A City's Dream

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Chapter 5: Victory

We last left our heroes and heroines...

Misty told Ash her true feelings. Ash told her the same in return but now is resting after being killed by Xatu's attack.

"Hand over Picachu." Jessie demanded.

"No! You may have killed his trainer but you still haven't harmed me you old hag!" Misty said.

"What! What did you call me!" Jessie yelled.

"You heard me. You OLD HAG! Go Politoed!" Misty said.

"I'll show you. Dragonair! Aim you next hyperbeam at that girl. See won't live after what she called me!" Jessie screamed.

"Rain Dance Politoed!" Misty said. Politoed began to dance. Shortly rain began to fall.

"Hey who acttivated the water." James asked.

"You dimwit! Dat's Politoeds Rain Dance." Meowth said.

"Ya it raises water and elctric attacks. Pikachu. I think you know what to do." Misty said. "Pi...ka...chu!" Sparks flew from him and sent Team Rocket flying.

"Looks like Team Roket's blasting of again." They said.

Misty turned around and stared down at Ash. "Hey Misty. Are you OK?" Crystal asked.

"No." Misty said. She looked down to see Ash. "Is he..?" Crystal began.

"Yes." Misty said with tears in her eyes.

"Hey Crystal. What's Suicune doing." Silver said as he walked over with Brock. Crystal saw that Suicune was pulling Ash out of the hole.

"Suicune stop that." Crystal said. Ash's Poke'dex fell out of his pocket. It open. Ash was now lying on the ground and Suicune nuzzled him. Misty picked up the Poke'dex and it said.

"Suicune's Recover. This attack not only heals the Poke'mon but also heals the thing it touches. Misty looked up to see Suicune and Ash glow. Ash started to move.

"Ash!" Misty yelled when Ash sat up.

"Huu? What happened?" Ash asked.

"Ash Suicune brought you back." Misty jumped of him. Calm down Misty I'm not dead any more. You can stop crying now. But I do need a doctor." Ash said as he stubbled to his feat.

Later the group was sleeping in the hospital. Ash and Misty were sitting on the balcony by the window looking out at City's Dream.

"We've taken care of Team Rocket." Misty said.

"Misty. Did you mean every word back there?" Ash asked.

"If you did." Misty said. Ash leaned over and gave her a kiss.

Crystal walked in. "Looks like a happy ending." Crystal said. "No. It's just the beginning." Ash and Misty said.


One wedding was held in City's Dream that year. Crystal and Brock got married.

Two years after that Ash and Misty had a child, and also got married.

"That was a great wedding Ash." Brock said.

"I am glad its over with. I am just happy that Misty and I are now legally married." Ash said.

"That wouldn't matter." Brock said.

"But what I mean is Snow." Ash said.

"Oh. I see what you mean. A two year old child and now getting married. Ha." Brock said.

"Ya. She going to be fun." Ash said. Brock went into a daze when he saw his wife in a long lime green gown.

"Hi. Good luck and have happy days in your married life." Crystal said.

"Thanks. Have you seen Misty. I want to see my beautiful bride." Ash said.

"She's changing. She'll be out in a little bit." Crystal said.

About ten minutes later Misty came walking out holding Snow. Snow made happy nosies when she saw Ash.

"You want to see Daddy?" Misty said in a soft voice. Ash lifted his arms to hold his child. He looked at Misty.

"You look beautiful." Ash said with a smile.

"Thank you." Misty smiled. He looked down to see his child smiling outside. He looked up to see a gentel mist the glittered in the sunlight.

"Aww. Suicune wants to give you blessing on your wedding day." Crystal said.

Later Ash and Misty were back in there hotel room in City's Dream. Ash had his arm around Misty while she leaned on his sholder. They were gazing opon the City's Sunset.

"Well look at how far we've come." Misty said.

"I know. It's been a dream." Ash said.

"Well since we admitted our feelings here, maybe the city has lived up to its name." Misty said. Ash kissed her forhead.

"Maybe." Ash said. *RING! RING* Misty picked up her phone.

"Haa. Hello?" Misty said.

"Ahh..Misty? Brock and I have some good news for you." Crystal said.

"'And what is that." Misty said.

"Well remember when you and Ash asked us to be Snow's God parents?" Crystal said.

"Yeah." Misty said.

"Well I found out that I'm pregnant and we want you to be the God parents of our child?" Crystal asked.

"Sure. We'll be happy to." Misty said. The phone went dead. "Guess that's all she wanted to say." Misty said.

"Or maybe he forgot to pay his bill agian." Ash laughed.

"We are going to be Brock's and Crystal's child's Godparents." Misty said.

"That's good." Ash said as he laced he fingers with Misty's. "Looks like we better go in." Ash said.

"OK." Misty said. They went inside. What holds the future. Let's see... Maybe Snow will fall in love with Mat. (Son of Brock and Crystal)

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The End

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