Rescuing Darkness

Chapter Eighteen

Harry pressed his back against the cool door and slid down slowly.

He couldn't believe it! It had only been one day and the bastard had already cheated on him. Unless Voldemort had suddenly decided do to wear cherry flavored lip balm, Harry was sure the man had just kissed a woman.

He knew he had felt something through their bond earlier, but this! Harry tried hard not to cry once more. Was he so horrible that Tom had decided any other woman was better than him?

Harry looked down at his partially nude body. Tom really did hate the idea of being with such a freak.

He picked at the almost fully healed cuts he had just made and debated whether or not to open them once more. Everything in Harry's mind told him that he wasn't worth it, that he should just end it all and save Tom the trouble of having to sleep with him.

Snape would be so disappointed him, though. After all, wasn't the Potion's professor the one who usually found him bleeding on the floor lately. He had just stopped the boy only a few hours ago. The man would probably say something about his hard-headed Gryffindor persistence.

Harry didn't notice that he had picked at the cuts so much they had started to bleed again.

Voldemort stood shocked outside of Harry's bedroom. What could he have possibly done this time? Was it because he traveled so far to test the bond that Harry got edgy? He licked his lips subconsciously.

What the…? Was that cherry? Since when did his lips taste like cherry.

Voldemort's thoughts halted for a second. 'That damn wench.' Harry must have tasted her when he kissed him.

He could feel his Bonded's turmoil through their link. Harry must've thought he was cheating on him.

Damnit. He had to get inside that room and explain the whole story to Harry. The only problem was the door wasn't budging. Harry probably pushed something against it.

"Harry!" Voldemort yelled through the door but got no response. "Harry Potter!" After a few minutes he decided to try another tactic.


The Dark Lord felt sorrow turn into emptiness through the bond.

'Harry please I know you can hear me'

He was started to get very worried.

'Open this door or I'll blow it off its hinges!' Silence.

'Come in' It was barely a whisper but it was all Voldemort needed.

He pushes his way inside without hesitation. What he saw nearly made his scream.

There was Harry sitting limply against the wall with his head down and bleeding wrists in his lap.

'Don't freak out' Harry was obviously too weak to speak physically.

"What the hell is this?" Voldemort's voiced was calm but he couldn't help the panic that was steadily increasing.

'M'sorry' Harry was dipping in and out off consciousness.

"Harry you have to stop doing this." Voldemort could feel his magic reach out and heal his Bonded.

"Why? You don't want me anyway." Harry's voice was getting steadier but it was still barely above a whisper.

"What the hell made you think that?" Voldemort winced at the small crack in his voice.

"I know you were with another woman. I can taste her damned lip balm." The boy was holding back tears, but his voice was deadly calm. "I knew you hated the bond, but why? Why did you have to go to someone else? Am I really such a disgusting freak that you can't even stand being bonded for day?"

"Stop it Harry!" Voldemort had to shake the boy out of his misery. "I do not hate this bond and you are not a freak. You must believe this."

He didn't trust his voice to explain what happened, so he showed Harry the memory of the event, from his beginning to test the limits of the bond to him burning that whore's body.

Once the memory finished, Harry looked into his eyes. Voldemort could feel the boy searching for the truth and let his sincerity show for a moment.

Harry must have seen it because suddenly he slumped against the Dark Lord and buried his in the man's chest.

'Damn you Riddle.'

Voldemort could only sigh in relief. He glanced once against at the boy's wrists and frowned.

"You have to stop overreacting, Potter."

"Oh this?" Harry held up his wrists. "Its from before. I guess I scratched too much before they could heal."

"What do you mean 'before'?"

"It's nothing." Harry wouldn't look him in the eye.

"What happened Harry?" He would not relent this time.

"I don't want to talk about it."

"I do not care if you want to or not. You're going to-" He was immediately interrupted by an extremely passionate kiss.

Well that's one way to shut me up. Voldemort not only felt his own pleasure at the contact but also the pleasure of his bonded.

Carefully, so as not to break the kiss, Voldemort picked up the lightweight boy, vaguely reminding himself to make Harry eat more, and placed him on the bed. His hands began to roam all over his bonded's chest, and the Dark Lord nearly smiled when the boy began to moan into the kiss. There was no need to command dominance, for after a little wresting of the tongues, Harry had willingly given it to him.

As Voldemort tweaked his squirming bonded's nipples and nibble on the boy's bottom lip, he found it hard to tell whose pleasure he was actually feeling. It didn't matter though. He only knew that it felt amazing. His soul was screaming for him to go further and consummate the bond.

The Dark Lord reached lower and began to undo his bonded's pants. Suddenly Harry's entire body froze, and Voldemort felt fear edge its way into the boy's mind.

He stopped and looked up only to notice that Harry's face had become blank and he was beginning to shake uncontrollably.


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