Summary: 100-word Horatio drabble for Death Eminent.

Disclaimer: What if I didn't write one this time? Hey Jerry, I dare ya to sue me for not telling people that CSI Miami and all characters therein belong to you and CBS and…oh.

A/n: I didn't love the episode, but one frame caught my eye.


It was only the briefest of moments, the kind you don't even know have passed until you rewind your day and wonder what drove your thoughts.

Coaxing a madman, his lips moved with empathetic words he didn't hear (I've lost everything) and understood only in retrospect. He kept his eyes trained on the other man's, or down at the ground, but for one fractional second they fell on the gun, and synapses fired a wild montage.

Flash of raven black hair.

Echoing promises and a mother's gravesite and three decades defined by bloodshed.

White dress.

Black barrel.

And he dared the bullet to fire.