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As the dawn of a new day made its mark on the small apartment complex, its signs were not visible in the room where a young woman slept. When she had gone to bed, the woman had made sure that the new blinds she bought were firmly closed. The sun always woke her up before she needed to and that pissed her off greatly.

After a good hour and a half of sunrise, a loud screech of the woman's alarm clock went off in the room. She opened her eyes and reached out hitting the snooze button. After laying there for a few minutes, the woman sat up and stretched her arms while yawning. Her long red hair was a mess and it itched.

Kicking off the covers, the woman stood up and walked to the small bathroom next to her room. Turning on the shower, the woman washed herself and relished the feel of the hot water on her skin. It made her forget life and gave her solace. After spending a good twenty minutes in the shower, she finally turned off the water and dried herself off with a green towel from the rack.

Wrapping the towel around her body, the woman walked out of the bathroom and back into her room. Going up to the dresser, she opened the top drawer and pulled out a pair of yellow panties and matching bra. Unwrapping the towel and letting it drop to the ground, she slipped on the undergarments and walked to her closet and grabbed a pair of blue jeans and a red shirt. She put on the clothes and then briefly brushed her hair. After she was done fixing herself up, she went to the kitchen to fix herself breakfast.

The kitchen was quite small and could only have one or two people at a time in side. It was rather plain looking, as was the rest of the apartment, and most of the kitchen utilities were cheap. However, the woman did not care so as long as it worked.

Grabbing a bowl from the cupboard and filling it with cereal, the red-haired woman opened the refrigerator and grabbed the milk. She poured the last of it onto her cereal and made a mental note to stop by the store on her way home from work.

As she was eating, a sudden pain ripped through her head and she dropped the spoon onto the table. She closed her eyes and took in the pain like she always did. It was a frequent thing for her and though she hated it, she dealt with it. She felt that it was her punishment for past actions.

After finishing her food, Fllay put the dirty dishes in the sink and grabbed her purse. As she walked out the door and locked up behind her, Fllay spotted one of her neighbors.

"Hi Mrs. Trask" greeted Fllay with a smile.

"Hello dear, off to work?" asked the older woman.

"Yes I am; yourself?" asked Fllay.

"Off to the store to get some food for my cat. You have a good day" said the woman as she walked down the street.

Fllay walked in the opposite direction and down the steps to the street below. It was still a little early in the morning so there was hardly any traffic on the street. However, there was hardly any traffic at all since the PLANT Maius she was living at was more of a residential one than any of the other PLANT cities. The city had various businesses and shops, but they were small and locally owned. The largest building in the PLANT city, besides the spaceport, ZAFT base, and the local college was the Mall. However, that was currently on the other side of the PLANT from where Fllay lived and worked.

As she moved into the business district, Fllay passed numerous people who were opening their shops. They smiled and nodded at her and she greeted them back. Fllay long understood that the people who worked and ran their shops in the business district treated each other with respect and considered themselves family.

Fllay arrived at her destination and stepped inside the building. It was a pastry shop called "Special Treats" which sold all kinds of cakes and sweets. The owner of the shop was also Fllay's landlord as well and had employed her when she first moved into the building. They were on very good terms and the owner, Jacob Caruso, considered the girl like his own granddaughter. However, that was the case with the other two people who worked in the shop with Fllay.

Closing the door behind her, Fllay turned to see two people jump away from each other from behind the counter.

"Didn't Mr. Caruso tell you guys to stop making out while the store is open?" asked Fllay in an annoyed tone as she walked behind the counter and placed her purse in the small cubby below the register. Both her co-workers looked at each other sheepishly and blushed.

"You're not going to say anything, are you?" asked Serena McCain looking around to see if the coast was clear. She had black hair, brown eyes, and was very brown skinned which she owned to her Latino heritage from Earth. She was dressed in a white blouse with blue jeans which made her seem quite mature despite how she acted.

"Just don't make a spectacle while customers are inside the store and I'll keep quiet" replied Fllay as she clocked in.

"Thanks Fllay; we owe you" said Michael Jennings, Serena's boyfriend. He had blue hair and green eyes which were a result of his genetic heritage. He was wearing a pair of light brown slacks and a red t-shirt.

"I'll add it to the list" said Fllay dryly as she walked into the back office.

"We really need to get her a boyfriend" said Serena quietly when Fllay was out of ear shot.

"We need to get her laid" said Michael with a grin. Serena hit him in the shoulder and he yelped in pain. Both of them got back to work as Fllay once again appeared.

As Fllay took her place behind the counter, she looked up at the clock and then around the empty store.

"Have any customers come in today?" asked Fllay.

"No; remember, today is the one year anniversary of the end of the 2nd Bloody Valentine War. So most of the people in the city left for the memorial at Aprilius One" replied Serena, leaning against the counter.

"Ah, that makes sense" said Fllay. She had totally forgotten the date, which she found quite funny.

