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Eyes Wide Shut

Gazing into the mirror at her slick lips, Evey knew the colour was just too delicious; it was perfect in every sense of the word. She pursed her lips ever so slightly, savouring that fantastic freshly applied colour. Number twenty-one, Macaroon Addiction by Lancôme. It was so very hard to come by, like gold dust; but so damned amazing when she finally managed to procure it. She had not had some for a while now, over five months and she missed it terribly. She felt silly that something as simple as a lip-gloss could make her feel so much better about herself, but then everyone has a vice…so why not this?

This tube was brand new, only a few hours old. It was like she had been given the Holy Grail or the very elixir of life. Her heart missed a beat when she was told by her 'friend' that he could get her a tube. It had been gained by ill means of course, like so many things nowadays, but Evey had no part in its arrival to her so her heart strings went untugged.

She knew she wouldn't be eating for a week now; she had bartered all her ration coupons just to get that lip-gloss. She would be living off the half a bag of aging rice she had left in her cupboard until next Tuesday; a thought that did not overly appeal to her. But it was definitely worth it, for she now owned a glittering fraction of heaven; right here, on her eager lips and grasped in her thankful hands. And besides, a girl needs her little luxuries in life for if she has none…then what is there?

And of course there was another reason to own something as delectable as this.


Sweeping the heart shaped wand over her lips once more, she envisaged the effect it would have upon Eric Finch. Evey knew how much he loved that colour, how it pleased him so and how he adored her even more when she wore it. A man of so few words, but when he liked something or saw an item that caught his eye, he always had a comment to make. She knew just how much he adored her wearing it, how of all her things this was his favourite. Not light enough to be childish, yet not dark enough to be conservative…a lip-gloss with wantonness, he would whisper as he would kiss it slowly from her lips. She felt a warm feeling rise in the pit of her stomach as tender images of past romantic reunions darted into her mind. And she did not doubt for a second that this meeting would be any less.

Evey knew not why she was attracted to Eric Finch, he was so different to other men she had been with in her life. In her chaotic life her had offered her some form of stability, a rock to cling to when things became a little crazy. Eric was steady and unwavering, stable and secure. He was the earth to her water. Earth is so rooted and so constant in its existence; unmoving as the stars and as eternal as the mountains. This is how she viewed Eric.

She had not been attracted to him at first, especially not physically. He appealed to her only through personality. But as they happened upon each other with increased regularity, they began to converse. Then stolen conversations became conversations over tea. And the tea came under the formal guise of a date. And the date… well the date led to so much more. Until now she viewed him with affection and a strange type of love. Slow and secure, simmering and muted. They did not fuck or even have sex, they made love. Tenderly and caring.

She rose slowly from the seat at her dresser and pulled the zip of her dress up. Smoothing out the ruffles that had gathered in the material, she stepped carefully into her heels. She liked her heels; these were her good ones. Black, vintage, expensive and with a tiny bow, a gift from Eric naturally. They made her legs appear longer, leaner, and they looked fabulous with this dress. She spritzed her cleavage with perfume, musky and heavy; the tiny scented beads congregated on her exposed chest.

Casting a final glance at herself in the mirror, she was pleased with what she saw.

Placing her empty purse into her clutch bag, she ran her fingers thoughtfully through her hair. She was so delighted that it had finally grown back. Her long mahogany curls restored once more, where previously there had been a barren head. They tumbled lazily over her exposed shoulders and gathered at her collarbone. She observed her hair for just a moment, sparing a fleeting thought for the man who had taken it from her all those long months ago. Why was his hold over her still so strong? Even after all this time? A shadow cast over her mind as she thought of him and the atrocities he had committed against her. How he had hurt her so badly physically and how he had wounded her so deeply mentally. She once had a mind to care for him, maybe even love him, but how does one love the very thing they now loathe? He had saved her from rape, only for him to rape her mind himself. That man, the man she cared for so much, had grown to adore, the man she had come to respect.

He was a magician of the false, an artist of deceit, a composer of siren songs…the father of lies.

She pushed all thoughts of him from her mind. This was to be a pleasant evening; it would not be sullied with notions of the past. She would not allow herself that luxury; she would not allow herself the luxury of thinking of him. As much as she wanted to…she could not.

She had places to go and someone to meet; time truly was marching on.

"Eric…Eric? Eric are you here?" Evey whispered in the darkness, her chest heaving with anticipation. She huffed impatiently, imaging this to be Eric's bizarre attempt at romance.

