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Rescuing Darkness

Chapter Sixteen

Harry caught Remus and dragged him to the garden. They needed to finish this talk alone. Before they had gone to breakfast, Harry found Remus sulking in Snape's room.


"You're still in here?" Harry inquired curiously after seeing Remus sitting on the bed. "I thought you would have gotten your own room by now?"

"Harry," Remus smiled but it didn't quite reach his eyes, "I'm really glad that I'm with you now."


"But I…I just don't feel comfortable staying in You-Know-Who's fortress."

"I know it's weird Remus," Harry hugged his godfather tightly, "But it's only until I go back to Hogwarts so don't worry ok."

"OK," Remus agreed after a few minutes of thought.

"Great, why don't we get something to eat?"

"But Harry-"

"We can talk after breakfast. I promise." Remus didn't protest. Instead he walked beside Harry in silence.

::End Flashback::

They sat under the basilisk fountain for a few minutes until Harry finally gathered all of his courage to talk.

"Remus I know this is hard, but it's only until Tom sends me back. Now, I don't exactly know how he will do it. In fact, I don't even think he wants to send me back, but we all know that you and I can't stay here forever." Harry stopped Remus from saying anything. "I know that this is our bond talking, but I really want to be with Tom right now. Do you think you can get along with him and his Death Eater's, if only for a little while? I mean Draco and I have gotten past our feud right?"

"Harry," Remus shook him before the boy started to ramble. "It's not so much the Dark Lord that I have a problem with. It's his followers. I don't think your safe with them around Harry. They won't just forget that we are on the Light side. The Death Eater's will not accept our presence so easily. Besides, I'm not really sure about being this close to Snape for so long."

Harry looked at him oddly then smiled. "Remus, school starts in two weeks. I'm pretty sure Tom will want me to stay until the last moment since he's so bloody possessive. You're just going to have to get along with Professor Snape until I can convince him to sends us back."

Remus gave Harry a sort of pleading look but resigned himself to his fate. Harry smiled again and dipped his hand into the fountain. The water was completely clear not to mention warm around his fingers.

"Hey Remus," Harry called with a barely concealed smirk.

"Hm?" Remus turned to his surrogate godson only to be hit in the face with a splash of water. And that's how it began. The two males threw the fountain water back and forth at each other until both were laughing uncontrollably and totally soaked.

"Ahem," a polite cough sobered them quickly.

Lucius glanced at the two soaked males in front of him and wondered which one was the child and which one was the adult. Of course, seeing that both of them were Gryffindors he hadn't really expected much maturity from them. And here's he was thinking that Lupin was the most sensible of the Marauders.

"If you don't mind, Mr. Lupin, I would like to speak with Mr. Potter alone."

Lucius noticed the concerned look in Lupin's eye, but Potter just nodded to him. After the werewolf left, Lucius pointed his wand at Potter. The flinched back with fear in his eyes.

"Relax." Lucius uttered a drying charm. "I wouldn't think it wise to let my Lord's bonded get sick."

"Oh. Thank You." It was muttered but Lucius still heard it.

"May we have this discussion inside?" The boy just nodded, and he followed as Lucius walked inside the Manor. He led the boy into the library. It was vacant at the moment, much to the older man's pleasure. He sat down and motioned Potter to do the same.

"I am quite aware, Potter, that my behavior towards you has been less than civil in the past." The boy snorted, but Lucius ignored it. "I have surely disgraced myself in my moment of rage when seeing you in the Manor, and it is my desire to…"

"Apologize?" Potter interrupted when Lucius couldn't bring himself to say the word. "Really Mr. Malfoy. Did Tom put you up to this? He tortured you didn't he? I told him not to…" The boy made to stand but Lucius stopped him.

"No Potter. I am not being forced to say this. I truly do wish to ask for forgiveness. You have made amends with my son, and my wife treats you as if you were her own. It is only logical that I to attempt to redeem my actions."

