Good Morning Romania – Sam's POV25.10.06

Oh god. I just slept with Phil Hunter. It's the best thing that's happened to me for ages, and definitely the best thing to come out of this whole bloody trip to Romania. But I suppose that wouldn't be too hard, given that the choices for "The Best Thing To Happened To Me In Romania" are:

Learning the hard way that Phil gets airsick,

Getting shot at,

Phil getting shot at, and

Rooting the love of my life,

Then of course I'm going to choose D. Who wouldn't? It proves that dreams really can come true in the middle of nightmares. And it's Phil. I love him. I really do, even though he didn't know that until last night. I knew most of how he felt about me, but not all of it. I didn't know he'd had the hots for me since he broke up with Kate, for example. Oh he confuses me. But then I probably confuse him a lot too. I really thought I loved Stuart; we all did. He was stable, committed to the job, and most people's idea of Mr. Perfect. So many things Phil's not. I'm starting to see now that that's not a good thing. And he was so bloody protective and predictable. Phil's always looked out for me without shutting me in a cage, and he's always popping up and surprising me. And I'll never admit this to anyone, let alone Stuart, but Phil was the reason I left him. Part of it anyway. There was also the undeniable fact that Stuart was a complete dick. Phil told me all the time that I could do better than Stuart. Now I know he was right. I could've had him.

I think Phil's awake. Yep, he's just pretending to be asleep. God, I didn't think he could get any cuter than he was at the office. Once again I've been proven wrong. That's happened too many times in the last twenty-four hours for my liking. For one, I let myself fall for Phil after all those lectures and pep talks I gave myself. And after I promised myself I'd never date another cop again. But he's changed so much in the last year or so. It sort of happened after he kissed me in the D.I's office. I remember a lot about that day. I remember:

Telling him that there's a side to him that I really quite like

Telling him he kept that side 'so well hidden' and that he wouldn't change. (Proven wrong again!)

That he's a very good kisser.

Being heartbroken because I had to stop him because I thought it'd never work. (Yet again, I was wrong. What is this? International Prove Sam Wrong day?)

Wanting to rip Kate's head off and plant it in a garden for screwing up my plans with Phil.

Ah bugger. I hate clocks; they always make you get out of a situation you've waited for and go do something you'd rather not be involved in. I can't see the Romanian coppers cutting us much slack for being late. They weren't very happy when the plane was delayed yesterday, so I'd hate to think what they'd be like if we were late today as well, even if we did nearly get killed last night.

Grrrrr. Guess that means I have to wake up Phil. Should I get dressed first? Probably. He might not be able to control himself otherwise. I might not be able to control myself.

I hate this job sometimes. It always pops up to say hello at the worst times. I'd much prefer to stay here with Phil, even if he does spend all day pretending to be asleep, than go chasing after a bunch of murderous sex traffickers who are after our blood. Oh well. I'll make a go of things with Phil when we get out of here. And this time I'm not going to be proven wrong. All I've wanted for years is him. Now I've finally got him. And I'm never letting go.