was Leader material. At times he would refuse to carry out orders to piss Yzak off. It was fun; his timetable could be altered, shortened, whatever. Having connections with the Commander proved very useful at times.

Shiho was an elite red coat. She's stationed under Yzak as soon as he was promoted to FAITH Commander. She has proved to be a loyal subordinate and friend. There has been a rumour of her and Yzak going out, being Yzak, of course denied it. Dearka however, could see spark between the two, they worked extremely close and well. Shiho has always had a crush Yzak, his achievements in the previous war had attracted her, and his leadership skills along with his hot headed attitude continue to amaze her.

The Minerva was having trouble dealing with the hundreds of Wingdams pestering the ship while Shinn, Lunamaria, Kayce (in Gaia) and Rey are fighting desperately with Chaos, Abyss, Forbidden, Calamity and Raider.

"These guys again?" Yzak said in annoyance.

"No, they have been modified; don't let your guard down."

Yzak fumed when he heard that voice, boy how can he forget that voice, the voice he had always hated and admired at the same time. Turning to his right seeing Savoir, he was certain. It was Athrun Zala, the man always on top of him, but not anymore. The way he spoke to him pissed him off most.

"I'm a Commander now, don't you DARE order ME around, you damn civilian!" Yzak boiled with rage.

Dearka laughed nervously "Ermm Yzak, He's part of FAITH now…"

"WHAT?!" Yzak could not believe his ears, Shiho giggled at her commander's sudden outburst.

"Yzak, you haven't changed a bit." Athrun laughed. He knew it wasn't true. In fact, it was the total opposite. Before, Yzak was awfully competitive and genuinely hated Athrun for being better. But now it's just his hot headed attitude and pride was on the line when deep down after they have all gone through, the grudge has been lifted. He even removed the scar Kira inflicted.

Dearka smiled, "Just like the old days, huh, Athrun?"

"Yeah, let's show these bastards what we've got."

"You got it boss." Said with a grin. Normally, Dearka would say buddy, but decided against it to tick Yzak off a bit more. It had become a hobby of Dearka's; teasing his best friend, usually about him and Shiho, but now that Athrun appeared, a lot more can be done.

"Shut up! I'm the Commander here!" "Gezz, where my respect? Fucking Athrun…"

Dearka's plan succeeded, now laughing his ass off, he had miss days like these. The time spent with the Le Creuset Team was no doubt the happiest days in Zaft. Now only three survived. The thought of his buddies' lack of presence squeezed his heart. Rusty, Miguel and Nicol…. gone forever. They may be gone but they will always be in his heart. Buddies forever.

"Either way, let's help out our freshmen, shall we?" Dearka suggested.

"Whatever" muttered Yzak under his breathe.

Athrun too missed the days of the Le Creuset Team. But still, he smiled; it felt good to be back.

Shinn was engaged battle with Forbidden and Chaos, struggling to defend himself, Yzak decided to give him a hand.

Yzak's Slash Phantom charged at Chaos, swung his double slash beam axe, slicing its target's foot as it flew back to keep its distance. Forbidden appeared behind Yzak, took a swing at him with its massive scythe. Yzak turned on its side to block it, losing his left shoulder shield. Yzak was blown back as his shield exploded. Now rattling away with his gattling cannon, Chaos came from above as Forbidden repelled Yzak's shells with its gigantic green shields. Yzak manoeuvred his double axe in a helicopter motion, ripping Chaos's legs before it retreated. Shinn just stood back watching Yzak in awe.

"So this is the skill of the legends who survived the last war."

"Hey kid, less watching, more doing!" Yzak scolded. "Damn freshmen".

"Damnit! That's twice now! I'll prove myself, I swear on it!" Shinn vowed to never get humiliated again as he chased the legless Chaos.


Athrun spotted a black bird like suit. It was Raider flying in Armour form, pestering Luna and Kayce. Being in Armour form, it was too quick for the two Zaku Customs.

"You girls alright there?"

"That voice!" the girls thought in unison

"NO Athrun! I'm here sweating like a pig, and barely alive!" Luna complained as she dodges Raiders beams.