"Oh I see." Potter sat back in his chair with a smirk. "Since I'm bonded to Tom now, that puts me above you. If there was to be any animosity between us, then you would definitely by in trouble. By being in my good graces, that puts you on Tom's good side. Am I right?"

Lucius was speechless for a moment. That was actually what he had planned. The boy was a lot smarter than he looked. He really should have been a Slytherin. "It was something along those lines."

"Well I wouldn't want you to be on the Dark Lord's bad side now, would I?" Potter smiled. "But if you want me to forgive you, then you're going to have to stop calling me by my last name."

"Alright then Po-Harry, but you must call me Lucius."

"That's better." P-Harry stood and walked towards the entrance. "I believe it's time for lunch. Am I right, Lucius?"

Lucius just nodded and went to follow the boy. It hadn't gone as bad as he thought it would. In fact, Lucius began to think that maybe Potter was exactly want his Lord needed. He would find out soon enough.

Harry walked to the dining hall with Lucius behind him. He searched for Tom through his connection, hoping the man would get the message and come down for lunch. He spotted Snape and Narcissa at the table already, and Draco soon came in after he did. Those two were spending a lot of time together lately.

Harry wasn't stupid. He knew that his professor and recent healer had planned this since Narcissa found the bonding spell. He was a bit upset at first, but he got over it.

'What's done is done.' He thought to himself.

Besides maybe this wouldn't be so bad. If there was one thing that Dumbledore taught him, it was to always see the good in a situation.

Harry frowned in mid-chew. What were Dumbledore and the Order doing at the moment? Of course they were looking for him. They were probably looking for Remus and Snape also. Would the Headmaster find out, or would he tell the old man? Things could get extremely complicated if the Order found out about the bond. What about Ron and Hermione? Didn't Ginny have a huge crush on him?

Harry pushed his plate away. Remus, who had entered just a few minutes before, looked up concernedly. Harry shook his head and stood. He didn't want anyone to follow him this time. He searched the bond to find Tom but he couldn't feel the man anywhere in the manor.

Harry ran to his room and locked the door. He fell to the floor as he began to hyperventilate. What if everyone found out what happened at the Dursley's? It had to be known by now. Now they would really think he was a freak… There was that word again.

::"You're such a disgusting freak, you slut."

"No, Uncle please."

"You don't deserve our help, freak. Someone should put you in your place, and I know exactly how do it."

"Uncle, no please STOP!"::

Harry beat his head against the wall. The last thing he needed was to remember his first rape.

::Harry screamed as his ragged clothes were ripped from his body::

"No. Stop it." Harry whispered to himself as he pounded harder.

::"What would your freaky friends say now." Vernon sneered as he pounded into Harry.::

Harry stood and ran to the bathroom. He had to get this out.

:: "Not so tough now, are you, freak?"::

"No, no, no." Harry searched in the cabinet and found a nail clipper.


He pulled the metal apart quickly.


He ran the sharp edge across his arm. As the blood began to flow, his uncle's face and voice faded. He sighed as he felt the bliss of release.

"So you're at it again."

Harry turned his head slowly to look at his Potions professor. He said nothing. Instead he smile with his lids half closed.

Snape came over and healed the cuts quickly.

"You are in serious need of a therapist, Potter." He carried Harry, who was too lax to walk at the moment, to the large bed.

Once again the boy only graced his with a smile.

"You have nothing to smile about, Potter." The boy said nothing and Snape just walked towards the door.

"I'm a twisted little freak, aren't I?" Harry said before the older man could leave.

"You are no such thing, Potter."

"Then why do I need physical pain to get rid of the emotional?"

"Everyone's different, Potter."

"Are you sure?"

Snape said nothing.

"Where is Tom?"

"The Dark Lord is out for the moment."

"Oh." Harry noticed that Snape was hesitating, but he didn't say anything, so the man left the room. Tears began to fall from his eyes but he couldn't feel them. No matter how many times he made the voice go away, he would still be a freak.

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