"Can't believe it's been a year already; let's hope the peace goes through this time" said Michael, checking the temperature of the cooler where the pastries were displayed.

"Well Lacus Clyne is now Chairman of the Council and that new Atlantic Federation President is a moderate, so it looks like things are going well. I actually hear he's planning a trip to the PLANTS to sign a new treaty that the Orb Leader proposed" said Serena.

At the mention of Lacus's name, Fllay flinched slightly as an old memory surfaced from the first war. Both Serena and Michael caught the movement but said nothing. They suspected that Fllay had ghosts from the past that she was hiding and hoped that one day she would come clean about her past. However, both Serena and Michael agreed that pressing her would be a bad idea and decided to let her come out on her own.

There was also the fact that Fllay had a closer relationship with their boss than the two of them and they needed their jobs way too much.


"Shouldn't we be at the memorial?" asked a red-haired girl, dressed in a green Z.A.F.T uniform as she continued to drive down the road. Along side of them were numerous businesses and shops that looked a little empty of customers.

"The ceremony doesn't start for a few more hours and I've been craving these certain type of pastries for a while now" replied another red-head next to her in the passenger's seat.

"Can't you get pastries at Aprilius One? There has to be a dozen shops in the city that sell them?" asked the girl in the driver's seat.

"Not these kind; they only are sold in this city and I promised Shinn that I would get one for him" answered the girl next to her.

"As long as we make it on time" said an irritated blond woman in the back seat. She had been dragged into this little side trip by the suggestion of another.

"Come on Cagalli; all you do when you come to the PLANTS is business. You need to get out and enjoy what the PLANTS have to offer" said Lunamaria; with a smile on her face.

"She is right, Ms. Lacus and General Yamato say that you have been working too hard lately" said Meyrin Hawk, agreeing with her sister.

"I have to remind myself to whack that idiot brother of mine over the head" muttered Cagalli to herself with a scowl. Both girls in front of her giggled at that.

The trio continued to drive along until Lunamaria suddenly told them to stop the car. The car stopped in front of a green colored shop and parked in front of it.

"This is the place; you guys want to go with me inside?" asked Luna as she got out of the car.

"Nah, we'll wait in the car. Just don't take all day" answered Cagalli. Meyrin nodded as well.

"You're loss" replied the girl and she turned and walked inside the building.


Serena looked up as a short red-haired girl dressed in an elite ZAFT uniform walked into the store. Serena smiled and greeted the girl. She was the only one in the front of the store. Flay went into the back to do some paper work and Michael had left to get them lunch.

"Hi, welcome to Caruso Pastries; can I help you?" asked Serena.

"Can I get seven bear claws, eight Danishes, five scones, and some apple turnovers please?" asked Luna with a dreamy smile as she looked at the pastries through the counter window.

"No problem" responded Serena as she opened the small door behind the counter and used tongs to grab the desserts, placing them in a large paper bag.

Lunamaria looked around as Serena continued to gather her food. Noticing the lack of anyone else in sight, she asked "Are you the only one here?"

"No; one of my co-workers is out to get lunch and my other co-worker Fllay is in the back" replied Serena, folding the top of the paper bag over. Serena then walked over to the register and rang the girl up.

Luna paid the girl and then walked out the door with her food. As the door opened, Fllay walked in from the back.

"Customer?" asked Flay with surprise.

"Yeah, a military soldier; bought about fifty bucks worth of pastries" responded Serena.

"They don't get the opportunity of having desert on their ships, so that make sense" said Fllay. She then turned and walked into the back again.


Cagalli froze as she watched the two shop workers talking through the glass door. Not noticing Luna getting inside the car, Cagalli continued to look inside the store until she saw one of the workers head into the back.

"Are you alright? It looks like you saw a ghost" said Meyrin with a concerned look on her face.

"No; just thought I recognized someone from the past" replied Cagalli, as she continued to look out the window.

"I guess that was Fllay" said Luna as she looked into the bag and smiled.

"What did you say?" asked Cagalli, shocked.

"The other girl we saw just now; her name is Fllay. Is something wrong?" asked Luna, turning her head to look at the blond.

"No, nothing at all" answered Cagalli, regaining her composure. Both Luna and Meyrin looked at each other and shrugged, focusing their attention back at the sweets.

Cagalli just sat there, deep in contemplation. 'It can't be! She's dead' thought the blond. However, she knew that the name and resemblance were too much to be a coincidence. She knew that she would be spending a few weeks at the PLANTS before heading back to Earth and vowed to get to the bottom of her suspicions.

No matter what.

Author's Note: Well here is my first foray in Gundam Seed Fanfiction and I hope I have caught your interest. There will a pairing but that will occur later as the fic progresses. I will say this though: while I am a Kira/Fllay fan and plan to a fic with that pairing, Kira stays with Lacus in this story. Sorry to all the K/F fans but I hope you will stick with the fic. I like to thank my friends Noshmono and Sideris for the pre-read.

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