Everyone woke to a bloodcurdling scream in the night. The fog had disappeared within seconds, and the victim lay motionless on the forest floor. She was still alive, barely breathing. Two marks were on her neck, blood slowly dripping down. A single dry tear rested on her cheek. Everyone ran outside to see what was going on, and the dean, Dracula, stood near Charlotte. She meerily smiled, and twirled her hair, and all Amaya could think was idiot. Dracula just looked away, pretending to be worried about the poor girl.

The fog had slowly reappeared, strange enough, and everyone couldn't help but have a feeling of dread, like something was out of place, or something was there. It was now freezing outside and the hair on the back of everyone's neck stood on edge. This was not normal for summer, nor for the night. Mina couldn't help but feel this presence this, thing. Dracula looked at her, scowling deep inside. She had called him a thing. Never in his life had he been called that, but he had other things on his mind.

Marissa was in the hospital now. Her vital signs were back to normal, she was eating, sleeping. She felt horrible none the least, and couldn't remember a thing, not a single tiny detail. Everything had been on tight nit security at the camp, and some teens went home. Of course Amaya, Mina, and Victoria were still there, along with 100 other kids that were still there too. It went back to normal two weeks after, everything was free, literally. Mina and Victoria were still fast asleep at 11, while Amaya got dressed for an early ride. As much as she loved sleeping late, she just had the need for a nice little gallop across the grassy fields.

Black Knight whinnied as usual, tossing his magnificient head in the air, his mane slightly flowing. She needed a nice little getaway for a while. She rode him out into the field slowly at a trot, then going full speed as if a race was just starting. Many of the others were near the pool or somewhere else having fun. Amaya rode near the dean's little house, slowly going toward the lake since there was another trail there.

Money. Another problem to deal with. Dracula sat by his work office window, tapping his pencil very loudly on his desk. He was aggitated since so many had left. He knew he had so many others, but there is always a problem with the money. He spun around facing the window now, staring at the road/trail before him. Maybe he shouldn't have gotten that girl, maybe... No, he thought. He was in charge and things would go his way.

As he stared out the window still, he saw that girl again, riding that black horse. He watched every little detail go in motion, how every inch of the horse's muscles rippled like how a rain drop landed in water. The girl sat tall and proud, reminding him of himself back in the old days. He sighed heavily, then turned back around. He had much work to do, and a lot of it concerned money.

After her little stroll near the lake and going toward the forest, Amaya decided to head back. It was already late in the afternoon, and Mina and Victoria would be waiting for her. She walked back to there room, only to find them gone. Then she heard a small swoosh from behind her, and turned around only to find Charlotte. Amaya rolled her eyes.

Amaya: "What is it now?"

Charlotte: "Want to change your mind?"

Amaya: "Good-bye Charlotte."

Charlotte: "Sorry for asking."

With that she left. Thank God I can't stand her. Mina soon appeared with Victoria right behind her.

Mina: "Where have you been? You're missing out on the pool ya know?"

Victoria: "Com'on! Let's go have us some fun!"

Amaya: "Alright I'm coming."

SO they went to the pool chatted about daily things, jumped in screaming and laughing. They played with the pool beach ball, smacking it back and forth, and once it went into a blonde boy's head with a smack, which was hilarious. Soon after they got a bite to eat, a huge food fight emerged, soon the dean coming out screaming his head off, not pretty. It turned to be a very productive day. Soon all three friends were back in their room, still laughing about how the day went. Victoria fell asleep first, and both Mina and Amaya had this evil idea and pulled the oldest trick in the book; putting whipped cream in her hand, then tickling her nose, both trying so hard not to laugh.

Mina: "Today was great!"

Amaya: "I know, it can only get even better."

Mina" Yea, but I'm going to bed. Don't pull anything on me."

Amaya: "I won't. I'm just going to read a little book, and I'll get in my pj's later."

Mina: "Iighty, night."

Amaya: "Night."

Mina was fast asleep within 15 minutes. Amaya sat outside on the porch swing reading an Anne Rice novel, deep into the best part ever. But the fog came back after three whole weeks. She looked up from her book, but thought of it as nothing really.