Chapter 1

Ever feel like your being watched? Coz that's how i've been feeling these last few days. Go figure every time my life is going great something bad has to come along and ruin it. This last year has been like a dream and at some parts a nightmare. First of all the guy i've been in love with since the day i met him finally admits he loves me too.

From the beginning i felt like we had a connection i did't know if he felt it but it was there. On my sixteenth birthday he kissed me then made me say it nrver happened. I remember that night all to well.
In one moment one person managed to shatter my whole world. On some level i knew it was wrong but i coul't stop i pursued him until he admitted his feelings for the first time. They only problem i was sixteen he was twenty two. So we kept our relationship a secret nobody was to know not my parents, not my friends no-one. At first i was hard but it got easier the lying and sneaking around part i mean. we had our moments where we nearly forgot ourselves but nobody noticed.
We'd been flirting and making puppy eyes at each other since day one, nobody thought anything had changed.
Sometimes when tommy had driven me somewhere so we could work on lyrics together.
We would end up making out for hours on end and still coming back with a beautiful song written and ready to record.
How we came up with such beautiful and thoughtful lyrics nobody knew.

I will always remember the day not 10 months ago now when that could of changed forever.

"Tommy"Jude said groggily

"I'm here girl. Always will be remember."Tommy replied happily pulling her closer to him.

"yeah. We should probably get to work." Jude said.

"Aww do we have to"Tommy asked not waiting for a replie he kissed her and she did't him trail kisses down her neck.