She couldn't understand why he had called earlier to rearrange their meeting place; the cinema would have been fine. And why the devil had he picked a derelict restaurant? It was highly unlike him to rearrange, let alone favour a run down building. But then he had said a few weeks ago that he was going to be surprising her soon. She had debated for so long as to what the surprise was going to be. A thousand and one scenarios played out in her head but she could settle on not one. It was so out of character for him that she guessed this must be the surprise….but goodness knows what it was going to be. Evey had found her way in easily enough; she had followed Eric's instructions to the letter and wound up here, exited and slightly confused.

She wondered what she would see once Eric arrived. Would he have decorated the place with tiny faerie lights and stunning flowers? Candles and soft silks maybe? She had seen it done once on television and had even commented on it to Eric. Maybe he had paid attention and was surprising her now! Would she be festooned with gifts and such like? Had he taken the effort and time to truly romance her? Had their relationship got to such a magnitude? That had to be the reason, for why else would he ask her to get dressed up and come to this place?

All of a sudden she was jolted from her romantic thoughts as she felt a shudder travel down her spine. She swore she felt a breeze upon her face, as if someone had just walked in front of her. Panic washed over her in legions. It had to be Eric, it just had to be. How could there be anyone else here?

"Eric is that you?" She called out tentatively into nowhere, suddenly becoming far more aware than before. She spun around squinting, trying to make sense of the black.

The darkness stayed silent and offered no noise.

"Eric if you're there will you please show yourself? I'm getting tired of th…"

The muscles of Evey's stomach tightened in her abdomen in complete shock. The hairs on her arms stood on end. Her words failed to complete as the air from her lungs was forced from her in one violent and sudden gasp. He heart skipped a beat as she felt a firm arm wrap around her waist before it had even touched her. Frowning ever so slightly, she reached out to touch her waist, her fingers wandering blind, wondering if she had imagined it. She dared not touch. Not daring to move further, and barely able to form legible words, she choked.


After a brief pause she felt a nod against the back of her neck as a face pressed against her ever so slightly. A blast of warm air as her lover breathed low onto her exposed shoulders. The arm tightened at her waist, reassuring her that it had not been an imagination, that in fact the arm was very real. Relief washed over Evey as Eric's warmth comforted her in the darkness. She felt her knees almost buckle as she realised it was him and neither an imagination or a stranger.

"Oh Eri…" She began to simper, but a low and direct hush from behind her indicated for her to be silent.

Eveys eyes widened slightly at his bold dominance, at her being told what to do. A strange sensation never shown by Eric before, but she liked it. She liked the power he was beginning to display, it was so arousing. Such an aphrodisiac, she mused, he has to do this more often.

Suddenly, she felt a cheek brush against the soft skin of her shoulder as he leaned down and pressed his lips there. Her body tingled. A faint moan escaped through his teeth like a wisp of smoke, his voice low so it was nearly a panthers purr. She felt the arm at her waist tighten even harder and the second hand reach up toward her throat. The bold hand brushed over her chest, sweeping fingers over her ready breasts then up to her collarbone. It lingered for a moment before instinctively venturing on to caress the warm skin of her throat. Evey felt herself being pulled closer to him, her body pressing against his own.

Then a kiss. Slight and simple. A deliberate application of flesh to flesh, packed with so much intimacy and feeling.

"Macaroon Addiction…I love it." Her lover hushed low in her ear as he tasted her lips.

Evey smiled deeply at the thought that he appreciated her lips so much more now. Closing her eyes, she tilted her head back. Her eyes wide shut as she looked up into the darkness that was the supposedly the ceiling. The darkness that was the whole universe and everything else in it. She was breathless under the press of his mouth. The kiss commanded her full attention, her shoulders shivered as the mouth moved of its own accord upon her shoulder and her upper back. It felt amazing and delicious, sensual and dangerous for some reason. As the mouth moved she felt a slight vibration of sound upon her skin; too low to determine if it was a word or an involuntary noise. Then he bit her. Deliberate, concise and careful her bit her. Her eyes shot open in shock. A small gasp from Evey indicated the presence of pain and the hungry mouth withdrew kissing the spot of the bite, apologetic almost.

The arm at Eveys waist relaxed; she turned round slowly to face him but she was utterly unable to see him in the impossible darkness. She was desperate to look upon Eric's face, to kiss him thoroughly and reciprocate her feelings for him. Words of feelings began to form in her throat, but were stopped by a rough finger upon her lips, then a solid hush. Once again an indication of silence from her veiled lover.

