This chapter is long coming... and I would love to dedicate it to my home town and current residence of Christchurch, New Zealand. Together we can get through this. Kia Haha.
Thoughts and Prayers to those who are still lost or no longer with us.

I walked out of Rangeman with a bounce in my step. Finally life was looking up.

Since I hadn't called past the office since my near-call in the men in white suites- break down I figured I best make another (hopefully more sane) appearance.

Thankfully I was on top of things this morning and a back up 'sacrificial offering' was left in the back seat of big blue from the Tasty Bakery.

"Don't mind if I do" Lola muttered as she dove for the pink box.

Connie looked up, saw there was no hope is salvaging a donut and went back to working on her computer.

Ah yes, life as normal. How I missed thee.

"Connie, normally I'm up for the money. But any chance I can pawn off some of my files?"

Connie blinked once before she looked behind her to the office which holds my weasel of a cousin for all of an hour a day, and even then it's normally adultery related business.

"Look, forget I said anything. Between Lola and myself I am sure we can get some of the..."

"I'll take them."

What do I have on me? A freaking GPS?

Ranger took another step into the office. The sun framing his godly body from behind...oh that behind.

I drool checked myself before approaching. Oh wait, it's Ranger, I probably do have GPS.

"Thanks Ranger, I'll drop them off to the office with the tape."

A quick smile to all and I was out the door. I had just reached Big Blue when there was a Lola in front of me.

"Ok, girl. Me and you are going for chicken and you are telling me all." Spinning she gave me a full 360 of her outfit. Opting for the 'in season' short denim shorts and silver spandex boob tube I had officially seen more of Lola than I believe I had of Ranger...
Jumping in and starting the engine Lola buckled up, staring intently at me. All business was our Lola. Unfortunately this was probably due more to the fact she was going to get fed than it was interest in what was happening in my life. Although the Ranger-Factor was a plus in her books. Living vicariously though me? Never!

After my third attempt of parking big blue legally at the Cluck in a Bucket I surrendered and yanked the keys out of the ignition. Thankfully the lunch crowd had cleared and it was a nice fine day. Again, things are looking up.

After receiving my order I sat down opposite Lola. My toosh had just touched down when it began.

"So whats the deal? Do we hate or love Ranger? What about Joe? What's that bout a tape you have to drop off? Do you have another stalker? Do you like collect them or something? And what does Ranger look like naked? God like? Does the size of the feet actually mean anything?"

"WOAH!" I held out my hands in defence. So this is what the Spanish inquisition must have felt like...

"firstly, we neither hate or love Ranger we tolerate him. Joe... I am still working on that. It's going to take time."

Lola nodded taking a gigantic bite out of her burger before giving me the 'continue' look.

"Tape...has something to do with Joe, I'm really not sure how yet but it's nothing to worry about I swear."

Another look from Lola, this time a 'yeah right.'

"Rangeman is dealing with it so it's fine I swear. And I am so not going to tell you about naked Ranger."

If looks could kill I would be dead. Taking a bite out of a piece of deep fried chicken I simply shrugged. There was nothing that was going to get me talking about naked Ranger...

After polishing off my diet busting lunch I left Lola satisfied and full at the office.

I called past my apartment to grab the voicemail from El Creepo. Ok so I had kind of glanced over the whole stalker thing, but dragging Lola into it was the last thing I needed to do. If I dragged her in, chances were she was the one that was going to get fire bombed not me, or worse...

I had grabbed the tape, finger waved to Rex who had decided to blatantly ignore me today and was in the process of opening the door when the earth moved. Literally.

It just hit you, the ground shook violently to the left, then back again. High school instructions kicked in and I dove for the door. I could hear my apartment falling away, items both treasured and non falling to the floor. I sunk to the ground in the doorway unable to stand as the building continued to shake. I was thrown from left to right. Hitting one side of the door frame only to be thrown back again. And it kept going.

I could hear everyone in by building scream as the walls started to give way. Bricks falling through into my lounge landing on my ugly but much loved sofa. I dove for the dining table as my apartment went black.

Ok, I know the last is quite obvious, and in my opinion poorly written in comparison to the real thing but felt this was something that I should it hate it? Let me know! R & R people! Thankfully the (our second) quake has given me inspiration and taken me out of my road block...

Also excuse this, written at one am with one brief look over...