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Sakura was in a state of shock as the poison from the snake demon began to take effect. Her body arched and writhed in pain but that didn't mean she couldn't see Tunsade and said snake arguing. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE'S YOUR MATE!" ,cried a now fumeing Tunsade.

"Hey easy with the yelling Lady Tunsade. I needed a mate, and she was my former teammate." ,the snake demon said cleaning out his ears.

"Lady Tunsade! Who do you think I am? An idoit? You betrayed this Village and the first thing you do is claim her as your mate! Then you try to flatter me to avoid being nuked!" ,Tunsade screamed at the snake. (I'm not going to describe him yet It be to much of a give away)

Sakura tried to surpress a laugh, and failed miserably, catching both Tunsade and the demon off guard. But her laughs soon vanished as another shot of pain ripped through her body. Her legs were fusing together, as the torso and organs shifted into more comfortable positions. fangs took shape in her mouth, as scales forced their way through her skin. Her emerald eyes became wide with horror as they scanned her new form, though the changes were far from being complete. Her legs had been replaced by a still growing ten foot long tail. Instead of her pale skin there were black and yellow scales in a dimond pattern while her belly was the creamy white that use to cover her. Fear filled her as she looked to Tunsade, "Sensi please tell me that I don't look like a complete monster. Please tell me that I'm not."

Tunsade looked at the pleading demoness before her and sighed, "That is for you to decide. As far as I am concerned you're not a monster as long as you don't end up going the same path as some people here." ,said Tunsade as she glared at the snake. (I know I'm driving you insain!)

"You know, it isn't a crime to say my name." ,the snake said.

"Alright Sasuke Manda Uchia (There I said it) is the one who bit you Sakura." ,Tunsade said grining as Sasuke passed out as he grew eight heads and necks.

Sakura gasped as her tail begaing to grow spines that went up her back, as the pain increased. Once again she entered darkness, only this time Sakura also saw a light a t tunnel, before being torn to oblivion.

One Hour Later...

Sasuke who finally pulled his heads together noticed Tunsade's sad face. At first he could not understand but one look at Sakura and it stuck home. Coiled up in a ball, and glaring at him with slited demon eyes was Sakura, and all Sasuke could say was, "Oh shit."

Sakura now a venomous creature attacked a pour fox-boy just entering the room. "Sakura no!" ,Sasuke cried as HIS friend, no, make that HIS mate, charged for the kill of a nine-tailed fox. Her claws extended as she went to decapitate the blond in front of her.

Naruto however fought back against the female snake with the fox demon's energy and to Sasuke's horror, proceeded with an attempt to mark her as his. "Naruto you little disowned bastard! If you think you can mark her and live your dead wrong! She's MY WOMAN you hear! MINE!" ,Sasuke yelled at the kitsune. Sakura's eyes turned back to an emerald green as her cheeks became bright red. That was when Sasuke realized what he said. Somewhere on the otherside of the village the sound of shattering glass could be heard and a bleach blond streak could be see making a bee-line for the hokage tower. (guess who!)

Meanwhile, Naruto was at last using the kuybi's vast store of knowledge in hopes of courting Sakura. Though it was kind of late for that and somehow a bit of common sense made it to his brain. 'Leave now as a male before Sasuke rips off your manhood and makes you a woman' said the kuybi, 'besides that Hyugia girl looked promising. Mark her and I'll fuse with her and leave you both half-demons not menton I'll be free!'

'Yeah and if it weren't for the fact Sakura's been marked by a snake demon, you'd have a body right now!' ,Naruto roared to the kuybi.

Sakura still stunned by her actions but even more stunned by Sasuke's confesion was shedding tears of joy. As the two moved closer, as soon as their lips met, who should appear but a fuming Ino. Ino it seems decided go by Hades's place in the underworld and steal his flaming hair trick, (His is blue, her is yellow). Flames licked down her back, as her eyesturned black and filled with lighting. "YOU CHOSE HER OVER ME! WHAT DOES FORHEAD GIRL HAVE THAT I DON'T!" ,Bellowed Ino.

Sasuke and Sakura, a little irritated at the flaming blond, stood their ground and managed to avoid being blown over. Naruto who was currently searching out a certain Hyugia heir thought it was an earthquake or one of those 'jets' that Kuybi spoke of sometimes. He paused for a moment before shruging his shoulders and continuing his pursuit of the raven beauty named Hinata.

Back at the hokage tower...

Sasuke grinned at Ino before he said, "Well for one, she isn't an annoying bleach blond slut. And two, she actually managed to beat me."

Sakura, Ino, and from the sound of china breaking in the back, Tunsade were stunned. "Y-your actually admitting you lost to me?"

Sasuke looked deep into her emerald -pools as he spoke, "Yes Sakura, I am. But in order to make sure it never leaves this room-" "Kill the blond bitch." ,they said together looking at Ino like she was dinner.

"Now, now, no need to eat me, in fact I don't taste all that good anyway." Ino said to the two.

"Who said anything about eating you?" ,asked Sakura.


"AAAAAHHHHHHH, oopphh." "What was that?" an ANBU wondered. Looking up he saw a bleach blond woman hanging by the base of her pants. "Uh hi?" ,she grinned.



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