Rescuing Darkness

Chapter One

Warning: this story contains slash (M/M relationships), violence, rape, and bad language.

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Voldemort strolled down Privet Drive with a smirk on his face. He had just found out that he could walk into Potter's home because of the blood they now shared. Stupid Dumbledore and his blind trust in Blood Magic. He knocked on the door of Number Four. There were no Death Eaters with him. He didn't want to risk setting off the wards.

"Yes," a young boy said as the door opened. "May I help you, sir?"

"I am looking for one Harry Potter," he said in a silky smooth voice.

The boy's eyes widened for a moment then narrowed. He was quite large, yet he didn't seem very threatening.

"There's no one here of that name," the boy said in a cold voice.

"I'm quite sure there is," Voldemort responded just as coldly.

"Who is it, Dudley dear?" came a female voice from inside.

"No one mum," the boy, Dudley he assumed, yelled back "Just a freak."

Voldemort grabbed boy by his throat and lifted him two feet off the ground. He was heavy, but the Dark Lord could deal with him.

"What did you call me, child?" He wasn't expecting an answer. After all he was strangling the boy. He walked inside of the house and slammed the door shut. A crash sounded. The woman had seen him and was about to scream. He stunned her quickly, still holding the fat boy by the neck.

"Where's Potter?" He said in a menacing voice with his wand pointed at the boy's head.

The boy choked out an "upstairs" and Voldemort dropped him unceremoniously on the floor and stunned him. He stalked up the stairs ready to vent out his anger on Potter. What he found though, nearly made him gag.

After a not finding Potter in the first room, Voldemort checked the next. As soon as he opened the door, the smell of blood filled his nostrils. There the boy was laying naked, bloody and unconscious on a bare dirty mattress. Voldemort's blood boiled and the glamour on his eyes flickered. Potter moaned in obvious pain and the Dark Lord cursed his anger.

Those stupid Muggles did this to him. They would definitely pay, but Voldemort had no time for that. He had already used enough magic to trigger the wards. The Order would be on their way any minute now. The Muggles would have to wait.

He picked Potter's broken body up as gently as he could. He noticed that the boy's anus was bleeding profusely and cursed once more. The boy was moaning again. He knew it was Potter's scar. He had to do something about that. He conjured a blanket and wrapped the boy in it.

Voldemort left the house as quickly as he could. Before he could Apparate away, Dumbledore and his Order of the Flaming Chickens appeared.

"Put him down Tom," Dumbledore said cautiously.

"I don't think so Albus." Voldemort's hold on Potter grew tighter.

"What have you done to him?" Dumbledore noticed the blood soaking through the blanket.

"Nothing. Those Muggles have done quite enough." Voldemort sneered. "If you are done with your questioning, I will take my leave." With that, Voldemort Apparated to Slytherin Manor with Harry.

As soon as his feet touched the ground, he strode to his rooms and laid Potter on the bed. He did some cleansing charms then summoned Severus and Narcissa. He needed both his best healer and the Potions Master for this job.

Narcissa showed up first. She gasped at the sight of Potter's broken and bleeding body then attended to him quickly. When Severus entered, he only showed his shock by with his eyes widening a fraction, but he too joined Narcissa in attending to Potter.

Voldemort stepped back feeling slightly helpless about the situation. Even his presence was hurting Potter judging by the moans exiting the unconscious boy's mouth. He conjured a chair in the farthest corner of the room and watch his Death Eaters at work, all the while trying to curb his anger.

Severus forced potions down the boy's throat while Narcissa whispered every healing spell and charm she knew. The Dark Lord only recognized a few of the spells and potions, but he knew that none of them meant Potter was at all well. The two moved in perfect sync as if they had been trained together.

When the healing was finished and Potter had been given what Voldemort recognized as a Dreamless Sleep Potion, both Death Eaters strode over to the Dark Lord and bowed.

"How is he?" Voldemort tried to sound as cold as cold as possible.

"My Lord," Severus spoke, "May I be so bold as to ask who did this?"

Voldemort knew Snape was subtly asking if he had done this to Potter and his anger grew. The boy moaned in his sleep and the Dark Lord calmed.

"I found him this way at his relatives' home. It appears that they have done this." Voldemort sneered once more. "Now tell me how he is doing."

