A City's Dream

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Chapter 4: Surprise

When we last left our heros and heroines they had all just arrived at the Pokemon Daycare Center.

The gang met up with Misty and is getting acquaited.

"Hey look. There's a sign." Red said.

This is what the sign said: Welcome to the Poke'mon Daycare Center. Please let out your prized Poke'mon and have fun.

"Well OK?" Blue said. She held her let out Arcanine. Silver let out Arirados. Misty held her Togepi. Pikachu sat on Ash's sholder. Brock let out his Omastar. (He traded a person in the hotel.) Gold let out his Jolteon. "Crystal! Don't be stubborn! Let out Suicune." Silver demanded. "Suicune hates crowed places. He shakes." Crystal said. Silver grabbed the Poke'ball that held Suicune. "No!" Crystal yelled. To late. Silver already let it out. Suicune sat there and started to shake.( OK! Sorry I made em be clastraphobic but it leads to a great ending later.)

"Now look what you've done!" Crystal said as she punched her older brother. "Ow! What's here problem." Silver said. "I'll meat you at the Poke'mon Center Crystal." Brock said.

The group sat down. People came on stage. "Hello. We will be takeing bordings now so please follow me." The woman said.

*They're falling for it.* The cat behind stange thought.

Ash, Misty, Brock, and Silver didn't board a Poke'mon. "Im going back to the hotel." Ash and Misty said.

"I'm staying here. I'll meet you later." Silver said. "I'm going to the Poke'mon Center." Brock said. "You like Crystal don't you Brock." Misty said. "Ah...da...maybe...ha ha." Brock said. "See you later." Ash said. When they got back to the hotel Misty took him to her apartment building. "Why haven't you called me Misty?" Ash asked. "I did. Your machine was on." Misty said. "Ah Misty. My machine has been brocken long before I went on my Poke'mon Jorney." Ash said. "Oh. I thought you just didn't want to talk to me." Misty said. "I'd never think that Misty." Ash said. "I'm glad I met Crystal because I would never of found you here." Misty said. "Do you want to know why I'm here now?" Ash asked. "Ya. Why are you here anyway?" Misty asked. "Well me and the others are here because part of City's Dream is owned by Team Rocket. If I didn't come they would have blown up the city." Ash said. "Can I help you in anyway." Misty said. "Ya. We need all the help we can get." Ash said. The two talked for a long time.

The next day they went to go pick up there Poke'mon. "Hey the doors are locked." Silver said. The gang heard a rattle, crash, then finnaly a *Click* they doors opened. "Crystal! You can get arrested for doing that." SIlver said. "I came here to get Umbe and I'm going to get Umbe." Crystal said. (Umbe is short for Umbreon.) Crystal walked back to where the Poke'mon were. "...Hey! What are you doing with the Poke'mon!" Crystal yelled. "Uh oh!" He said. "Busted." Said the cat. "Pepare for trouble." She said. "And make it double." He said. "To protect the world from devistation." She said. "To unite all people in our nation." He said. "To denounce the Evils of truth and love." She said. "To reach the strars above." (I don't know this part.) He said. "Jessie." Jessie said. "James." James said. "Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light." Jessie said. "Surender now or prepare to fight." James said. "Meowth that's right." Meowth said. "TEAM ROCKET!" The group yelled. "Hand over Picachu." Jessie said. "I'll never hand over Picachu." Ash said. "OK then. Poke'mon battle. Go Dragonair." Jessie said. "Go Jumpluff." James said. "Go Xatu." Meowth said. (Team Rocket has gone to school over the years. *Domb huu.* They got new Poke'mon too.) "Go Pikachu." Ash said. That started the battle. Team Rocket has improved over the years.

The battle had been going on for hours. "Ash! Watch out!" Misty yelled as a future site hit Ash. Ash went flying into a hole that Drangonair had made earlier with a hyperbeam. "Ash!" Misty yelled. She jumped down the hole after him. She lifted his head. "Ash wake up. Please wake up." Misty peaded. She heard a faint voice. "Misty. I'm not going to make it." Ash said. "Ash please don't die. I...I still haven't told you I loved you." Misty said. "You just did. I love you too Misty." Ash said. Misty began to cry. "Please don't die Ash. Please." Misty said. "Misty. I want to give you a good bye kiss." Ash said. "Not a good bye kiss Ash. A begining kiss. We have a future ahead of us." Misty said. "Misty. Please. You know I won't make it in this condition." Ash said. Misty bent down and gave Ash a long passionate kiss. "Good bye Misty." Ash said. as he closed his eyes.


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