A City's Dream

Original Author: Ashley Hall found and uploaded by AshK

Rating K+(PG-13)

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon and I don't originally own this story. It was originally done by Ashley Hall. I am just posting it for her.

Chapter One: Meeting and Leaving

Misty's thoughts...

It's been a year after the Poke'mon Johto League Championships. Yes Ash has won. Brock had went back to the gym in Pewter City. I? I went to live in the City. The city's name is City's Dream. Ash lives in Pallet Town.

"Togepi. Where did he go now?" Misty said. Misty has been looking for Togepi when she found him. "Ah there you are. Hey? Why are you looking at my photo album?" Misty asked. "Toge pi piii." (I am looking at the pictures of you and Daddy.) "Oh Togepi. I told you Ash isn't your Daddy." Misty said. "Toge tog pii?" (Do you miss him?) "Kinda." Misty said.

It was after noon. Ash had been woundering around the house. He did have a few battles here and there, but they were only agianst the towns newest trainers. "Ash you have a phone call." Mrs. Ketchum said. "OK, got it mom." Ash yelled down stairs. "Hello, Ash?" Said Prof. Oak. "Hello Prof. How's it been?" Ash asked. "Ash, I'm not calling you on a friends term but I need you to come over to my lab pronto!" Prof. Oak hung up the phone. "Ash who was it?" Mrs. Ketchum asked. "It was Prof. Oak. He wants me to come down to the lab now. I'll be home in time for dinner. Come on Pikachu." Ash said. "Pika chu pi?" (I wonder what he wants?)

"I'm here Professor...Elm, Bill? What are you doing here?" Ash asked. We called you because we belive a city in the south is part owned by Team Rocket." Prof. Elm said. "Yes and we want you to go and check it out."Why don't the police in...hey? What is the city's name?' Ash asked."It's called City's Dream. We already told the police but the police couldn't find anything." Prof. Oak said. "Then how come I have to go. They already said they couldn't find anything." Ash said. "We know but here is a E-mail that was sent to me on accident." Bill said. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper. It read.

We want you, the strongest Poke'mon trainer to come to City's Dream. We fought you in the past but this time we will not lose. Bring nothing else with you except your Picachu. We will destory the town if you do not come by this date. June 18. Be there or else!


"We don't know who JJAM is." Prof. Oak said. "Well scence they want Picachu it's probally that Rocket trio. Hmm...what were there names agian...ah yes Jessie, James, and Meowth." Ash said. "I'll go take car of them Dad." A male and a females voice said. Ash turned around to see what a 18 year old girl and a 20 year old boy. (At least they're grown up.) "Oh hi Silver, Crystal. What brings you here?" Prof. Oak asked. "We came to see our Poke'mon and over heard what you were saying." Crystal said. "Ya, but Dad why did you call him instead of us?" Asked Silver. "Because he's the Poke'mon trainer they want. Anyway you can't go. It's to deangerous." Prof. Oak said. "Dad, we arn't little kids any more." Silver said. Crystal notice that the other man was Ash. "So you're Ash. I've been wanting to meat you." Crysrtal said. "Fine go. But I won't warn you again." Prof. Oak said.

Ash went home and called an old friend. "Hey Brock. Guess what. Team Rocket is back. I have been told to go to City's Dream." Ash said. "So why are you telling me then. You should be already gone." Brock said. "Oh I thought you might want to come." Ash said. "Naa I have to watch the..." Brock was cut off. "There's a very pretty girl coming with me." Ash said. "...CLICK!" Brock's phone beeped. "Oh well. I guess he doesn't want to come." Ash said. Knock-knock-knock. "I wonder who that could be?" Ash said. He open the door to see Brock. "How did you get here so fast?!" Ash said. "So where's this pretty girl?" Brock said. "Ha..ha be glad Misty's not around. She would wack you with her mallet." Ash said. "Hey that's right! I still have to call Misty." Ash yelled as he ran back in side. He dialed the phone. "Hello? Can I speak to Misty?...She moved? Where?...Oh...Thanks bye." Ash hung up the phone. "What's wrong?" Brock asked. "She lives in City's Dream. You know the place we're going." Ash said.

The next morning Ash, Brock, Silver, and Crystal went South to City's Dream.


Well what did you think. I just found this story. I haven't heard from Ashley in a while. Coming Soon: Chapter Two.