The Sound of Sweeney

Disclaimer: Ok, I don't own Sweeney Todd, Les Mis, The Simpsons, The Sound of Music, Beauty and the Beast, or Catscratch. The name butchering somebody else came up with. I thought it was muy cute, so I'm using it.

Cast List

Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd) + Captain Von Trapp Captain Sweeney Von Todd

Nellie Lovett (Sweeney Todd) + Maria Fraulein Nellie, Fraulein Lovett, Nellie Lovett, Nellie Von Todd

Johanna (Sweeney Todd) + Leisl Lieanna

Toby (Sweeney Todd) + Friedrich Tobrich

Belle (Beauty and the Beast) + Louisa Bellisa

Bart (The Simpsons) + Kurt Burt

Cosette (Les Mis) + Briggita Cosetta

Lisa (The Simpsons) + Marta Lisa (duh)

Maggie (The Simpsons) + Gretl Grettie

Old Beggar Woman (Sweeney Todd) + Mother Abbess Old Beggar Abbess

Triplets (Beauty and the Beast) + Sisters Berthe, Margaretta, and Sophia Sisters Green, Pink, and Orange

Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast) + Franz Lumanz

Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast) + Frau Schmidt Frau Potts

Adolfo Pirelli (Sweeney Todd) + Max Dettwieler Max Pirelli

Eponine Thenardier (Les Mis) + Baroness Elsa Shraeder Baroness Eponine Thenardier

Waffle Nellie Lovett's Cat

Gordon Captain Sweeney Von Todd's Cat

Mr. Blik Baroness Eponine Thenardier's cat (all Catscratch)

Anthony (Sweeney Todd) + RolfRanthony

Judge Turpin and Beadle Bamford (Sweeney Todd) Nazi Lieutenants