The hand in the dark moved, the silencing finger shifted. His thumb brushed a line across her parted lips, whilst his fingers raised her chin slightly. He lifted his hand from her mouth and replaced with his own desperate lips. Evey made a sight sound against the press of his mouth as she was pulled into the kiss. The sound was sucked out of her with such an intensity it burned. It was as if the mouth had stolen the noise from her.

She was being kissed. Here in this darkened room. It was only a kiss.

But truly amazing and unlike any kiss she had ever received in her life. A dramatic melody of the sweetest contradictions. Sensual yet rough, desperate yet aloof, loving yet distant. Electricity was grabbing hold of Evey, shaking her and sending sparks coursing through her body. She was burning from the inside out. Her body ached from crown to toe, her very core trembled. The lips in the dark were white hot and consuming her right here. Evey tried to mumble against the kiss but she was stopped by yet another attack of passion from her lover. Wrapping her arms firmly around his back, she gave herself up to him.

A firm hand held her in the small of her back and pulled her closer to him, their groins connecting. A hand snaked its way up her back and into her hair; fingers wrapped around tendrils, gently pulling and tugging. She felt her head being teased backwards, being forced from the kiss. Unwillingly she released herself from that most delectable mouth and flung her head back. A moan escaped her as she arched herself back, her throat exposed to the flesh hungry mouth of her lover. She felt his lips crash down upon her neck. A thousand fiery reigning down on her delicate skin, each one sending a bolt of exquisite agony tearing through Eveys body. He nibbled and snapped at her throat, pinching her skin with his teeth affectionately.

Evey knew not what game Eric was playing but she was luxuriating in it. He was being so forth right; taking what he wanted and doing exactly as he pleased; Evey found him so incredibly attractive like this. His hands on her body, his mouth on her skin was almost too much for her to bear. His dominance over her, his command of her body, her silent obedience aroused her so much she thought she might implode. Instinctively she began to grind her hips against him, signalling exactly what she wanted from him. In an unexpected response, he moved his hand from her hair; it slid around her neck and tenderly down to her chest. Flexing out his fingers, he moved his curious hand to her breasts and kneaded them gently. It were as though he were touching her for the first time, as though he was drinking in every part of her like he had never seen her before. He toyed with her nipples, teasing them till they were pert and aching. Evey whined as she was touched in the dark, as she allowed herself to succumb to this sensation of elation in the pitch black.

She felt herself being pushed back. Inch by inch, her lover was forcing her backwards. With tiny laboured steps she moved with him, willingly being directed by him as he continued to press his hot and needy mouth down the side of her neck. A dance in the darkness.

A few steps back and she felt something behind her. Hard. Wooden, covered in cloth. A table.

Her lover made a low sound in the back of his throat as he gathered Evey to him. The sound he made was an indication to her. That little exclamation of joy, he was also relishing this moment. Sliding his hands down her body, they eventually rested upon her derrière. He dug his fingers into her firm but soft skin, their contact marred by the presence of the material of Eveys dress. The table behind her pushed harder into her back as she felt the weight of her lover against her. With a gentle hop and the help of his hands, she placed herself upon the table, her legs straddling his thighs.

His mouth moved to meet her own now and kissed her deeply. His tongue daring to venture past her lips and courageously sought her own. It found hers and he stroked it gently as they kissed deeper. She was going to die. Here at the mercy of Eric Finch, she was going to die beneath his touch she was sure of it. She never thought it possible, not from Eric, but he was going to kill her with his intensity.

Her lovers intrepid hands were now at her breasts once more, peeling back the material of her dress that cloaked them. Tenderly lifting her chest from its feminine confines, her nipples flecked and hardened upon contact with the cool air. Lightly, he moved his mouth and planted upon her pert right nipple, sucking and coaxing it with his roving tongue. Evey threw her head back once more as she was engulfed in a sensation of unrivalled pleasure. Her shoulders ached as hot sparks tore through them from that feeling upon her breasts.

Her lover pressed himself closer to her, feeling her warmth radiate from her. Pushing ever so slightly with his thigh, Evey parted her legs and he placed himself between them firmly. He shifted himself and moved slowly, the bulge in his pants flexed against her thigh. She suddenly had a very clear idea of exactly what he was feeling at that time. Neither said a word, but words did not need to be said at that moment for they both knew what the other wanted.

With a sharp exhalation of breath, his hands trailed down to catch possessively at Eveys waist, his hard thumbs riding her hipbones. She wiggled against him seductively, kicking her legs out to rid herself of her underwear. She slowly teased her dress above her knees and towards her waist, revealing in the darkness her stockings. Evey brought her legs above his thighs, drawing him even closer to her; his longing for her unmistakable.

