Stuck in Middle-Earth with a Mary-Sue

I sat under the oak tree in the park with the three items imperative to completing the absolute perfection of this day. I had just gotten out of school for summer break and was ready to settle down in the park with my Starbucks Frapp, a bar of chocolate, and a copy of Lord of the Rings. I took a long sip of coffee perfection, opened Lord of the rings to my favorite section, Tom Bombadil. I let the words flow over me and went into the semi-conscious world that occurs when you are half in your world, and half in the other. Suddenly everything grew silent, wondering what had happened I looked up.

Something was wrong; it took me awhile to even comprehend that. In front of me the land stretched in a rolling maze of valleys and hills, the sun was setting to my left and I could hear the dull rushing of a river, as it rumbled out of the mountains that completed the scenery. Some birds swooped and trilled over head in the breeze that ruffled the grass I sat on. As I took in this beautiful sight I stood up, and in the midst of the splendor of my surroundings, I did what any self-respecting human would do: shriek and faint.

I woke up when the sun was completely set and the world immersed in darkness, it took me awhile to realize where I was, or rather, where I wasn't. I was alone in the wilderness; I knew that but the overwhelming emptiness that was pressing in on me. I tried to get a grip on myself and immediately came up with a plan: Drink my starbucks. I'm no genius but I do know that nothing makes you feel better than a frapp. I gathered my wits and thought this: isn't it a girl's scouts rule that if you are lost in the wilderness you head north? So, having eaten my chocolate and Starbucks, I headed what I judged to be North.

I walked for an hour or so until I stumbled upon a white stone, literally.

"Oh dang it!" I muttered. "I had loved that shoe!"A big rip had split my shoe in half. That's when it hit me: "white stone? White sto….there were white stones on the path to Rivendell! Oh wait, Imraldis? I….I…." I got no further, for the second time that day; I had fainted when I saw a beautiful figure ring toward me on a great, white horse.

When I opened my eyed the first thing I did was started cracking up

"HAaha-bwah-hahuuu….oh boy!" I was lying in a bed in the most beautiful room that I'd ever seen and it had suddenly occurred to me that I was in Middle Earth. I lay in bed the full realization of my situation wash over me. I stood up, "I'm in Middle Earth" I said "I'm in Middle Earth! I'm in Middle Earth! I'm in Middle Earth!" I did a little dance around the room finally collapsing in a padded chair, conveniently resting in a corner. Slowly stood up and walked to the wall, where delicate tapestries covered what I guessed to be a window. I took a deep breath and started to pull away the curtain.

"May I help you miss?"

"GAHH!" I turned around with all the speed I could muster to see a very confused elleth standing in an open doorway with a tray of food.

"Oh, um, no thanks", I stammered. I was so stunned by the fact that I was talking to an elf and how stunningly beautiful she was that I had nothing to say.

"I'll leave your breakfast here" she said bustling around the room "washing water over here, and there's a dress for you in the wardrobe"

"Wait", I said in a wobbly voice.

"Oh", she smiled "I almost forgot, the book that you had is in the trunk; and Lord Elrond wants to speak with you when you are ready. Ask any passing elf were his study is and he'll tell you." So with a flick of her hair she was out the door before I could ask another question. Without a moment wasted I sat down heavily in a chair. Oh my goodness, Elrond!