Rings of Saturn

By Aly

Disclaimer: as much as I wish it, I do not own (New Moon, Twilight) or any of the characters and places you recognize. (Bella, Edward, Forks.) All the credit and magic goes to Stephanie Meyer.

Chapter 1: Rational Response

"There is no possible answer for that." I countered, "except for no!"

He chuckled. This was probably part of the greater plan. "Bella, come on, it's perfect."

"Perfect for what?" I asked, a little annoyed he had gone ahead with this idea. But I wasn't really mad at him. Of course, when it all came down to it Edward did what he wanted, sooner or later I knew I'd cave in, but I was doing my best to hold out.

He seemed to think for a moment, well a moment for him; of course his answer was rushed but fluid. Something I was sure I'd never be able to mimic. "Well, if you won't even go and see it I'll have to use it as a place to hide you're very belated Christmas present."

"What kind of present would you even try to hide on an acre of lands in the middle of nowhere?" I tried to reason with myself. It would be something big. If he got me a house I would scream, I swear.

He smiled. "Nothing Charlie wouldn't approve of." I was confused. "Jacob might feel insulted, I think he had his heart set on providing you with one little thing."

"Little?" I tried to think on what Jacob might feel disappointed about , asides from me being with somebody like Edward. The last time I saw him, I was asking him to take a look at my ancient truck. For some reason it couldn't go over thirty anymore. "Wait! There is no-" I trailed off. Charlie could be in the kitchen. I almost glanced at the clock to see if he'd left to go fishing with Billy. I was worried about that, but I knew I could just deny it, and make excuses if Billy tried to tell Charlie. Besides, wasn't that against the treaty?

"Is Charlie here?" I asked, sitting up on my bed to face him. He was perfect, as per normal, with his eyes one shade off from gold.

He smiled; I think he was afraid I was going to scream more than I did. "No, he left about twenty minutes ago, it's almost twelve. You slept in."

"Yeah, well, I was up late." I smiled. Then I remembered and tried to shut his smoldering eyes out of my mind for two moments.

He noticed, "Bella, please don't be upset. Please don't." He whispered, gently reaching up to caress my face, his soft hand lingering over my neck.

"Edward," I tried to concentrate on bringing some anger into my voice. I failed miserably. "You bought me a car?"

He laughed. "No. I bought me a car. You just have to drive it once in a while. Since I told Rose that she could get into my good graces by customizing it for you. Also since all this work on it is beyond the dealership, you can't return it. Also, the car is in your name."

"Why!" I demanded, tears coming to my eyes, it was more out of exasperation.

He smiled that crooked smile and I could feel my face loosing its frowning expression. "Why not?" He noticed that I'd been a little more accepting of his gifts since Carlisle promised to change me.

"Because it's a car, I can't pay for this. You know that. You could hand out money like candy at Halloween. But I'm not rich. I can't take it."

"Yes, but, once you're changed" I'd never heard this argument before. I listened, gripping and weighing each word. "You'll need to stay out of town for a while." Even as he said this I could hear the intensity in his voice, the hope I wouldn't go through with it. "So I figure you can stay at my place." I didn't respond quite yes, waiting for him to continue. "And Bella, you will defiantly find that truck way too slow. I didn't actually buy any land; I just put the car on the edge of our property"-he obviously meant the house where he and his family resided, the Cullen's house. "And come to think of it, that might actually be classified as 'the middle of nowhere.'"

"How much land do you own?" I asked.

"That is not important," he waved it off. "What's important is the car is fast."

Now I was worried. "Fast by your standards? Or by my standards?"

He grinned. "By Rosalie's standards. I haven't driven it yet."

"What? Rosalie thinks the car is fast? Is that possible, she is the one who told me that her M3 is just for looks, and design, it doesn't go as fast as her 'baby.' that practical racecar thing she has."

I thought for a second, cutting Edward off before he could get started. "What kind of car is it?"

"Come to think of it, the model is a Lexus GS 450h. It's a hybrid. But on the inside, it's unrecognizable. Rose did that much to it. It goes really fast. I saw her test it!"

"Can you translate that?" I asked.

He didn't look surprised. "It's a silver, sporty luxury sedan?"

"Edward," I sighed. "I don't want to make Rose feel bad, but why would you let her spend so much time and money on me."

"Because she loves doing it so much," He leaned in to gently kiss me, my heart sputtering a little, my hands drifting to his shoulders. He broke the kiss before I could reach his neck. "Sorry," I whispered.

Edward's eyes were sincere and kind, gentle. He looked surprised for a moment, drawing me closer to him. "Don't be," He whispered in my ear.

I waited for a few moments, enjoying his proximity. Then I sighed. "I'm hungry." I hated when my human needs got in the way of my happiness. "I also need a human minute. I'll meet you downstairs."

I detached myself from him, sliding off the bed and walking to the bathroom after grabbing some clothes. The look on his face was distant, and from the door, I turned to take one last look at him. "Don't be sad," I whispered. "It's what I want too."

I'm not sure why I added the 'too' onto my words. But I figured deep down, he must know this was the only way to keep me here forever.