Title: Easy Fluffy: YGO2

Extended Summary: Followed from chapter one. Start of multiple chapters of Ryou, Malik and Yugi 'getting their own back' against increasing torment from their barely controllable, increasingly annoying and highly restless Yami's. Bored with the constant animosity between Yami, Bakura and Marik; the 3 Hikari's and their friends come up with a plan to make them get along. But are they properly considering the consequences? And will they actually get away with it? Here's hoping nothing backfires oO

Warnings: ummm nothing just a slow start-up and one or two mild swear words.

Disclaimer: Do not own Yugioh. Or Super Smash Bros. Melee by Nintendo, everything to do with these are TradeMarked (TM). E.G. MewtwoTM since the higher placed mark doesn't work with my system...:p

Note: "Talking"'Ryou Thinking'

A/N: Non-canon/post really. Obviously. Just one of those non-serious what if they had remained stories. They have bodies but are still heavily connected to the items and are essentially still spirits just not in dire need of hosts (can disappear fully into items still and mind-linked with their others). Powers also still present but in a slightly less potent state and heavily influenced by the presence of the items. Just thought I'd clear that up—it'll be needed later. In this Yami-Yugi's name is Yami Atemu because, meh just because…!

Don't poké me, I'll poké you.

It had been a week since the random dunking of kitchen substance that had briefly caused a respite in terms of the yami's. Now it seemed as though the incident had never even occurred. Whatever message the three lights wanted to put across no matter how unclear it actually was, seemed to have had no effect at all. A fact along with the unfortunate notion of living without their other halves would be a pain despite desperately wanting to try right then.

As it happens, they, along with their darks and Jounouchi, Anzu, Honda, Mai and Shizuka were at the arcade trying to relax from school. Yet once again – could they not go somewhere together without it resulting in bloodshed? – they were at it again.

Bakura and Marik had challenged the former Pharaoh to a game of Super Smash Brothers MeleeTM since one on one had never really worked in the winning factor. From the sounds of it and from what Jounouchi managed to get out of them, the tomb duo had been on the brink of winning when their tri-coloured hair opponent had pulled a fast one and beat them by producing SuicineTM and UnknownTM all at once, simultaneously followed by a very large explosion. In the game practically anything went anyway so there was nothing wrong with Yami's sudden comeback of lethal resources – if anything his opponents should have been paying more attention to the multitude of pokéballsTM being thrown at them – and the fact that both yami's were blown right off the makeshift Battlefield StageTM was just…well…coincidence. Except…

Bakura and Marik happened to disagree and claimed the 'all-mighty-bastard-Pharaoh' had rigged his side of the game during set-up and therefore cheated. They supposed at least indifference to every two against one assaults and the fact that in one of their two out of three matches, Marik's RoyTM had dealt a 'traitorous' blow involving a lightsabre to Bakura's character MewtwoTM instead of Yami's choice of Adult LinkTM, which meant a round robin of all for one and no one for all!

Mai had cleverly – really its not that hard – suggested they replay with no teams and settle things that way. It took some convincing but eventually a highly indignant Yami "There is no need to cheat against you two!", an annoyed Marik and a pissed-off-I'm-going-to-break-bones-in-a-minute Bakura reattempted to prove who was best at the childish game. Though how they planned on doing that with only a couple of go's Osiris' Kingdom only knows.

This time around and right before the moment where everyone scrambled outside, lest they get caught in the backlash and end up having to pay any form of damage compensation; Yami played Princess ZeldaTM , Marik GanondarfTM and Bakura Donkey KongTM …possibly thinking the big mean monkey would crush the pretty princess. That was until he realised she had two personalities as well as her little lightshow packing a sharper blow than expected. One could suppose the following explosion racked up to the tomb robber's upset over being beaten by a 'girl'…then again a few sparks seemed to come from Yami when he blamed his blatant self-suicidal fall over the side of the float on Marik's failure to pick up the parasol, instead of sidestepping to the next float, which he did.

None of the others seemed remotely impressed by how things were turning out; I mean there was male testosterone and then there was just plain silly stupidity. There was beginning to be a general consensus of how irritating and how much of a nuisance the three darkness's were turning out to be – especially when all they did was fight and moan about the other to everyone else the remainder of the time. Though Ryou did point out at least they weren't trying to kill one another anymore…and that was supposed to be a bonus?

They were bored, restless…least that was the impression each gave off and their friends were just as bored playing dodgeball – a weird version of the game wherein every time someone thought of one of the yami's or went somewhere with one, they would have to watch out for the siding, 'defending' and attacking yami balls flying in every direction. The hikari's were certainly not prepared to keep trying to avoid each other or the others, depending on which yami was with which person each time around, simply to reduce damages. It was needless to say really…everyone was at their tolerance limits.

