Chapter 2

At G-Major

Georgia was ranting about Tommy and Jude being very late when they both walked in looking apologetic.

"Where the hell have you two been?"Georgia yelled.

"Eh i'm really sorry Georgia Tommy picked me up from Kats this morning but i slept in and i had left my lyric sheet at my house so i had to go and get it. By that time it was rush hour and traffic was bad. I'm so sorry." Jude gushed she had bearly taken a breath all the way through that speech.

"That pretty much covers it." Tommy added looking impressed that she had come up with a cover story in the space of thirty seconds.

"Okay then go to work now!" Georgia said not looking happy.

"Good cover up."Tommy said as they walked into studio B.

"That was a great song ."Tommy told her

Jude got into the Viper. Tommy pulled her on to his lap, made sue nobody was watching and kissed her.
At that moment a car came speeding into the parking lot, hit the viper which promptly spun out of control and hit G-Majors wall with an almighty crash. "Jude." Tommy yelled.

"Mr Quincy your in hospital. You and Miss Harrison were in a car crash. Do you remember?"The docter asked. "Yes. Oh is Jude okay."He asked not caring about himself just wanting to know if she was alright.

"Tom."A voice sounded from the looked up Victoria Harrison was standing just beyond the entrance to the room her face tearstained.