Title: Words

Rating: PG

Warnings: Yaoi, Fluffy

Summary: The words he thought he could never say…

It has never been easy for me to say the word "hate". Dislike maybe, but never hate. So as I said that wretched word to the one person it may have had actual meaning to, I realized something.

Though it was hard for me to say "hate", it was even more difficult to say the word "love". So as I watched the face of the one who both words applied to crumble, my chest suddenly felt constricted. It felt tight, anxious, as though I need to scream.

As that unique person saw my conflicting emotions, their arms reached out, intending to embrace me, concern and pain written across their face. Their arms stopped their gradual momentum and fell to their sides, the movement giving away their uncertainty.

"Ichigo…" their voice came out as a sigh, as though wishing these fights between us would end.

I turned my head away, feeling ashamed at my cowardice for being unable to speak of the emotions welling up inside me. They fought to break free, to tell all, and even so, to show all.

Then finally, I gave in. my war of emotions were put to an abrupt halt as my hand raised to caress the cheek in front of me, I carefully closed the distance between our lips, hesitantly, waiting for a reply.

In relief I felt a smile spread against my lips. I smiled back and pulled away, color playing across our cheeks.

"I love you, Renji." I said quietly to the man in front of me.

Maybe saying that word wasn't so hard after all.