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This is my first Van Helsing- fic and before you read it I think I should explain a few things. Firstly, I didn't really like the film itself, though the idea was interesting. My fic is somewhat following the film's plotline but with few exceptions. Firstly there will be no Frankenstein, Dracula's children, left hand of God or the terrible "only werewolf can kill Dracula" crap. Also my story will be sort of a crossover between Sommer's Van Helsing and Coppola's Dracula (1992). Also animation movie Vampire hunter D: Bloodlust has been an inspiration to me. And I'm going to concentrate on that strange friendship between Dracula and Van Helsing that was suggested in the film but never really explained, therefore the title. So here is my fic of horror, action/adventure, drama and perhaps a little romance also.


Characters are not mine. They are own by Stephen Sommers and Bram Stoker.


(AN: This opening is being inspired by the film Underworld: Evolution)

Transylvania, 1476

Usually it would have been pitch-black at night in this time of the year, but the stars and the full moon on the sky and the white snow on the ground reflected enough light for one to see. A small group of soldiers were riding with horses slowly in the snow. They were lead by proud looking general who had dressed in black armour with shades of gold. He rode steadily with the big brown horse, his helmet covering the sides of his face. To his men he looked like nothing could shock him.

If they only know how nervous I really am, he thought.

Truth was that he didn't want to be here, in the cold night, waiting nervously of what he would see. The two men they had send forward to see what was going on should come back in minute now. The general looked around him. Only eight men were companying him in this mission that he didn't want any part of. General closed his eyes for a moment, thinking how things could have got so out of hands. Wasn't it just last summer when he and his best friend were both so happy? And now…

Another of the two men appeared in front of them. He rode to them and was noticeably paler than before.

"My lord-"he started but the general cut him off.

"Where is the other man?" general asked.

"He- He is vomiting, sir. Behind that hill…" the soldier stuttered.

General didn't wait for another minute but made his horse move faster and rode over the snowy hill in front of him. He could sense the smell of blood long before he actually saw what was behind the hill.

"Ave Maria…" he said silently.

The snow behind the hill wasn't white but red, covered by blood. Pieces of armours, dead horses, swords and limps of men were all over the ground. But it wasn't what was on the ground that shocked him the most. Long wooden sticks were placed all over the battlefield and in them were impaled bodies of the dead soldiers. They had been stripped of naked and crows were already eating them.

General heard several gasps behind him when the other soldiers saw the sight. Nobody dared to say anything, so they waited to hear further orders from their leader.

I didn't want to believe…oh my God, things are worse than I thought.

When five days ago then he had been informed about the activities here he hadn't believe them. He knew the man claimed to be responsible of these monstrous deeds and couldn't believe it of him. He had volunteered to this mission in hope to find out the truth of this matter. Now he knew and it filled him with rage. He didn't need to ask who was behind this grotesque picture of a battlefield. The flags placed around the place told him enough. Angrily general looked at the flags and the simple yet horrifying picture of a dragon in them with one word written to it.


The other man appeared from the night, looking slightly green. "General Van Helsing, the army we are looking for is down the hill by the lake" he said in a rush.

"What are your orders, sir?" the man nearest him asked.

General took a deep breath. "I will go first, allowing them to see me. Come after me but stay hidden, don't become seen. I will talk to him myself first. If they attack me, or if I'll give you a signal, attack" he said.

Down the lake was a group of twenty soldiers. One of the soldiers took a hesitant step forward their leader, a tall man dressed in black armour with red dragon in his chest, riding on a menacing black horse.

"These are the children of the enemies, my lord" soldier said.

Their leader removed his helmet and revealed his sharp face, with pale skin and long black hair. His eyes were steel blue, amazingly cold. His lips moved in to a smirk as he watched the children in front of him. There were five boys and three girls. Oldest was probably 13 when the youngest was barely seven.

"I am Dracula" the leader said simply. "You have probably heard of me. Your parents have told you lies about me. They have poisoned you minds against me. But I am not evil. I am simply keeping up piece and order in this country. Your parents were traitors and served their fate". A cruel smile appeared to his lips. "And so do you, for I can't allow you to grow up as my enemies". He turned his eyes to the frozen lake near them. "Now children, it is time to take swimming lessons" he said.

