His guys! I am so sorry that it has been so long since I updated this story. It isn't a lie to say that i have been incredibly busy of late. But I finally managed to find a spare afternoon to write another chapter of my favourite story.

As you many have gathered, this story is pretty off the wall anyway, but I think this chapter pushes that concept a little further.

So just to explain. This is going on inside Evey's head. She is not crazy, I have simply tried to capture the turmoil that a person goes through when faced with the totally unexpected. Bear with it and if you don't understand then….heh!

Yoda…an offering for you. Enjoy!

Eyes Wide Shut

"Why is he here…why is he here…WHY IS HE HERE?! What does he want with us? Why is he doing this to us? Why won't he leave us alone?! Why is…" The mind screamed wildly. Confused electrical impulses and seriously malfunctioning motor-neurons were causing the brain to panic and think irrationally and incoherently.

"I have no idea why ask me? I've got about as much idea as you have my love. Why don't you ask him why he's here? That'd be a good place to start. You conjure up the words and I'll open the mouth…" The rational thinking brain answered.

"I'm not asking him…I don't want to know what he has to say. I don't know if I can cope with his answers…" The mind wailed.

"But we've been stood here for at least a minute and still nothing has come out of the mouth. Don't you think we should speak to him?"

"No…no we can't…we can't do that. Maybe…maybe if we…close the eyes he'll go away? Yes…yes do that and he'll disappear…just go ahead and close them…it'll work I'm sure…"

The brain was less than impressed. Why was it sharing a skull with such an imbecile?

"Ok, let's break this down slowly. Which one of us controls the emotions and the imagination? You or me?" The brain asked in an agitated and overly condescending voice.

"Me." The mind stammered.

"And what do I control?" The brain asked again.

"Bodily functions?"

"Correct. So if you control the imagination and you haven't conjured up the image of V stood before us, then that must mean that he really is stood there mustn't it? I can't imagine him being there, I can't control the emotions…that's your job. Did you create that image? Did you visualize him there? Is that the emotion you're feeling"

"No…no it isn't, and why would I do that? Why would I imagine him?" The mind sounded more confused than it actually was.

"I have no idea! So that must mean that the male in black stood before us is real. If you didn't create the image then he is real and waiting for me to send your words to the mouth in order that it might open and a conversation may begin. So basically…me closing the eyes won't make him go away will it? That will just make the body and the face look even more ridiculous than they already do. The body will just be stood with closed eyes with no words to speak, that is just stupid isn't it?!"

"You have a point…I think..." The mind was slowly catching on

"Finally." Sighed the aching brain.

"But…what do we say to him? I don't even know where to begin. My emotions are playing up, they're all over the place and I can't latch onto one long enough to form words let alone an adult conversation."

"Well what are you feeling right now? Which emotions are the strongest?"

"I don't know they're jumbled up, they don't make any sense!"

"Right then…tell me which ones are flying about right now. Surely you can see them, feel them?" The brain was getting annoyed.

"There are so many…anger…lust…hate…love…repugnance…I can't choose one! There's too many! I can't concentrate on any specific one! Please help me?"

The pressure on the mind was obviously becoming too much and the brain was now running the risk of over loading it, which in turn would result in bodily signs of stress and nervousness; something the brain wished to avoid at all costs. A different, more tactile and helpful approach was needed with such a delicate and fragile mind.

Alright…alright…just calm down. Let's think this one through rationally okay? I'll help you. We'll start with the first emotion you mentio…"

"But what about V? He's just stood there looking and waiting?" The mind interjected. It was feeling a slight twang of pity for V, who was just stood silently awaiting a reply from the motionless body.

"To hell with V…he can bloody well wait. He knows where the kettle is, he can make himself some tea or something."

The mind agreed.

"Okay so the first emotion…anger. Why are you angry at him? What made you say that?"

The mind paused. Then it spoke.

"I'm angry for everything he has done to me…to us. He's made me revel in utter hell for the past eight months, he screwed me up so badly! His empty words of love and devotion, vowels and constantans that he would never intentionally hurt the body…yet he tortured it. He beat it, burned it, whipped it, abused it so badly that you could barely heal it…"

The brain flicked back to the past eight months. It was true what the mind was saying, it had had a very difficult time in repairing the flesh wounds and the lacerations the body sustained. It had worked so hard to mend and knit the skin that had been torn. The brain had toiled beyond belief to repair the muscles and its fibres that had been bruised and twisted beyond recognition. Its neurons, electrical signals and commands had worked day and night without rest to fix the damage that had been caused to the delicate bones, until all the cracks, breaks and fractures had vanished. And although it had done a damn good job, there were still scars in the skin that the brain couldn't fix, and probably would never be able to.

"You know what he did to you don't you?" The mind cried.

"Yes of course, it's been hell…but he hurt you more…" The brain answered soberly.

"I know, I still live that torture every day. You might have mended the body, but I can't fix myself. I can't repair this mind, I can't forget what he did to me. There's barely an outward sign of what was done to the body, but inside is just black with anger and rage because of what he did. And all that anger I feel for him stays with me. No matter how hard I try to rid myself of it I just can't…I'm not strong enough." The mind was becoming tearful; the brain worked extra hard to hold back the tears the mind was trying to create.

