In a dingy hotel room in Romania, Phil Hunter woke up, feeling like a pig in poo, with the woman of his dreams in his arms. He was initially a bit confused as to why she would be there, but then the events of the previous night came back to him. He had been dreamed of nothing else but getting with Sam for months, if not years. He had been so excited when the DCI announced that he and Sam would be jetted off to Romania to bust a sex trafficking ring. Phil thought it might finally give them a chance to regain some of the closeness they had before Stuart popped up. Yes, Phil and Sam were just good mates, or at least that's what she and Stuart thought. But in reality, Phil had been trying desperately to ignore his increasing feelings for her for about two years, and anyone who worked with them or spent a lot of time with the both of them together were aware of the annoying amount of unresolved sexual tension between them. Phil had always sort of suspected (or hoped) that Sam felt the same way he did, and there were hints that she may, like the supposedly meaningless cheeky flirting that got them through particularly tough days, and the looks Phil was certain they gave each other, but he couldn't be sure if he was just imagining it. He was desperate to ask her if she felt the same, but he didn't want to put the friendship that had been so hard to come by in jeopardy, though this was something he had done many times before, by telling Stuart that Sam was a granny, for example, and the endless bickering between him and Stuart that upset Sam so much. But he did feel that the ice between them had been melting lately, especially when Sam ended things with Stuart. Last night had certainly broken any ice that was ever between them.

Phil carefully turned over to check the time, taking care not to disturb Sam. She stirred, but didn't wake up. It was late, and Phil felt that they really should get up, but he wasn't going to. Not yet. He was going to enjoy the most beautiful moment, and woman, of his life for a while longer. If the coming day was going to be anything like the one just past, who knew if he would get a chance to again?

Or not. Sam got out of bed from next to him. He decided to wait until she went into the bathroom to get up, to avoid potentially awkward conversations.

'What's wrong with me?' he thought. 'We've just spent the night together, why do I want to avoid talking to the love of my life?'

'Phil? Phil, get up.' Sam was poking him awake. Phil opened his eyes, and was a little put out to find that she was already fully dressed.

'Um, right', he said. They looked at each other, with very mixed up expressions on their faces. In Sam's face, Phil saw happiness, exhaustion, confusion, guiltiness… and then embarrassment. She turned and quickly walked away to fix her make-up.

'That worked well', Phil thought. 'And she doesn't even need make-up'. He finally summoned the energy to get out of bed, then got dressed and braced himself for whatever lay ahead.