General consensus: No more.

Those spirits – never mind how old they were – would get along (at least in part) or else suffer the consequences.

If last week's wholly stupid idea did not work (big surprise!) then it was time to bring in the big guns!

The other 'non-spirits' would have their peace of mind; Marik, Bakura and Yami quieted and civil whether they liked it or not.

In response then more than one gear was turning on how to achieve such results; these were beings of darkness and half 'evil' and all that crap…getting their cooperation wasn't going to be easy. Plus getting them to feel – maybe threatened wasn't the right word? – enough to do as told, never mind getting them to co-operate with each other, would be difficult…especially the less than sane driven duo of Bakura and Marik.

What could they do that wouldn't result in dire repercussions?…It wasn't such a desperation that Yugi wished to break his treasure or Ryou and Malik wanted to encase their items in solid stone or anything like that. Nor to permanently ruin any and all potential relationships with their others…it was more to make them realise how much their constant onslaught was driving everyone apart…even between them and their own lights! An issue they were utterly failing to recognise.

They couldn't completely avoid one another; going to the same school, having the same friends, interests and all, nor should they have to.

And anyway, just about everyone wanted payback; Malik being Malik and Jou being the naturally hot-headed one anyway went one step further and actually called it vengeance, though everyone admitted it would be insanely fun, funny and maybe just a little hilarious to stop their rampage cold. Especially if the hikari's stories were anything to go by!

Naturally Malik, Ryou and Yugi had replayed the events to the others, demonstrating a deepest regret over a non-existent photo that would have been priceless to hold for like forever. While remembering very vividly the deer-in-the-headlights look their darkness's had shown was a good memento it would have been even better if they could have shown that to everyone else instead of just describing it. Even Isis and Kaiba agreed.

All eight knew that would have been a perfect keepsake for a highly embarrassing moment and…whoa…whoa wait…

"That's it!"

"What's it Jounouchi?"

"Embarrass 'em so bad then watch 'em cringe."

"Even better, take a photo or something and us it as blackmail!" grinned Malik evilly.

"Blackmail? Are you sure that is wise." Ryou said nervously.

"It'll be tricky and we will all have to be careful setting up to make sure they don't wriggle out of it" Mai added.

"Yeah but not impossible."

"But, what can we use? What will humiliate them enough to work?"

"That is what we have to discover Anzu" Hiroto chatted.

"Umm…" Yugi started, looking to his left.

"It needs to be something precise…" interrupted Jou "huh?...what's up Yug?"

"just thinking...we should discuss this somewhere more private like the park without…well them" still staring at the arguing yami's, probably trying to put the blame on each other for blowing up the game's machine.

"Good point. Hey you actually up for this Yugi? That's a bit surprising."

"Why is it surprising Malik? I think it will be fun and who am I to say no to that" he replied winking.

"Aaaannnddd…it will be something to remember too!" Malik put in just as everyone started heading off; direction… Domino Park.

Only one of the teens was still a little reluctant to follow his peers knowing that this could go incredibly wrong and therefore be quite dangerous to all involved, depending on what they came up with most likely Bakura would not be pleased with his – Ryou's – participation.

"You in Ryou?" asked the amethyst eyed teen who had noticed his friend's hesitance from the beginning.

"…I'm not sure about this…"

Malik wrapped an arm round his white haired friend's shoulders "Why not? You could finally get one up on that yami of yours."

"...and it wouldn't be the same without you Ryou" Yugi said joining in on the coaxing.

"…you, probably better than anyone else here, know that tomb robber best…"

"…and after all you were moaning about head aches and no rest from your aggravated other half again this morning."

"…plus! He ruined your favourite sweater with that blood splatter yesterday…"


"Come on fluffy!"

"Oh all right. I'm in."

"YES!" (x2 :p )

'This is not going to be good…'

Preview: Blueprints of the YGO cast's master plan. With all this planning and some very intuitive darks how is any of this going to see fruit. Yugi shows how well he can 'yami-sit', Ryou goes into full swing involving cameras and cats and the girls come up with a contingency plan that the boys are going to L-O-V-E

Note: I know its crap, heck I have half a mind to scrap this chapter and do it again…only I'm not sure HOW to change it (suggestions?). The next will be better promise! There is actually something happening!


Black Egyptian Dragon: I know it's not fluffier like I said it might be...I got a bit stumped lol. Glad you liked the 'gunk' attempt at humour though XD