Easy Fluffy: YGO

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"Talking" 'Thinking'

"Talking in background or not main focal point"


Funhouse? Light vs. Dark

"This is stupid. Must they fight every single time!?"

"You would think after 5000years, plus a few, they could get over it and get along?!"


"Ugh my head" Ryou said gripping his temples in pain "Must they be so loud? Can't they be quiet for 5 measly minutes?"


"Screw you Tomb Robber that is none of your concern!"

"Concern?! For who? You?!"

Three droopy-eyed hikari's sat facing their yami's take another chunk out of each other – without physically doing so which might have been more satisfying to watch – for the most stupidest of reasons again. This time Yami, Bakura and Marik had gotten into another pointless argument that escalated into who knows what. Today it had started from Marik's curiosity with an electric whisk, another of the wonderful, and what would we do without of modern appliances. Honestly the world was too excessive with its material and inefficient wealth.

Apparently the platinum blond had thought it some kind of skin exfoliator and scratcher despite being told by a not-so delusional other half that it mixed and blended food, like fruit. Of course that then proceeded with multiple sorry attempts to 'blend' whole fruit from the fruit bowl.

Somehow Bakura had gotten involved upon each light meeting up as they often did – naturally bringing their darkness' along to keep them in 'line' – a disagreement started up contributing one former pharaoh as well.

Perhaps all three were highly restless from the lack of any real action as of late; no fun or challenge obviously equalled uncontrollable insane yami's. A notion that was quickly driving their hikari's and everyone in their vicinity up the proverbial wall…although most thought Jou was attempting to run up the school wall as a means of escaping his backed in corner when he turned around and crashed into it the other day.

"This has to stop."

"I know Malik but I've been down right shouting at Yami through our link and for once he isn't listening."

"'Kura tends not to listen to anything of interest when he is fighting" said Ryou head down still attempting to massage away his migraine.

"Mine probably can't hear me over all the 'other' voices in that block head of his!"

'No, No I said'

'I don't care what you said thief'

'You are hopeless'

"If they do not stop soon my head is going to split in three…or I will do something I will regret later…"

"Hey yeah that's it you two!"

"Huh what's it?...Malik?"

"You want to get them back right? For these past weeks."

"Yeah I guess"


"Anything as long as they are quiet."

"Anything's good. Not only do we get some silence we get them back for all their snappy attitudes – Marik's been real hell lately…well more than I'm used to..."

"Snappy? Um…Yami's definitely been moody…and every time he has had an argument he likes to rant about it for ages afterwards, especially if Bakura's rubbed him wrong."

"Eww. Yugi…that didn't sound right…"

"I'm just up for some peace. The ability to actually relax and not have to worry about 'Kura flying off his handle. If you've got an idea Malik lets hear it."

Shimmering closer on the large couch a vindictive whispered conference whips up from three unlikely sources...

"Alright fluffy…"

"Who you calling 'fluffy'…and why?" Ryou asked pulling a puzzled 'what-the-hell' face.

"Your hair…" Malik pointed.

"What's wrong with my hair?!" questioned the albino, indignantly while twirling his front strands.


"It is kind of yeah"

"Oh? This coming from Mr. Porcupine?"

"Hey! My hair is naturally like this!"

"Really? Ever heard of gravity?"

"I have actually."

"Yugi, Ryou – your beginning to sound like them" pointedly gesturing to their darkness's.



"You see! It's a plague! And their spreading it to us! Its damn time to get our own back."

"I swear that's the name of some TV show I saw once" mumbled Yugi spacing out for a moment.

Both the tri-coloured and white haired boys looked at one another then back at the blonde before simultaneously enquiring "So…"

"Its time to give them hell back!" a little too enthusiastically and as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.


"Look the way I figure it their not listening to their own but we are going to have to make them listen. So I think they will pay more attention if we swap around; it would be far more noticeable if Yugi took on Marik."

"I'm not taking on Marik! I would rather tussle with Bakura any day!"

"Okay okay so you take the tomb robber, which means Ryou…"

"I don't mind Marik – I've had far too many bad dealings with the Pharaoh already."

"So have I, more than you in fact, but you don't see me whinging." Malik smirked.

"I am not whinging I am just saying. Anyway your logic wouldn't work if I took Yami now would it?"

"Um so what do we mean guys by 'bringing hell'?"

Ten minutes later, Yami's had still not stopped and Malik, Ryou and Yugi had congregated in Ryou's ransacked kitchen.

"So basically we are going to make a mess?...Sorry a bigger mess than the one currently in my kitchen?"

"Short of whacking them over the head…"

"Which wouldn't work."

"…this is the only thing to do right now."

"You mean…it was the only thing you could think of."

"That too."

"And who might I ask is going to clean this crap up."

"They are of course!"

