The Breaking of One

It was the best night of Sam and Austin's life. There it was, finally. Sam was now a Princeton graduate in mastery of writing while Austin was finished in the course of accounting.

This was what everyone in the San Fernando Valley has been waiting for. The marriage of Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Everyone was there, from Rhonda to Mr. Ames.

Alas, there it was. Mr. and Mrs. Ames.

They had twins a year later. Both blonde girls. One was named Satin (Sam + Austin) the other, Austha (Austin + Samantha)

But sadly, all the happiness would end.

"Sam, I'm planning to resume football" Austin scratched his head

"That's great!" Sam said

"Yeah, but I have to be away all the time" Austin said

"Well, we'll get to see each other!" Sam smiled

"No, the only football opening is in Australia" Austin said

"Oh, well, we can move there" Sam said

"No, Sam, I want the kids to grow up in the valley, go to Princeton" Austin said

"So, you mean, you have to stay in Australia?" Sam sadly asked

"Yes!" Austin muttered

"Okay, this is it!" Sam was crying now "did you have it all planned?'

"Yeah, I'm sadly saying goodbye, Sam, the football team has an accountancy offer" Austin said



So that was it. It all ended quickly, like a flash of lightning. You can guess where Sam went, to Rhonda.

Austin took Satin with her, while Austha went to Sam. Each of them had a half of a locket, if they were together, they would be one

So it was then, Austin moved to Australia. He suddenly got filthy famous and rich. He bought a big house with everything.

Sam made Hal's a big business, they became rich and was the most popular diner in the valley.

Growing up, Satin and Austha were curious about the other parent, each night, Both parents would mourn about the loss of the other.

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