The brain wanted to move on quickly or the body would start to display signs of emotion. And since there wasn't one that the mind had decided upon, the brain coerced the mind into thinking of something else.

"Alright, enough of that emotion. What was next? Wasn't it lust? Tell me why you feel that." The brain ushered the mind along. It was amazing how quickly the mind was able to cut itself off from one emotion and shift to the next.

"I don't know. I suppose that despite what he did to me and the body, he still has some fucked up hold over me. Every time I imagine him or see him in the flesh I can't help but desire him. I remember how he touched the skin all those months ago, and I recollect all the soft beautiful words he whispered into the ears in the darkness of the Gallery and I can't help but want him. The effect these small mercies had upon me was incredible and I can't forget it, I want to relive it all over again! I want the body to experience what I feel in the mind. I want it to feel what I feel and enjoy the delights I enjoy. I know I shouldn't and that since I hate him so much that I should concentrate on that, but I can't help the way the emotions just seems to take over…" The mind rued wistfully.

"That's all well and good but I can't help but remember what you just said a moment ago…hate I think it was?"

"I think that hate falls under the same heading as anger. I think I've explained my anger and I feel that encompassed the hate as well."

"But do you hate him? I mean truly hate him?" The brain enquired.

"Yes. With every bit of my being I hate him. I despise him more than anything I have experienced in my life. The level of repugnance and abhorrence I harbour will go unrivalled throughout our existence. I hate him for all he has done and all he hasn't done. I hate him for everything he promised to give us and for all the things he so wrongly took away. Seeing him before me makes me want to make the mouth scream at him and tear at his face…"

Once again the emotions were flaring up, and when the mind truly put itself into thinking so strongly for or against something, there was nothing the brain could do to prevent the onslaught of the results. After all, the heart (or at least the emotions) rule the head; and this saying was never more true than in the case of Miss Evey Hammond. The brain desperately tried to keep the fraught mind calm.

"So you hate him? That's what you feel the strongest?"

"You know my feelings of hate for him…but no…that's not the strongest. You probably know more about my emotions than I do right now!" The mind tried to explain but was failing miserably to convince the brain.

"No I don't. Seen as though you seem to be struggling to focus on one emotion out of so many, how do you expect me to follow you and act accordingly?" The brain interjected.

"I don't expect you to follow, but I do expect you to understand. You control the bodily functions, you send out rational orders and the entire body obeys. You are the sensible, fastidious, reasonable and judicious side of this whole matrix. I am the flighty, sentimental and passionate and untameable side that fortunately or unfortunately controls emotions, which means I am subject to being capricious and unpredictable." The mind announced.

The brain felt as if it had been put in its place. The mind rarely flared up like that and it wasn't often that such words were uttered by an otherwise 'airy-fairy' organ. In any other circumstance an argument would have undoubtedly ensued between the two sides, but given the nature of the situation, the brain thought it prudent to move on fairly swiftly and end this debacle.

"Okay…moving on. I think we've pretty much covered the main emotions now. Are any of them coming through more strongly than the others? Can you focus on one above the others?" The brain asked with an air of disdain. It was being slightly childish and it knew it, but it didn't think it should care.

"No...I told you…I'm truly struggling to latch on to one. I just don't what to feel any more. There are too many feelings and emotions to try to describe. I can't put into words what I want to say as I can't focus on an emotion long enough to form the necessary words! Having him stood there is killing me and is sending this poor mind into over drive. I'm going to break down soon if you don't help me decide what to do! If I don't figure it out soon you'll end up sending a scream to the mouth! Please…I'm begging you…help me!" The mind had gotten all flustered again; that veneer that had been temporarily put in place had now been dropped again.

The brain paused momentarily. It didn't want to do this but it knew it would have to. If it didn't, this could turn out to be a very long wait whilst the erratic mind came to a decision on its emotions. Not to mention, an embarrassing outburst of emotions.

"Okay I will help you, but just this once, you know I don't deal with things like this. It is your job to decide on the emotion and the words I make the mouth speak. I merely control the movement of the lips and muscles and the delivery of conversation, you decide on tone, the words and attitude."

"But you'll do it….for me…just this once?" The mind was almost smiling.

"Yes…but just this once. Don't blame me if this all goes wrong, you know I don't have an artistic flare for conversation like you do."

"Thank you so much…I promise I won't blame you!" The mind was overjoyed that the burden had been temporarily taken off it.

"Alright…here goes nothing…."

The brain hesitated. It composed itself then decided upon the appropriate words.

After what seemed an eternity, Evey finally decided to speak. The motionless body remained as it had done for almost five and a half minutes, save the ocassional blink, or the steady rise and fall of her chest.

Soft and low and void of emotion, Evey had choosen her words carefully. They words echoed in V's ears and her simple offering left a nasty taste in his mouth.

"Hello V." She said.