Inspired by the manga, when Ayame spoke of his desire to create something with his own hands.

"What are you doing?" Ritsu asked shyly.

"Cooking, I wanted to see what it would be like. Anything I make must be excellent considering what a wonderful person I am." Ayame responded confidently. "Of course, you have to try some to see for yourself."

"That would be such a great honor. I'm not worthy of such a thing!" Exclaimed Ritsu, his hero-worship of Ayame ever-present. "I mean, I definitely want to try, I apologize for possibly even putting the thought in your head that I wouldn't want to! It is just that…what if the food doesn't like me?!" Ritsu wailed.

Ayame was accustomed to Ritsu's outbursts. Then again, nothing really fazed him. "It looks done," Ayame announced happily. "Look at the marvelous green from the caramelized limes and the vivid pink of the bubblegum. Surely only a stunning intellect could have created such a dish." He was very proud of crafting such a masterpiece.

Ritsu peaked out from behind the older man's back. After profusely asking forgiveness for his impatience in looking, Ritsu agreed that Ayame had a wonderful sense of color.

Ayame poured out his viscous concoction into two small bowls and set them onto the kitchen table. "So, tell me what you think. You'll be the very first person to try my delectable dish."

Hesitating, Ritsu picked up a spoon and dipped it into the sticky mixture. He did not feel it was his place to try something by the great Ayame he so admired. But since the man asked him, he would have a taste. Taking a small sip from the spoon, he froze immediately upon tasting it.

"You are turning the most fascinating shade of blue." Ayame commented.

Ritsu forced down the bite of food, "I must not be worthy of such a great meal! This is why the food is rejecting me so. My mouth is so obviously only suited to the plainest of things, I should not even think about eating anything above rice," he said mournfully.

As Ritsu continued saying "I'm sorry" repeatedly, Ayame took a taste out of his own bowl. After dashing off to wash down the food with several cups of water, Ayame spoke, "I have made something too great for mere mortals to eat!"

"Yes, that must be it!" Ritsu agreed feverishly, pleased that perhaps it was not his taste buds which were inferior. Just that the food was superior.

"Let's feed the remainder to the carp. Surely they will appreciate my generosity." And so Ayame departed with the bowls and Ritsu in tow.

The next day, the carp in the pond at the Souma residence were found to be all mysteriously dead.