Many of Dracula's men hesitated. None of the children could survive in that lake. But neither did any of the men have enough courage to go against him.

Just when Dracula was about to give his orders, a figure appeared from the shadows. "Stop, Vlad. Enough of madness" general shouted. Though he was still wearing his helmet Dracula recognised his voice.

"Gabriel, what an unexpected surprise, I must say. What brings you to our little massacre?" Dracula asked his voice filled with amusement.

"I've come to put an end to this all, Vladislaus" General said.

"Why do you have so little respect towards me, Gabriel? You call me by my name in front of my men. There was a time when you looked up to me" Dracula said, his voice lacking the sympathy.

"That time ended when you decided to give away to madness. Vlad I knew wouldn't have succumbed to this barbaric behaviour".

Dracula looked at the General opposite him. "How did you know where to find me, Gabriel?" he finally asked.

"Your father told me. He wants you to return home-"

"Where he can keep an eye on me, I imagine. And what if I refuse to return?"

General hesitated to answer which was more than enough to confirm Dracula's suspicions.

"If I don't return you are ordered to kill me, right?" Dracula's eyes were showing pure hate now and general knew he would attack any minute now. It was now or never. Gabriel Van Helsing removed his helmet, revealing his handsome face and letting his long brown hair drop to his shoulders.

Sign had been given. With a quick movement General Van Helsing's soldiers appeared from the shadows and with quiet movements killed eight of Dracula's men. It came as such a shock others weren't ready to battle but fell immediately. Dracula face reflected pure anger now as he had been surprised. He turned to General who was still pleading.

"Please, Vlad. This is not the way. This what Sabrina would s-"

But with a sudden movement Dracula had launch himself from the saddle and pulled General to the ground with him.

"DON'T MENTION HER NAME!" Dracula yelled.

Neither Dracula's nor General's men made an attempt to help their masters.

Dracula punch General hard to the face and rose up as quickly as he could. He pulled his sword and was going to strike general while he was still on the ground but missed with an inch. General's hand captured a stone which he threw, hitting Dracula to his face. This gave him tine enough to stand up and pull his sword.

"Is this the way you respect her memory, Vlad? Her sacrifice?!" General shouted to his raging opponent.

"You know nothing what happened, Gabriel! I've been betrayed by my own family. If I am a monster it is because of them!" Dracula yelled and made and attack. The sound of two steel striking echoed in to the night.

The two men blades were in contact. It looked like they were pushing each others, trying to see which one would tire first.

"You're being used, Gabriel. We're both being betrayed" Dracula hissed, his voice filled with venom.

"You're confused, Vlad. Sabrina's suicide has pushed you off the edge" brown haired man said through his teeth.

"Wrong!" Dracula roared and managed to push general backwards. "She was murdered! We are all being betrayed by the ones we love! And I will not rest in this life or the other until I've have avenged her!" Dracula yelled. He charged to attack.

General pulled his long hunting knife from his boot to prevent the strike. This confused Dracula one second too long. General pushed his sword through his opponent's stomach. Dracula's eyes winded in shock and his mouth opened but no sound came.

General spoke softly. "I'm sorry, my friend. I'm so sorry…" he said.

Dracula took hold of Generals shoulder with his free hand and sliced himself through the sword's length to the man holding it. With difficulty he whispered to general's ear "Don't be, I will not die. Hate like mine never dies".

Dracula's sword fell to the snowy ground, followed by the man himself. General watched the dead man at his feet and couldn't help but feel that instead of solving a problem he had just created one.

It was always to this that Gabriel Van Helsing awoke. Every night he had the same dream of snow, blood and death. Every time he saw the dying man's face and heard his whisper in his ear. He didn't know why he saw these dreams of being 15'Th century commander of an army. After all it is year 1897 and he is working for the Vatican, killing creatures that live in the darkness.

AN: That's the first chapter. My story starts to follow the film's plotline in the next chapter, with the exceptions of the changes I mentioned up. Hope you liked this.

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