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After a week of ships bringing soldiers home and starting to fix the fire nation's damage to the other nation, Iroh decided it would be best if he threw a ball after Zuko's coronation ceremony.

The ceremony was grand. Red and gold banners hung high around the audience. Iroh stood at the top of the same temple that Ozai's ceremony was held. Aang, Toph, Sokka, and Katara stood next to Iroh. Zuko was soon given the name of "Fire Lord" and the rest of the coronation ceremony finished in a flash.

Katara was in her room that she was given while she stayed at the fire nation palace. Zuko had given her a closet of beautiful gowns. Katara chose to wear a red and gold gown that she thought was fit for a queen.

She was putting on her mother's necklace, when Sokka began knocking rapidly at her door. Katara let him in. Sokka shoved a scroll in her face. She read the scroll. Katara stared at it in disbelief. The scroll stated that a small fleet of the water tribe led by Hakoda, Katara's and Sokka's father, was going to attend the ball.

"Oh, Sokka, we're going to see dad tonight." Katara said excitedly. Sokka smiled at her.

"I'm going to finish getting ready and check on Aang." Sokka said as he left to go to the room he and Aang were given.

Katara sat on her bed. We're really going to see Dad, she thought. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. It was Zuko. He was dressed in a red and gold suit.

"May I escort you to the ball, my lady?" Zuko asked Katara as he held out his hand. She put her hand in his and followed him into the ballroom.

Although the decorations were red and gold, the guest wore the colors of all the nations. Different benders joined the celebration. Katara soon met up with Aang and Toph. Aang was wearing his normal air nomad outfit. Toph was wearing the dress she had worn to the king's ball in Ba Sing Se.

Just then, an old man walked up to Aang.

"Are you the avatar?" He asked. When Aang nodded his head, the man's eyes widened.

"Long ago, the avatar before you came to me, right before he vanished. The avatar gave a scroll to me and instructed me to give the scroll to the next avatar, after the next avatar's victory over the creator of the war." The old man told Aang, while Katara and Toph listened, "I didn't understand his instructions, until you came and defeat the old fire lord. Then the puzzle pieces fit together. The creator of the war was Ozai, and you are the next avatar."

The man handed a scroll that was yellow from its age. Aang looked down at the scroll, but when he looked up, the old man was gone. Aang began unrolling the scroll.

"What is it?" Toph asked.

"It's a map of the four nations. Water, Earth," Aang said as he placed his finger on each nation's land, "Fire, Ai-"

He stopped in mid-sentence, because there were two other air temples marked on the map.

"I'm not the last airbender." Aang said excitedly. Katara smiled at him.

"Congrats," Toph said somewhat happy, "Now, you have somewhere to go. Katara and Sokka, they have the South Pole."

"Toph, aren't you going to your home?" Katara asked her sadly.

"Most likely not." Toph replied. Aang smiled as a thought popped into his head.

"Would you like to dance?" Aang asked Toph happily. Toph agreed. Katara watched two walked towards the dance floor. She smiled at them. Then Katara saw Toph squeal and hug Aang. She guessed Aang had said to Toph. Then Katara watched the two benders continue to dance.

Suddenly, Sokka came running over towards Katara with a tall man behind him. She instantly recognized the man.

"Dad." She screamed as she hugged him. Her father smiled softly at her.

"Hello." Hakoda said to her happily. Just then, Zuko walked over. Katara turned around saw him standing right behind her.

"Zuko," She said excitedly, "This is my dad, Hakoda."

Zuko warmly greeted Katara's father. After a short chat, Zuko asked Katara if she would like to dance. She agreed and the two went off.

Sokka and Hakoda stood up tall as they watched Zuko and Katara dance.

"So," the father began, "Anything I should know?"

Sokka looked up at his father, a little startled, but then replied, "They really like each other. A couple days ago he asked me for her hand. I said yes."

Hakoda just smiled warmly.

"Sokka, guess what?" Aang yelled, pulling Toph behind.

"Aang, this is my dad, Hakoda." Sokka introduced his father to Aang and Toph.

"So, what'd you want to tell me?" Sokka asked the very excited avatar.

"I'm not the last airbender, and Toph's coming with me to the other air temples." Aang said without catching his breath.

"Aang, that's great." Sokka said. Aang grabbed Toph's hand and pulled her over to Iroh to tell him the news.

Meanwhile, Zuko and Katara had slipped out on to the balcony. The two danced to the music, that was coming from inside. Katara smiled at the new fire lord.

"See?" She said as they danced. Zuko looked at her confused.

"I told you that you were still royalty." Katara restated herself in a lady like voice.

"Ah," Zuko said in a proper voice too, "I remember, but do you remember what I promised?"

The young waterbender stared at the firebender with her big blue eyes. She shook her head, confused.

"I promised I would change you," Zuko said as they continued to dance.

"From what to what?" Katara questioned as she still stared at him, confused.

"From a peasant to a queen, of course." The new fire lord replied.

"How so?" The water tribe peasant asked curiously.

"Would you like me to demonstrate?"

Katara nodded. Zuko stopped dancing and looked Katara in the eyes.

"Will you be my lady?"

"Oh, yes." She replied happily.

Katara flung her arms around his neck. She pressed her lips against his.

Every guest greeted Aang. They would walk up to him, shake his hand, congratulate him, and then leave. Then a group of warriors came up to Aang.

"We would like to thank you, avatar for putting an end to the war." The leader said.

"Suki!" Aang exclaimed when he recognized the leader.

"How are you Aang?" She asked with a smile.

"Great." Aang replied. Just then, Sokka and Hakoda walked up to Aang.

"Suki!" Sokka said in surprise.

"Sokka!" Suki exclaimed when she saw Sokka. Suki ran and gave him a hug.

"I didn't know you were coming." Sokka told her, "Anyway, this is my father, Hakoda."

Suki shook his hand.

"It's nice to meet you. We are the Kyoshi warriors." Suki said as she gestured to the other girls. Hakoda slightly bowed his head to the warriors.

The news of Zuko and Katara's engagement spread quickly. Everyone was very happy for them.

"She's yours now," Sokka said with a smile to Zuko, "Take good care of her for me."

Zuko nodded softly.

A week past and it was time for Hakoda, Sokka, and Suki to return to the South Pole. Also, Aang and Toph were leaving on the same day to go to the other air temples.

"This is the big good bye," Aang said sadly.

"Yeah, I guess it is." Katara said also sadly. She squeezed Aang tightly. Zuko walked up behind her.

"Hey, I have an idea." Zuko said happily, "Let's meet back here in nine years."

Everyone agreed with the idea.

And then the good byes weren't as hard since they knew they would see each other in nine years. As Aang and Toph flew on Appa, Aang looked over at Toph. Who am I kidding? Aang thought, There was never a hole.

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