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"Master is gone".

The words echoed in the empty Great Hall of Castle Dracula. Aleera, the last living Bride of Count Dracula, stood there. She looked around herself in the large empty hall. The pentagram had been washed away. The remains of the Master and his late wife had been moved to the crypt, side by side. Hunter, Valerious woman and others had left. She was only one there anymore.

She would have wanted to be there. She would have wanted to fight along side with her Master. Even when she didn't approve Master's choice of killing Verona, she still loved and worshipped him. And now he was gone. And she hadn't been there to defend him.

Suddenly Aleera realised that she was completely alone. She felt more alone than she had that night centuries ago, when she had gotten lost from her group and in darkness trespassed the Count's lands. He could have let her be eaten by werewolves, but he had taken her under his wings.

Master, what am I suppose to do now?

She suddenly sensed a presence in the room and not just any presence, she knew this one well. With a movement too fast for any human to see she launched herself towards the intruder. She captured him by his collar and pushed him very hard against the wall.

"You!" she hissed through her teeth.

"Me", Igor said simply, "your humble servant".

"You should have left when you had a chance, Igor. Now I am going to do what I've wanted to do for years now" Aleera said, her eyes having once again that crimson colour.

"Where would I have gone? There is a reward of my head in nearly every country in the Europe. And believe it or not, it is much easier to come along with vampires than with Asians" Igor told. "Beside, I had to obey Master's will".

Aleera's eyes winded. "What do you mean? Speak, before I'll break your neck!" she demanded. Igor reached for his pocket and pulled out an envelope. "When I regained my consciousness I hear Master's voice in my head, telling me to fetch this from his library".

Aleera snatched the envelope and let go of Igor, making him fall to the floor. She opened it and pulled out a fine piece of paper, exactly what Master used. She recognised the handwriting.


Should you read this letter then it means that something has gone wrong and my travel on this Earth has come to an end. I do not wish to continue this life without my Sabrina, so by my own will or by the hands of Gabriel, who I am sure is destined to crash my party, I will no longer be. However, I have not been the Vampire Lord of Transylvania for the past four centuries only to let the throne empty. Aleera, my last bride, shall continue on my place. My lands, my castle and the secrets of the black arts from my library are hers to use. I have every confident in her and I am sure she will make a powerful obstacle for that ridiculous Holy Order of the Vatican. You will, of course, stay to serve and obey her.

Your Master,

Count Vladislaus Dracula

Aleera looked at the letter in shock and re-read couple of times. She looked around the Castle Dracula, her inheritance. "He sure left me with big boots to fill" she said quietly.

"Indeed", Igor said and rose up. "Shall I call my Mistress or my Master?"

Aleera turned to look at him, surprised by the question and the fact she no longer had desire to kill him. A slow smile made its way for her lips. "Master sounds good".

A day after in Varna:

The magnificent Russian vessel was harboured near the docks of Varna. The sailors were setting up the sails and the workers were carrying the belongings of Heinrich Mortte and his daughter Isabella. Mortte seemed to have aged considerably during his stay in Transylvania and Isabella many times, subconsciously though, touched the part of her neck where Count had left his mark. Though there were no marks anymore, they had vanished the moment of Count's second death and Isabella's awakening from the spell.

"Dr. Mortte, Isabella, I am truly sorry for the way your trip ended up being" Anna Valerious said for about billionth time.

"Princess, the trip was not a disappointment only for us but also for you. I wasn't able to help your brother after all", Dr. Mortte said. "But at least Count is dead and Isabella is safe" he added.

"Goodbye, Princess Anna", Isabella said and hugged the Valerious woman, "goodbye, Carl" she continued and kissed the young friar, making him chance his skin colour to scarlet.

"And goodbye, Mr. Van Helsing, and thank you for everything" Isabella said and gave a quick hug to Gabriel Van Helsing, who was leaning against a walking stick since his leg really wasn't any better. How he had managed to get back from Castle Dracula that night was still a mystery for him.

"Goodbye, Isabella Mortte, take good care of yourself" Van Helsing said and smiled.

The three watched as Isabella and her father prepared to board the ship.

"Well…I guess we'll be seeing each others back in the Vatican" Carl said and threw his bag over his shoulder.

"You sure you don't want to stay and wait for Van Helsing to heel?" Anna asked.

"Yeah, from what we've seen, the Big Guy up there looks after you" Van Helsing smiled.

"No, thank you. Enough monster hunting for one season" Carl said. "Van Helsing, you do know that after I have told the news to Cardinal Jinette he will immediately order you to return, no matter what your situation is?" Carl asked.

"Oh, I don't know, Carl. Jinette kind of understands me. You can ask him to give me little time off for healing my leg and rest. This has been rather hard" Van Helsing said, not caring to explain how this was the first time his emotions had been challenged also.

"Sure, taking easy in Transylvania. Are you telling me the truth that rest is all you do?" Carl asked sceptically.

Van Helsing suddenly seem to have problems staying up with his stick. "Yes…of course…what on Earth would you mean…don't understand you…" he babbled.

Carl turned his head to Anna Valerious, who was looking Van Helsing with partly amused and partly mischievous smile on her face. Carl noticed how Dracula's death had affected her, she seemed more carefree now, as if huge burden had been taken from her shoulders.

Carl shook his head. "Well, I'll see you then. Princess, it has been a pleasure".

"Don't you dare to cross Romania without paying me a visit" Anna said.

20 minutes later, as the vessel was setting its sails to the sea, Carl watched as the figures of Anna Valerious and Gabriel Van Helsing disappeared inside a carriage. He could have sworn that Anna had done something quite inappropriate for Van Helsing before they disappeared.

Suddenly Carl smacked his forehead.

Damnation! I forgot to mention the news from Vatican! Oh well, he deserves to rest for a while now. I'm sure he'll be hearing of Mr. Hyde's recent escape soon enough.


AN: There it is: The Dearest Fiend. In case the title puzzled someone it was meant to describe the friend/enemy relationship between Van Helsing and Dracula. When I heard about Van Helsing movie I was really excited but very soon disappointed. This is really the version of the movie I would have wanted to see in the theatre. Both Coppola's Dracula and beautiful anime movie Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust have been a great influence for me.

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