Ok so this is a Van Helsing fic, OK! Not a Phantom of the Opera. I just like the music from the movie, iighty? So don't get upset or anything. Just sit back, relax, read, and review. Now go get yourself some popcorn... Oh and the story is named after my favorite song from the Phantom...just for your information...ENJOY

The sound of the wind woke the young woman, who lay in her warm fuzzy pink bed. Her brown hair was matted slightly, and her blue eyes were still dreary and droopy. It was 7 A.M., and she hated waking up so early, so she decided to go back to sleep, slamming back into her bed, sighing comfortably. It was so warm, so breath-taking...she loved sleep and everything about it. But then that damn beeper went off, no...that damn alarm clock. It was summer and already she had to wake up early. She was looking forward ever since the beginning of school, and now it had begun once again.

She unwillingly got up and went to the bathroom to wash up and go downstairs to eat. Yes, today was a big day for her, well in her parents case. As she decended the stairs, she noticed her parents luggage were already at the bottom of their spiral staircase. Her feet were cold as she slowly walked down the marble hallway with the small Victorian decorations of gilded gold leaves on the pillars. The pictures of old winning horses hung silently on their hooks, collecting dust for company. This was her home, her silent home. Her family was rich ever since the Gilded Age of the Vanderbuilts, and this was the world she was brought up in.

As she entered her squeeky clean kitchen, her father and mother greeted her with their usual warm hugs and kisses of good morning. She slumped in the soft deep blue velvet chair across from her father and mother, who both sighed. She looked up at her parents, then passively looked at the floor.

Mother: "Draling, everything will be alright. There's nothing to worry about..."

Father: "Amaya, it's only a one summer thing. It's not going to kill you."

Amaya: "How should you know! You've never been, I've never been. You always do this to me somehow. You go on a trip, it lasts all summer and I'm stuck with lunatics!"

Father: "It's only summer camp. Your friends will be there, and others as well..."

Mother: "Maybe you'll even find a young man..."

Amaya: "Drop it."

Mother: "Amaya..."

Amaya: "Don't 'Amaya' me! I don't want to go...and it will be all summer! i want to sleep late, go to the movies, go to dances...I NEVER DO THAT!"

Father: "I know, I know. Look, I've asked Mina's and Victoria's parents if they could keep you company, and they said yes so please try to enjoy yourself and not ruin it."

Amaya: "Fine, but if you ever, ever try this again I will make you pay for it."

Her mother and father agreed and she left the room. She had already packed the night before, silently screaming into her head. They had done this since she was three, and she never had freedom. It would've been nice if they let her be by herself. She sighed as she went into her room and changed into a white short skirt and black tanktop with a jean jacket. She was 16 and they didn't even trust her. A yellow bus, much like anyother, came upon their circle driveway, and beeped. Amaya picked up her bags and waved her parents good-bye.

Mina and Victoria were there, and all three sat in the back laughing. But Amaya could never laugh like she meant it...not today anyway. She stared out the window, solemn and quiet. Mina flipped her black hair and put it in a ponytail, and noticed her friends trouble. She whispered something to the blonde, Victoria, and both looked at Amaya and tried to make the atmosphere a little pleasent for their friend.

Mina: "It's not going to be that bad. Look on the brighter side of things."

Victoria: "Yea! Camp isn't going to be that bad. I heard it isn't even a camp anymore."

Amaya: "Thanks but..."

Mina: "Look, we'll have fun. We'll stay up late, chit chat about guys, etc. And we promise not to mention your rich as hell."

Victoria: "Why don't you want other people to know?"

Amaya: "I don't want them to treat me differently."

Mina: "They won't have to. So, anyway, when are you ever going to sing again?"

Victoria: "The last time I ever heard you sing was the play. You have such a beautiful voice, why don't you sing?"

Amaya: "You know I only did it for the show. I like to wait for that special someone who can sing it with me. His voice has to be perfect."

Mina: "So that you can both sing Phantom of the Opera?" she mused.

Amaya: "That's the best movie along with Van Helsing."

Victoria: "Look...we're here!"

So everyone got off the bus, all staring at the beautiful land that the "camp" stood on. The forest was beautiful, the lake far to the west, and of course the trail with the horses. Amaya couldn't belive it, this place was beautiful. She loved the forest, she loved horses. It was a perfect place to get away from the world.

He dorve his black car smoothly along the dirt road. He closed his door window and turned on his classical music. How he loved it all. Soon he would be the new dean or whatever the hell it was of a camp that he heard held certain beauty. He needed to get away from the world, ever since he came back. He smiled. The old fool still thinks I am dead. Oh, Gabriel, you still live. Hmmm...hopefully this place will hold it's value. As he drovee on, the trees started to disappear, and the sun was stinging his blue eyes. He put on his black shades (sunglasses) that went along with his attire, hair, and car.

He finally made it to the camp, or whatever it was. He needed a quiet place with "food" nearby, and plenty of young women were around. He could easily impress them with a slow graceful movement of his hand. He smiled. Yes...it's time for the fun to begin.