Getting used to it


"Dad" Austha screamed. She ran into her dad's arms

"Hey Sat, miss me?" Austin greeted

"You have no idea how much I've missed you" Austha said

Austin led the way in to a green P.T Cruiser.

"Satin, your hair seems different" Austin noticed


"It seems straighter, but it has curls" Austin said

"Maybe I changed" Austha said

They arrived in a gated mansion (link) where a dog and a woman greeted them

"Show time, don't screw it up" Austha thought

"Shania, Muriel, how nice to see you" Austha shouted, jumping out from the car in to the freshly mowed lawns

"Satin, I haven't seen you a long time" Muriel said. Shania was jumping, however, being small, never reached Austha's hips

Austin's phone rang

"Oh hey Shelby…. Tonight? … Oh all right… 8 pm it is… Bye"

Austha looked at her dad suspiciously as Muriel and Shania led the way to her room.

Austha unpacked her bags in her room. The theme was blue. It had a guitar on the side, closet and a window.

"Muriel, who the hell's Shelby?" Austha asked

"Well, you see, she's your dad's old friend from high school" Muriel nervously said


"Well, they sort of are going out…" Muriel said

Suddenly, it was like the whole world was spinning. Austha felt really dizzy.

"You all right?" Muriel asked

"Yeah, I think" Austha put her hand in her forehead. Shania let out a small bark as she leaped in to the bed

"Let me get you some snacks, what would you like?" Muriel asked

"Do we have cookies and waffles?" Austha grinned

"Up in 10 minutes"


"We are here" Carter announced. Satin looked to see a large house

(Link) images. Satin shouted

"Austha, hey, how are you" A pretty blonde woman said

"I'm fine mom, I missed you so much" Satin hugged the waist of her mom tightly

"Slow down there, girly girl, its not like we haven't seen each other for 12 years" Sam joked

Just then, a big fat ginger kitty cat slowly walked in

"Manny, you've grown…erm… fatter" Satin said as she heaved the heavy animal into her arms while the cat meowed

Just then, Sam's cell phone rang

"Hello…Oh hi Rhonda… what... but Austha just arrived…Brianna did what...all right"

"Hon, would you hate it so much to go to Hal's with me?" Sam asked

Satin smiled widely

"No" She replied

Seconds later, they were both in the car, beige colored SUV

They stopped at a large diner, Hal's

"Hey Rhonda, I got here as fast as I can" Sam said as she ran to the kitchens, which was flowing with harsh smoke

"Hey… cough… Austha" Rhonda smiled

"What's up, Rhonda… cough…cough" Satin replied

"Your stupid step aunt, Brianna, blew up the stove" Rhonda said between coughs

"How did she do that?" Satin asked

"No idea"

They laughed

For once, both girls got their wishes, meeting the other parent

Austha was feeling dizzy.

"A little soak in the pool wont hurt" She muttered

Austha crossed the large gardens and went to the pool. There were 3 beach tables and 4 tanning beds

Austha left her towel on one of the tanning beds. She pulled her baggy shirt out to reveal a blue swimsuit

Just as she was about to jump in, Austin came by. This time, with a pretty blonde woman carrying an expensive looking red handbag dad" Austha greeted

"Hey Sat, this is Shelby Cummings" Austin introduced

Austha took a look at the woman. She seemed perfect. Her blonde hair crashing perfectly into her shoulders, she was wearing an ivory cocktail dress (not the one in my profile) with matching shoes.

"Hello, so you're the Satin your dad has been bragging about" she said in a voice that seemed to be soaked in honey

"Yes that's me" Austha said

Austin smiled

"I'll leave you girls to chat" Austin said as he walked out

Shelby sat down in one of the tanning beds. Then, Austha cannonballed into the ball, splashing Shelby with water

"Oh no" Shelby strained

Austha smiled

"So, do you like my dad?" Austha asked

"Since high school" Shelby replied

"So did you break up then?" Austha asked

"There was a little Halloween dance that ruined it" Shelby bit her lip


"So my dad dumped you?" Austha grinned

"I don't know what to call it" Shelby was beginning to dislike the kid

"So where does dad take you on dates?" Austha asked

"To expensive places" Shelby said

"Dad really likes her" Austha thought

"So you know what that means?" Austha said


But before Shelby could figure it out, Austin had come back with Muriel, who was carrying a tray of strawberry smoothie in a tall glass and some waffles and chocolate chip cookies.

"Those for me?" Shelby piggily said

"No, it's for Satin" Muriel said in a would be sneer voice

Shelby looked humiliated

"I'm not eating in the pool, could you bring to my room?" Austha asked


After Muriel had left and it was only Shania and Austha in the room, Austha grabbed the phone and dialed a long distance number to San Fernando Valley

"Hello?" Someone picked up

"Hey it's me" Austha said

"What?" Satin asked

"Satin, you have to come down here" Austha whispered over the phone


"We have to meet, dads in love again" Austha said

"What, no way, look I want more time with mom"

"No, we have to meet"

"Who is this girl anyway?"


"No idea, sorry, bah bye now darling" Satin said as she hung up

"What am I going to do?"

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