"Yeah! This guy is so quick! We can't do a thing!" Kayce concurred

Athrun laughed as he turned Savour into Armour form, he soured towards them, trailing Raider, shooting its tail. It was like a high speed jet pursuit. Spinning and turning violently, desperately trying to lose the persistent Savour. Minutes later, Raider transformed back to Gundam, forcing Athrun to pull up to avoid crashing right into it. Raider immediately transformed back into Armour mode. The chase continues, Athrun being tailed this time. The girls attempted locking onto the Raider, but failed. Instead, they went to take out some of the Wingdams lurking around. The stakes were high, watching the girls blowing up some Wingdams, Athrun had no choice but to fly between Luna and Kayce. The gap was dangerously small. Athrun JUST made the gap, thankfully. He silenced his boosters, transformed back to Gundam and prepared his attack, wondering what Raider would do as the gap closed in. Both Luna and Kayce did not dare to say a word. They just watched. Raider repeated his last actions, transformed to stop, which was the quickest way to do so. Athrun then charged through the two Zakus, pushing them aside as he proceeded. Magneto beam sabres in both hands, he threw one at Raider's head like a javelin. Cutting the enemies vision, he sliced the limbs in a flash. Luna, for fun, kicked the abdomen section of the body for fun after Athrun's stylish display. Kayce, too astonished to do anything, mouth opened wide… continued to stare at the red Savour.

"Sorry about that little gap squeeze, haha, nice kick there Luna, leave him now, he can't do anything."

"Huh, thanks hehe, you're full of surprises Athrun, turning up at the best times possible. What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be babysitting the princess?."

"Long story… simply speaking, I've re-enlisted."

"That wasn't very long…"

"I said simply speaking!... Anyway, there are still lots to do here, stay focused and keep it up. I'll see you two on the Minerva after this is over."

"Hai hai" the girls saluted in unison.


Shinn had locked onto Chaos. He fired. The pink beam travelled in slow motion. Smiling brightly, he was excited. . This was it, his first kill… or was it? A custom purple shielded Chaos and played with the very heated Shinn. Shooting and evading, they took out their beam sabres and collided them together. Shinn went into SEED mode, and pushed the purple Wingdam back as he powered up his boosters.

"If that's how you want to play…." The Wingdam recovered stormed the impulse, kicking it in the chest, sending it a good fifty meters away. Examining the situation, reinforcements can come any moment. The retreat signal was fired.

With the help of the Joule Team and Athrun, Zaft had the upper hand, outnumbering the Earth Alliance, after losing Chaos and Raider, the Earth Alliance were forced to retreat.

Athrun took his space helmet off; his sweaty dark blue hair flew loose as he descended from the cockpit on the rope. Hugging the helmet in his left arm, there was already a crowd facing three figures below him. Yzak, Dearka and Shiho turned their heads around as his feet landed gently.

"Woah, a welcoming party?"

The crowd saluted in unison as he joined the three at the front, facing the crowd, he saw Luna in her usual red coat and pink mini skirt, beaming with her trademark wink. Kayce was smiling; her chocolate hair was down to her shoulders, hung freely in curls. Her pale green eyes were glued onto Athrun. Next to the brunette was her father, Counsellor Caines. A respectful man in his fifties, his purple counsellor suit clung onto him like he was king. Captain Gladys stepped forward along with Counsellor Caines as Athrun returned the salute.

"Commander Joule, I thank you deeply for your Team's assistance in such difficult situation." The Captain shook Yzak's hand.

"Just carrying out my duty, protecting Counsellor Caines was our first priority. How our enemy know about his presence was the real problem."

"Yes, indeed, you have my thanks Commander Joule. Ah, Lt Elsman and Hahnenfuss, your parents are doing well at the Council, yours too Yzak. " The elder Caines turns to Athrun. "Athrun Zala! It was a surprise seeing you here; I can't thank you enough for saving my baby girl out there. She looked like a sitting duck, haha" he laughed.

"Daddy!" Kayce was cross and embarrassed… by her own father, in front of the whole crew… most importantly, in front of Athrun.

Before Athrun had a chance to speak, Captain Gladys cut in. "As expected from a legend, your skill is top notch." She leaned forward to take a closer look at the FAITH badge. "FAITH huh, I see you've re-enlisted, its great having you back. We need someone like you, especially at a time like this."

Yzak scowled at Athrun. Once again he was getting more attention than he was.

"I thank you all for the warm welcome, I appreciate it, I think I will enjoy my stay onboard the Minerva."

He hated to admit, it felt so damn good with so much respect and recognition. He felt important. He wasn't in the background anymore; where no one notices his achievements and efforts, always behind the scenes. Not that he could do anything anyway; he was just a bodyguard in Orb. Who would listen to a bodyguard? He felt inferior, like did not belong there. That was something he never told Cagalli. She was too busy on her own; he knew she didn't have time to deal with his problems as well.