"Eri…" There was real longing in her voice; so much so she blushed as the words resonated in her ears.

Once again there came a low and dangerous hush, almost a perilous growl in the black.

Evey nodded in compliance. She choked slightly as she fumbled in the darkness with the fastening on his pants. It was awkward and complicated, but after a moment or two the fastening had come undone and she slowly slid his trousers down his legs. Her lover rocked against her momentarily, the last barrier between them obviously causing annoyance to him as he kissed her. Twisting her fingers round the band of his underwear, she eased them from him, down over his backside and let them drop unceremoniously to the floor.

Evey felt a soft puff of breath against her neck; an cry of want and longing. The feeling of the air upon her skin sent a surge of blood through her body, swelling in all the right places. Her lovers next movement was more direct, he shifted the angle of his hips; his hands catching underneath her thighs. Without the restraint of underwear, Evey could feel her lover fully, his hard length brushing up against her willing lips.

Then, with the slightest of pushes he slid into her.

A tiny exclamation of shock escaped her lips and her lover froze; his body tense to the touch. He hesitated for a moment as she adjusted to him, maybe he had hurt her? But when she exhaled again he knew she had accepted him and he was ensconced firmly within her. He was cloaked within her beautiful quim, warm and loving, needy and slick. Shifting himself once more, he pulled Evey closer to him, pushing deeper even still. Wrapping her legs tightly around him, he began to rock against her.

There was nothing rough about their love making; it was incredibly tender and gentle, more so now than ever before. He kissed her neck softly and took her lips with his own. He felt so amazingly close to her, and her to him. Their bodies were pressed so tightly together it was impossible to say where one began and the other ended. His movement could not be called thrusting, more of a pressure of his body against her own.

God damn it this is good, Eveys mind moaned as white spots of light danced behind her eyes.

He pulled out only to push back in again, but this time a little harder, a little deeper still. She moaned every time he moved, willing him further into her again. Her body was aching so deliciously it seemed too much to humanly bear. Evey whimpered and let slip a cry in the dark, a needy noise from her heart. Suddenly she could taste him. A rush to the head. She felt his mouth bearing down upon hers. His hot lips sucking and trailing across her own.

He was loving her. Here in the darkness he was giving her his love and he was taking hers. This was not sex. It was not simply fucking or shagging, it wasn't even love making. This was something else, something completely separate from them all.

She felt a building fire begin to rise in the very pit of her stomach. An ecclesiastical pain of epic proportions that clawed its way through her body. It felt like a fist of white hot sparks was being flung through her, and they were raging and burning within. With every movement he made, every shift he did the pain heightened. It was not a pain as such, but to describe it any other way would not explain the feeling it gave her. It consumed her and she was going to combust here and now, she would burn with pleasure of the feeling between her thighs.

Evey began to feel dizzy as a burning sensation raced from her abdomen to her head. She felt so much pleasure it was painful, unrivalled in form. The spasms of the greatest torture were engulfing her. Each time he pushed himself into her she gasped as the air from her lungs fled. She clung to her lover so tightly it hurt them both. Her lover moved more urgently now but with so much love and emotion; yet tinged with a desperation that was intensifying. Evey could feel his body tensing beneath her touch, his muscles contracting and tightening as he pushed harder and forced himself deeper. She could feel his thighs tense as he began to tremble ever so slightly. His grasp upon her constricted her even more. She could feel what was happening to him as it was happening to her also. Again the pain rose inside her in brutal waves, and then…the perfect explosion.

Her mouth was dry as she came and her body was almost shaking. Flinging her head back she was sure she had screamed but she heard no sound other than a smouldering groan. The pleasure coursing through her body at that point was so exquisite that worldly words could never describe it. It was something completely different to anything she had ever experienced. The sensation was made even sweeter as her lover came in time with her, spilling himself inside her. Their union was divine and utterly heavenly. Loving, affectionate, wonderful and adoring. She had never made love to a man the way she had done now.

Resting her head upon his chest, she placed a kiss above his heart. She felt her lover reciprocate and kiss the crown of her head. He squeezed her closer to him and he smiled deeply. They stayed together close to one another for what seemed an eternity.

"I love you Evey. Till the stars cease to shine I shall always love you." Her lover whispered, placing a Scarlet Carson beside his mask on the table.

"And I you, V my love…and I you." Evey beamed.