"What the hell are you talking about?"

Mina's eyes turned red and she laughed. Something wasn't right and Amaya was frightened. This couldn't be happening, no, this had killed one of her best friends, this had hurt so many people, this had taken Mina away. WHy is this happening, why? Amaya's eyes teared. This was her friend, there had to be a way to help her, and why did Mina call her princess, but that didn't matter, her friend Mina did.

"What's going on, who's the master?" Mina just smiled, her fangs growing longer.

"I'm going to suck you dry, Amaya, the master isn't going to have you." Amaya just backed away...then ran like a mad woman. She ran to the forest, deeper and deeper, Mina was somewhere above her, cackling and laughing insanly. Amaya tripped over a stick, a very big one, slamming down into the dirt face first getting a bloody scar on her cheek. She tried to get up, but Mina was there infront of her, and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt.

"I'm going to watch the life drain out of your beautiful eyes, my friend," Mina said smugly. Amaya grabbed Mina's wrists trying to get away, but she was too strong. Mina's fangs came out again, and she started to lean down toward Amaya's neck. But Mina felt something in her chest, something go through it. She looked down to see a silver steak pierce her heart, and she screamed. Mina felt herself bubble inside, a burning sensastion ran through her veins. Mina screamed even louder as she quickly became nothing but dust in the wind.

Amaya fell to the ground, unconcious. Dracula picked her up in his arms back to his room, hoping that she would be ok.

Her vision was blurry, her throat burned, and the scar on her cheek hurt slightly. Amaya woke on a soft silk bed, and she rose up slightly, then fell back down on the bed, not wanting to get up because of the pain in her knees. She heard the door open, and she saw Dracula walking over to her. He sat dow on the bed, then layed next to her and held her.

"What...what happened? What happened to Mina?"

"She's dead my love, but you are safe with me." This was all his fault. Bob, his little voice, was right again as always, but Amaya was ok. Amaya opened her eyes once more, seeing the mirror near the bed, seeing only her in the mirror. She closed her eyes, but then realized something. Dracula wasn't in the mirror, he had no...reflection.

Amaya shot up on the bed, and backed away from Dracula. He was confused but then looked at the stupid mirror he forgot to get rid of.

"What are you?"

"I am undead, a vampire," he whispered softly.

"You..you killed Vic! You...you made Mina into what she was!" Amaya screamed as Dracula approached her, and tried to calm her down. She hit his chest as she cried, "No, no!"

her friends were gone because of him! She hated him, but she loved him, but there was more hate now.

"Why did you do this to me?"

"My love..." "No! Don't call me that you monster!"

"Monster! Yes, I know I am, but that word coming from you... I hate that word so much!" he hissed at her. hatred, anger, and betrayal filled the room. Amaya struggled to get away, but Dracula held her close, he seemed to emotionless.

"Leave me alone, get away from me!"

"I will never my love. You have past the point of no return, there is no going back with me."