Rescuing Darkness

Chapter Three

To say that Voldemort was a little perplexed was an understatement. In fact he was extremely perplexed as to why he bloody cared about flipping Harry Potter, the bane of his existence. First he takes the boy from his family who would have done the one thing he wanted to do for nearly fifteen years, then he gets two of his best Death Eaters to heal him, and now he's taking all the blame for everything Potter felt guilty about. What the bloody hell was going on with him. He was supposed to be the greatest Dark Lord of his time. Why couldn't he have just let the stupid boy die, so he could just take over the world? Something was definitely not right.

Voldemort stopped pacing his throne room. He told Potter and his Death Eaters that he had things to attend to, but really he didn't. In fact he had absolutely nothing to do, seeing as he rescheduled all of his meetings so that he could stay with Potter until the boy woke up. What the bloody hell was he thinking? He only left the room because he couldn't stand to see Potter cry anymore. The boy was supposed to be the Gryffindor of all Gryffindors not some blubbery mess of tears crying like a toddler.

Not to mention all the things the boys said. He actually believed that his Muggle uncle sold the boy to him. He didn't even want to think about who else the boy had been "sold" to. When he got a hold of those Muggles he was going to strangle them. They were the boy's family for Merlin's sake. And to think that the boy took the blame for his murders. What did he mean, "They died because of me". No, Voldemort and his Death Eaters killed them, and he was quite proud of himself.

See, he was still the mean ole bastard Dark Lord. He still had no passion for human life. He still hated Potter and everyone else that opposed him, and… he was still pacing the floor about why he didn't let the Boy-Who-Lived-To-Be-A-Pain-In-His-Neck die. He still couldn't get that image of Potter lying naked and bleeding on that bare mattress. He looked so small and pale, and …it was time to stop that train of thought.

Voldemort summoned Wormtail. He really needed to torture something at the moment. The rat-like man came in cowering, and it made Voldemort feel a little better.

"Wormtail bring me a muggle from the dungeons," he commanded with a growl.

"Y-yes M-master," the sorry excuse for a Death Eater stuttered then scurried away. Honestly, the Dark Lord didn't even know why he kept that thing around.

Wormtail brought back a young man with dark hair and bright eyes. He obviously hadn't been a prisoner too long, since he had some fire in him. Voldemort didn't waist time and Crucioed him right away. The boy reminded him way too much of Potter. He smiled when the boy began scream. Such sweet music it was.

Voldemort also heard someone else screaming in the background. It wasn't him nor was it Wormtail. Who could it…?

Voldemort stood abruptly from his throne and ordered his Death Eater to take the muggle back down to the dungeons. He rushed to his private rooms and went straight towards the one Potter occupied. He found the boy screaming and thrashing underneath the sheets. Without thinking, he grabbed Potter and held him tightly. He didn't bother talking to the boy instead he waited for him to wake up.

"Potter?" He whispered when the boy stopped thrashing.

"Please," Harry said clinging to him, "No more torture. It hurts." The Dark Lord wasn't even sure if Potter knew whom he was talking to.

"Okay." What! What the hell was he saying? There was no way in hell he would discontinue his stress relief just because Potter requested it. "No more torture." Voldemort wanted to Crucio himself. Potter began to whimper. What now?

"What's wrong now, Potter?" He growled.

"My scar hurts when you're close and even more when you're angry." Stupid bloody scar. "Why are you holding me?"

Voldemort asked himself the same question, but thought of a quick lie.

"I can't have you ripping apart my sheets. They're worth more than your entire wardrobe." Or the lack thereof.

Harry chuckled at that, but lay back down.

"You look younger." Maybe the boy had taken too many healing Potions and Dreamless Sleeps. It was starting to go to his head.

"I've made some adjustments since our last encounter."

"Your eyes are still red."

"Do you have a problem with my eyes, Potter?" he asked, irritated

"No, they're quite alluring." Yep, there was definitely something wrong with the boy. He'd have to talk to Severus about that.

"Got to sleep, Potter. You're delirious." He pushed the boy's head none to gently back onto the pillow.

"Why do you care?" Potter said with his eyes half closed.

"I don't." Voldemort got up and walked towards the door.

"Are you trying to convince me or yourself?"

"Sleep. Now. Potter." The Dark Lord extinguished the candles in the room and almost slammed the door shut. He didn't fell like torturing anyone anymore all thanks to the brat. Stupid scar.

He needed a drink. Vodka to be exact.

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