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Fllay wiped the sweat off her face as she placed the final tray of pastries in the walk in refrigerator. The work was a little harder than she thought and Fllay almost regretted sending Serena and Michael home early. Closing the door of the frig; she sat in the chair that was located in back of her and caught her breath.

It had been a week since the ceremony at Aprilius One and life seemed to return to normal around the city. The store got busy the next day and business was good. Mr. Caruso had stopped by in his usual cheery mood and gave everyone a souvenir that he had picked up from Aprilius One when attending the event. It was cheap and tacky but the man's heart was in the right place.

Fllay yawned and stood up. Everything was done and she figured it was time to go home. Heading to the front of the store and grabbing her purse from behind the counter, Fllay walked to the door and flicked off the lights. After leaving the building, she made sure the door was locked and headed for home.

The sun was beginning to set and Fllay still found it funny on how much it seemed that she was on Earth than an artificial environment. Everything from the weather to the environment was copied from Earth to the best of one's ability. It even rained from time to time even though it was not needed.

As she walking, Fllay watched as she passed a young couple, which seemed about her age, holding hands and laughing together. Though Fllay found the scene touching, she felt saddened since it reminded her on how much empty her life was. Though she had finally moved on, Fllay knew that Kira would always be in her heart.

There were times that Fllay wished for the comfort of another human being. She had considered dating again about a few months ago on the advice of Serena. However, things had come up which prevented her from going out.

Approaching her apartment complex, Fllay took out the keys to her apartment and walked up the steps. Stopping for a moment to check the mail, Fllay looked through the envelopes separating the junk mail from the rest. One letter stood out and Fllay's eyes brightened. She sped up her pace and once she arrived at her apartment, Fllay unlocked the door and quickly stepped inside and locked the door behind her.

Dropping her purse, Fllay kicked off her shoes and turned on the front room light. Tossing the rest of the mail onto the small kitchen table as she walked in, she ripped open the letter she had been waiting for and read the contents out loud.

"Dear Ms. Davis, we are happy to inform you that you have been approved for the scholarship program that you applied for. We hereby request that you attend a mandatory meeting on August 19th at 10am to sign various documents for the college or school you will be attending" read Fllay with a smile. She beamed in joy and looked at the calendar on the wall. The appointment was in two months which was plenty of time to be ready for.

Taking a seat at the kitchen table, Fllay breathed a sigh of relief as a major issue in her life was becoming stable. Fllay had been stressing about the issue for a while now ever since she had decided to seek financial help in going to medical school. Her job paid the bills but that was as far as it went. Asking Mr. Caruso was out of the idea since she felt that becoming to dependent on him was a bad idea.

Fllay had come across the scholarship plan at the bank when she was cashing her check. Her bank was sponsoring it and the plan promised full coverage to any school including tuition, housing on the campus, and books. Fllay filled out an application right there and was then required to take an exam to see if she would qualify.

Contrary to what most people thought in her old life, Fllay was a very bright student and received very excellent grades. Her father demanded it and Fllay was happy to comply. So when the day of the application exam came up, Fllay did very well and received one of the highest grades out of everyone who took the test with her.

Feeling hungry, Fllay stood up and pulled out the leftover spaghetti out of the refrigerator that she had cooked last night and heated it up in the microwave. After leaving the hospital and moving into her apartment, Fllay learned how to cook. Though she was not at the level of a great culinary expert, she did a very good job at what she cooked. However, most of the time it was very basic dishes since Fllay was usually too tired from work to cook anything fancy.

When the buzzer sounded, Fllay pulled out the bowl full of spaghetti out of the microwave and grabbed a fork out of the top drawer next to the sink. Grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, Fllay walked over to the couch and flopped onto it, using the remote to turn on the television.

There was nothing much on and the news was covering nothing but the soon to be historical visit by the Atlantic Federation President to the PLANT. The purpose of the visit was to sooth relations between the two nations as well as to hammer out a few new trading agreements.

Fllay often wondered if Kira would be at the talks since Lacus was the Head of the PLANT Council. The last she heard, the couple was still together though no plans of marriage have been announced. Fllay tended to ignore the gossip about the couple's relationship and was just happy that Kira was happy and in good hands. Fllay knew that Lacus was a good person and would do a better job of taking care of Kira than she.

After watching TV for a few hours, Fllay yawned and decided to go to bed early. Placing the dirty dishes in the sink, Fllay shut off the rest of the lights and made sure the door was locked before proceeding to her room.

Once there, Fllay undressed and pulled on a long t-shirt and slipped it on. Deciding not to bother with anything else other than her panties, Fllay got into bed and turned off the lamp beside her bed after checking to make sure the alarm was set. It took only a few minutes for Fllay to fall asleep and once she did her dreams for longing began.


Cagalli Yula Athha sat as she listened to her Diplomatic Minister give his report on the upcoming visit of Atlantic Federation President Robert Young to the PLANT in three weeks. She was currently located in the main meeting room near her office in the Orb Parliament building. To her right, stood Kisaka, who was in a protective stance that was the norm whenever he was with Cagalli. In front of her, seated along the long wooden table, were the heads of Orb's military, finance, relations, interior, and several important members of parliament.