"Riiight. Right after we've dumped it over their heads…You are as delusional as ever."

"Hey. You want a permanent solvent for your headache or what?!"

"Ryou's just taken some aspirin."

"Yugi, aspirin will not do any good if the cause of that migraine isn't silenced. 'Sides this is only the first step. Now we doing this or what?"

Sighing, the albino moved to the fridge and a half opened juice carton "Marik doesn't like oranges correct?"

"That's the spirit."

"Not funny" Ryou growled, his head not helped by the blond psycho in front of him.

"Hmmm. Icing sugar, flour, treacle…no strawberry syrup…"

Both blond and albino ogled at their tri-coloured haired companion vaguely wondering why he had chosen those 'ingredients' for Ryou's yami.

"What? I figure Bakura could do with sweetening up a bit. We are going to gunk them after all – some of it should seep in" Yugi said smiling brightly.

"Er…sure" sweat dropped Malik "Hey is there anything in particular that…"

"Chocolate or milk. Especially rotten milk" Yugi replied.

Three minutes and thirteen seconds later one pint jug, one blender bowl and a large bowl were filled with liquidised – well mostly – foodstuff that could pass for funhouse gunge any day. Yugi's concoction may even have tasted nice if it weren't for the three slightly off eggs posing salmonella risk he had added in.

Ryou's had orange juice, lemon juice, gelatine, treacle, mashed up orange pieces and soda creating a very sweet and sour fruity mixture that would go nicely with the yami's personality.

While Malik's looked a bit like chocolate milk. Indeed it had melted chocolate, warmed milk, porridge oats and flour giving the drinkable liquid an off texture, some gravy granules and the rest of the eggs all blended up together.

Their darks were in for a yummy treat.

Back in the lounge Bakura, Yami and Marik were still at it – Ra knows what they could possibly dispute over for so long as it had been way over an hour.

It was clearly high time to silence the wolves.

A good job perhaps that they were so reclusive of everyone but themselves; former pharaoh positioned in the middle with his back to the main room, Bakura to his left and Marik to his right, each forming a mini semi circle that blocked their background surroundings and subsequently their steadily approaching hikari's who were all ready in line with their intended victims.

Ryou was suddenly not very concerned over the mess he and his friends were about to make after all they all needed a respite and it was a wonder the neighbours had not complained yet. He noticed their complete lack of attention – they could probably have ballet danced, gunk's held high in the air while singing The Phantom of the Opera at the top of their voices and their ignorant extremely annoying yami's would still not have noticed them.

They stopped in front – or rather behind – them, strangely calm not suppressing any form of giggle or noise just steadfastly determined to end the din. Slowly surely they moved the containers around, up and pouring right down onto their 'poor' unsuspecting dark's. Yugi's concoction landed first spilling all over Tomb Robber's hair, face and upper body splattering his own dark very slightly in the process. His own dark that a split second before being covered in Malik's mix and again splattered by Ryou's as it glued onto Marik, turned in surprise to his little light.

"Wha…Yugi? Urgh…"

"What?" Bakura whipped around, dumbly staring stunned and followed by an equally bewildered Tomb Keeper to the former's light. Each was now blankly staring wide-eyed and shocked at three very collected teens, wondering distantly what had just happened.

"Fluffy…I don't think it worked" said Yugi looking at a slightly sour note upon the older albino's face.

"You probably didn't use enough sugar porcupine."

"What you mean it didn't work?! I think it worked like a charm!"

"He isn't talking about that Mal."

"Oh…ohhh…should have used chocolate."

"You think so" glancing at his blond friend as Malik scrounged up some brown stuff from Yami's shoulder and flicked it on Bakura's face, utterly failing to get any reaction as the albino continued to bug-eyed stare confused.

"I think you would need more than that." Ryou countered disinterestedly, glancing slightly to his left.

"Um yeah. But hey I like what you did with that orange mix. It blends really well. I bet you could start a new fashion trend…"

"Only if Ryou can remember what he put in it." Yugi added.

"What? Hair á la orange? I honestly don't think it will catch on guys." He replied turning away with Malik and then Yugi momentarily following as they moved from Ryou's lounge.

"Is your headache any better Ryou?"

"Hm? Yeah…it's gone down a bit, thanks Yugi!"

"That's good then…you want to play cards?"

"No duelling."

"Afraid you'll lose Mal."

"Shut up!"

"No I was thinking normal quiet cards."

"Hey can we play poker?"

"How do you…"

Their voices eventually faded away as they got further from their previous transgressions leaving said hazards still too bemused and stunned to do, say or currently think anything on the whole subject. They did however register – finally – that the second they had turned around their scheming hikari's had shoved the gunk containers into their hands and that said gunk was steadily dripping to the floor around their frozen feet.


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