"My Lord," Narcissa spoke this time. "The boy had many broken bones including four broken ribs, a fractured arm and a cracked jaw. One of his lungs was punctured and he had few ripped muscle tendons in his leg. He had a myriad of cuts and bruises and there were gashes on his back from what was perceived to be a whip. The worse part seemed to that he was raped repeatedly. If you hadn't gotten to him this soon, his anal tract would have been beyond repair. The boy is fine now but it would be wise for him to keep still for the next few days."

"I shall leave pain relieving and sleeping potions for Potter to take regularly, my Lord." Severus spoke after Narcissa finished. "He may not wake for a few days but it would be wise for him to take both."

"We will come to check on his progress tomorrow if you need nothing else."

Voldemort contemplated obliviating them but dismissed it. He would need them tomorrow.

"You may leave, but speak none of this to anyone. Not even your family Narcissa."

The two Death Eaters bowed and left the room quietly. Voldemort sat there for a few moments longer then got up and walked towards the boy. He could see a few of the scars that lingered though there were not many. Narcissa and Severus did a very good job, but he would never tell them that.

Potter seemed somewhat peaceful in his slumber, and Voldemort had an urge to touch the mark that he had given him so many years ago. He scolded himself on such thoughts, but touched it anyway. Potter whimpered and he snatched his away. The boy began to thrash so Voldemort stepped back farther. Potter stopped once he was a good distance away.

Voldemort frowned as he sat back in his chair. He had to talk to Severus about doing something about the connection. Even now he could feel a bit of the pain that Potter was experiencing.

He decided he would watch the boy until he awoke. After all Harry was something worth looking at.

Dumbledore ungracefully fell onto the Dursley's couch. Voldemort had taken Harry and the Order was quite upset about it. How could he have let this happen? Lily's blood protection was supposed to keep Harry safe.

Of course it did slightly have to do with the love of his family, but as Dumbledore remembered Tom's word, he knew that was minimal. Remus and Moody had gone upstairs to check if anything was left. What they had found made the werewolf lose his lunch and his composure. Tonks was still consoling Remus over the vision of Harry's bloody room.

Actually it was more like a cell. There was an old dirty mattress on the floor along with what looked like a dog's water bowl. The boy's clothes were ripped to shreds and littered the ground. Moody also found traces of semen on the floor which made him want to curse those horrid Muggles.

Everything had gone wrong after that. The Orders members began to yell at the Dursleys and surprisingly at Dumbledore.

"How could you let this happen?" Remus screamed with tears in his eyes. "You were supposed to protect him. How could you let these Muggles treat him like this." Dumbledore tried as hard as he could to reason with him, but the werewolf wouldn't let him get a word in. "I trusted you. Harry trusted you. Sirius trusted you, and now look what has happened. Sirius is dead and Harry has been kidnapped by You-Know-Who. Not to mention ha has been raped and beaten by his own family. All of this is you fault. You should burn in Hell for what you did to us!"

With that, Remus collapsed into Tonks' arms and cried his eyes out. Harry was all he had left, and he was gone too. No one was really sure if Harry was even still alive. Albus nearly cried himself about his failure.

"He doesn't mean it Albus," Arthur tried to tell the Headmaster though he too was a bit upset. "Remus is just upset. Sirius' death took a big toll on him." Albus only nodded.

Suddenly Severus came through the Dursley's door with a scowl on his face. Everyone looked towards him in silence and anticipation. Even Remus stopped his cries.

"Potter is alive, but that is all I am inclined to say right now." Severus with just as cool a voice as ever.

Noise erupted immediately. They wanted to know more information about Harry, but Severus said nothing else. He gave the excuse of the Wizard's Oath, but they still pestered him. Severus turned to the Dursley's, ignoring the Wizards in the room and snarled.

"You'll pay for everything you have done," he said coldly then stalked out of the house. The Muggle family looked about ready to piss themselves. To everyone's despair, the youngest one did.

Dumbledore looked sadly at the Dursley's and the Order. If Severus was angry at the Dursley family then Tom was not happy about the issue either. He had truly failed this time. The fate of the world was no longer in his hands but weighed heavily on his conscience.

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