"Oh, I almost forgot, Chairman Durandul asked me to give you a present." He took out a small prestige box from his inside pocket. He was wearing his red coat uniform with the FAITH badge shining brightly on his collar. It suited him very well, it suited him best. He didn't have time to put on a spacesuit; he only managed to take a space helmet. He opened the box, revealing a FAITH badge. He offered it with a slight bow, presenting the box with both hands. The Captain accepted in a similar manner.

"Four FAITH officers! I haven't seen that many in my life!" one of the crewman said.

"Once again, thank you, Athrun." She turned to talk to the four Elites. "Go freshen up, we have serious matter to discuss, meet myself and Counsellor Caines in the Strategy Room in half an hour." The captain turns around to face her crew. "Ok, get back to your designated station everyone, all pilots freshen up and take a rest, you will be on stand by, that is all."

She started to leave, guiding the elder Caines who gave his daughter a hug before he left.

"Oh, good work everyone, keep it up!" The Minerva Captain saluted, almost forgot to applaud her crew for their efforts.

Everyone went back to work while the pilots gathered around Athrun and company.

"So you're the famous Shiho I've been hearing about! And here I was getting worried about Yzak not getting a girl." Shiho blushed at the remark; Dearka mentally gave his fellow Blue haired Coordinator a high five.

"Shut it Zala." Yzak death-glared Athrun. Shiho was about to speak up to defend her Commander but was interrupted by a certain red head.

"Athrun! Oh my god, I can't believe you've re-enlisted AND you're staying on the Minerva with us, I'm so happy!" Luna squealed in excitement while giving Athrun a hug. She broke the hug but clung herself on his arm.

Dearka saw this and turned to whisper to Athrun shielding his mouth while he spoke softly.

"Cagalli won't be happy about this"

"She knows..." Athrun whispered back.

"O… kay…." Dearka was not convinced but decided to shrug off the issue.

Athrun gave Dearka's comment a second thought. Jealousy turned into rage, rage leads to destruction. This was the wave of events for the fiery Orb princess. Athrun did feel somehow disloyal, no matter how close his friendship was with the Hawke sisters. He detached himself with the red head and made up an excuse so she wouldn't be hurt such an action.

"Don't touch me, I REALLY need a shower."

"Haha ok, so do I, drop by our room later, Meyrin should be off duty soon, she was whining how she didn't get to see you."

"Sure," observing the area, once again some pilots were missing. "Hey how come the Impulse and the white Zaku kids never show up?"

"Oh, Shinn is probably visiting the EA Gaia pilot again, as for Rey, I don't know. I'm going to see how my father is doing, see you guys later!" Kayce bowed before leaving.

"Hmm, I'll take off too then, be sure to come by later Athrun!" Luna gave him a goodbye hug and took off.

Athrun felt something suspicious about those two pilots, he didn't know why. Another thing bothering he was Yzak and company stalking him, as they didn't know around the ship too well. Little did they know remember that Athrun too was just as lost as they were.

"What, you guys want to shower with me or something?"

"No way! I only shower with Yzak!" yes, Dearka was smirking like an idiot again. "That's what Shiho said hehe"

"What? Piss off Elsman" Shiho wouldn't mind that at all! Dearka swore he saw a smile form her face.

"You're right, but for now, Hahnenfuss and I are going to grab some lunch, due to our time restriction, we cannot do what we normally would do in my bed, now if you would excuse us, we will head for the cafeteria thank you."

Three jaws dropped to the ground. Yzak tried very hard keeping a straight face when he pulled Shiho away form the two dumbstruck buddies. Ahh, revenge can be so sweet sometimes.

"WHAT the FUCK!?"

"Dude, we just got burnt… real bad!"

"I know!"

"Oh well, where are you heading now?"

"I'm going back to my room on the Voltair, later"


"I guess I'll go take a shower…"

Athrun stopped in his tracks, he just realised something…. "Wait, no one told me where my room was, damnit!"

Back in Orb

"NEXT MONTH?" Blood was boiling again for the Orb princess as she read a classy letter written in gold.

"FOR THE SAKE OF ORB MY ASS!" she read the letter again, and again, got angrier and depressed each time she read it:

For the sake of Orb and its people, the Seiran House and Athha House are to unite by the prestige tradition marriage of the eldest child of both family. The marriage of my honourable son Yunna Seiran and yourself Lady Cagalli Yula Attha is to be conducted exactly in one month's time, as proposed by your father Lord Uzumi. Preparations shall be discussed as soon as possible, as your schedule fits best.

She knew it was coming, but not this soon….

"Oh Athrun… what should I do?" Cagalli cried herself to sleep that night.


Is there really a mole in ZAFT? If so, who is it? What will Cagalli and Athrun do about her marriage with Yunna?

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