Cagalli was bored. It was the same briefing that she had been listening to for the past few days. The only reason she was even here was the fact that it had been the request of a few key parliament members to be informed of the current situation.

As she fought the urge to yawn, Cagalli's mind drifted back to the encounter that happened a week ago. The appearance of Fllay troubled the girl greatly. Cagalli had no doubt that it was her; it was too coincidental that the girl looked like Fllay and had the same name as her. However, Fllay Allster was dead.

Kira had told her what happened to the girl during the final battle with Rau. That Fllay had died right before his eyes when Rau had blown up her shuttle. It would be hard to believe that anyone could survive such an encounter. However, Cagalli remembered reading a story in a magazine about a man who had survived a shuttle explosion in space with no suit. He had been drifting in space for some time before he was picked up by rescue ships. It was still a medical mystery and baffled doctors.

Cagalli had kept the encounter at the pastry shop a secret from everyone, including her brother. Kira was happy with Lacus and they were finally talking marriage after all these years of being together. Fllay making a sudden appearance after all these years would be a major upset to those plans. Cagalli knew that Fllay would always be in Kira's heart and Lacus finally accepted that.

What really puzzled Cagalli is that if it was Fllay that she saw, why did she not tell Kira that she was alive after the first war was over? Kira would be more than willing to be with her and had forgiven all her past actions against him.

The issue had been bugging her for the past week and she would even stay awake at night pondering the reason why. For some reason, Cagalli could not let the issue go.

Cagalli's attention snapped back to the meeting as the briefing came to an end. Seeing the other parliament members satisfied with the report and just as bored as she was; Cagalli dismissed the meeting and watched as everyone in the room began filing out.

"Mr. Park, could you stay a moment? There is something I need to discuss with you" said Cagalli, remaining seated. The head of Orb's Intelligence nodded and retook his seat as the last of the group had left the room. The only one still in the room besides Cagalli and Parks was Kisaka.

Cagalli guessed that the man was surprised that she wanted to speak to him. In truth, they only spoke during general meetings with the other ministers. Alex Park was a recent appointment to Orb's Government. When the second war ended, Cagalli decided that Orb needed to improve its lacking and rather incompetent intelligence in order to prevent another conflict from rising again. When Cagalli was considering candidates to head the Intelligence Agency, Alex Park's name came up during lunch with a Scandinavian official. Apparently the man excellently ran a portion of the Atlantic Federation's Intelligence until he found himself out of favor with his employers due to his sympathies of respecting Orb's neutrality during the first war. He was currently unemployed until he was contacted by Cagalli and accepted the job of running Orb's Intelligence Agency. In a very short time, he had turned the Agency around into a very successful and competent organization; his only condition for his services autonomy in running his Agency, which Cagalli agreed to.

"I need a fake passport that will get me into the PLANTS without drawing any attention" said Cagalli.

This caught the Intelligence Chief completely by surprise; however, he did not let it show. "May I ask why" asked the man with an impassive expression.

"I need some time alone and I want to visit the PLANTs without being a public spectacle" answered the blond.

"The passport is not a problem as well as any other problems getting in; however, your appearance might be" said Alex.

"I will worry about my appearance; when can you have everything I need?" asked Cagalli with a slight tone of annoyance in her voice.

"Give me about two days; how will you be traveling?" asked Park.

"I am still thinking about it, I will let you know" answered Cagalli.

The Intelligence Chief nodded and stood up. After nodding again to Kisaka, the man walked out of the room. There was a silence for a few minutes before Kisaka moved from Cagalli's side to face her.

"Do you want to tell me what this is about" asked Kisaka in a very inquiring tone.

"You and Kira keep telling me that I need a break" said Cagalli defensively.

"Yes; but I don't think Kira would approve of this" said Kisaka.

"Kira needs to remember that he is the younger one, not me. So he has no right to order me around" said Cagalli sternly.

"For one thing, we have no clue which one of you was born first; secondly, he is a General in the Orb military and your brother, so he is only looking out for your interests" said Kisaka with a frown.

Cagalli's face softened. "I know; but I need to take care of something and I need to be alone to do it."

"Then there is an alternative motive to this trip?" said Kisaka, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes; but that is a private matter. It won't cause me to be in any danger. I need to do this, can I trust you to let me go" asked Cagalli, almost pleading.

Kisaka sighed. "As long as you wear that emergency beacon you wear as a necklace and promise to activate it if you get into trouble."

"I promise; just cover for me for about two weeks; I will be back in time for the summit" said Cagalli.

"And what do I say to your brother?" asked Kisaka.

"Nothing; if he asks, tell him I went on a trip by myself. If he presses you, remind him of what happened when we last fought" said Cagalli with a grin.

Kisaka had to smile at that. Their last argument ended with Kira being whacked over the head with a book by Cagalli. When it came to the sibling's relationship, it was full of affection and love. However, Cagalli made it quite clear that she was the boss.

Cagalli sat back and began thinking. Once she got to the PLANTS, her investigation would begin. Her appearance could be a problem, but the blond was confident that she could get around it. There was also the factor of tracking down and watching the subject of her investigation. At least she had a location to start and everything would fall in place after that.

Or at least she hoped so.

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