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"So what do we have to do?" Chris asked, making a face.

"We are only giving you minor details right now because we're still making arrangements, basically you will have to befriend a girl."

"Right...let me guess, there's a catch," Chris asked, feigning interest. "What, is she really a psychopathic killer in disguise?"

"No," Mrs. Jones frowned.

"So why should we waste our time making friends with her?" Alex snapped, while Christina nodded in agreement.

"Because we need to keep an eye on her guardians, her aunt and uncle."

"Any particular reason?" Chris prodded.

"I was getting there," Mrs. Jones was irritated by now.

"Miss. Hartford, I suggest you keep quiet and listen otherwise it'll be the streets for you and your beloved aunt." Blunt hissed.

She sent a glare of pure hatred towards the man, but crossed her arms and kept shut.

"So as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted," she nodded towards Christina, who stuck her tongue out, " We believe her aunt and uncle are harbouring fugitives, that are wanted."

Alan Blunt stood and said, "That is all you need to know, as you get nearer to the time we will reveal more."

"Is that all?" Alex asked, as Blunt nodded.

"Can we go now?" Chris whined, already shifting her body so it was facing the exit.

They nodded and she immediately turned on her heel and hurried out. Alex followed at a close distance.

The tension in the lift to the ground floor could've been cut with a knife. When they finally arrived their destination, Chris stumbled out, in her rush to leave and nearly fell. She was walking towards a potted plant.

He watched as she fished out her skateboard and stalked out of the doors. Alex suddenly had the urge to find out more about her and decided to follow her.

Keeping his distance, he watched as she took off. Zigzagging between the crowds of people, Alex's house was in the same direction so it made things easier. He broke into a run as she disappeared around the corner of the street. Many adults looked at him disapprovingly, as it was a school day and it looked like he was bunking off. MI6 called in at school for him in the morning reporting a case of mild flu.

He sprinted forward as she turned a corner, colliding into a woman her arms laden with Tesco's carrier bags. Muttering a quick apology, he dashed past her as he had lost sight of Chris.

He was on a deserted street which he, thankfully, recognised. He was just about to walk, casually, forward, when someone stuck a leg out and tried to trip. He managed to stop himself just in time.

"Aha!" Chris said, triumphantly. "I knew you were following me!"


"When you collide into someone, they're known to shriek quite loud. Keep that in mind for next time."

He grinned wryly.

"So, why are you following me?" she asked as she started strolling down the street.

"I'm not, I live near here," he walked beside her.

"I don't believe you."

Chris stopped in front of her door, "Would you like to come inside my house then?"

"I'd rather not."

She shrugged and stepped inside, turning around she smiled, "Bye."

Christina heaved the heavy schoolbag that was slipping off her shoulder back on again as she hurried through the corridor.

"Damn it! Late again!" she muttered, "Mrs. Thorne is going to murder me!"

Dropping her bag in the cloakroom she sprinted towards the library and peered inside.

Her Head of year, Mrs. Thorne, was giving the year assembly to a bunch of students who couldn't care less.

Taking a deep breath she walked into the library, silence filled the room and she closed her eyes waited for the torrent of anger that was going to be unleashed on her.

"Sit down Christina," came the clipped voice of Mrs. Thorne and Chris' eyes flew open in surprise.

Where was the 20 minute lecture that was always given to her when she arrived late?

Where was the red face and the hyperventilating?

She just looked irritated.

Was this a good sign?

Chris slowly sat down, the same look of surprise plastered on every pupil's face.

"As I was saying, Charity wishes to start a new tradition in our school. A yearbook, recording all the events that have taken place and things like that. As this is your last year you will wish to take away good memories of your childhood days, won't you?" Mrs. Thorne addressed them.

It was clearly a rhetorical question but Chris couldn't help thinking she would rather burn the image of school out of her brain as soon as she started college.

"How else can you get the best information but from the horse's mouth, so can we have Charity up here please?" she ushered a girl up to the front.

Charity Thomas, if there was ever a place called Bitch Land, with bitches from far and wide, she would be their queen. Whoever christened her must be very sorry now, because she did NOT live up to her name of Charity. Chris looked on with disgust as she spoke to the crowd with her high pitched, annoying, girly voice. They had known each other since Year 7 and still the mutual hatred carried on. She always had to put people down, no one felt equal in her presence from all the nasty words spewing out of her mouth. Three guesses who she was friends with, that's right Tina Major, the girl who mocked James.


She sighed, there was no way he would forgive her after she treated him. She was pulled out of her musing when she heard her name.

Everyone was staring at her, some sniggering. Damn! If only she had been listening.


Charity smirked," I said you should take care of the voting results for the yearbook, that come from the polls on the school website, because you are so geeky."

"Well you know what I think...!" Chris started, and then saw her best friend mouthing 'no!', Charity waited for her comeback.

"Fine, whatever," she muttered darkly.

"Good! Ask Mr. Stuart for the password to get on the website," Charity said, "So guys, vote for things like cutest couple, most popular, etc!"

Chris rolled her eyes and glared at her as the rest of the assembly continued and people rambled on about pointless things.

When the torture finally subsided she walked quickly out as her best friend caught up with her.

Alison Honey, was actually as sweet as her name. She was the creative type and probably one of the nicest people on earth. If you were nice to her, she was nice back. her motto.

Dark brown hair that was up to her shoulders and she was very small. She had big, blue eyes that gave her a very innocent look, but she wasn't always so innocent, sometimes a little cheeky but always for fun.

"Chris!" she squeaked, "So good to have you back!"

Aly hugged her, "I heard that you and James had a fight, I'm sorry."

They used to be a group, Chris, James and Aly. James her 'guy' friend and Aly her 'gal' friend.

"It's okay, I just hope we can make up."

"What happened?" she asked as they walked towards the cloakroom, to their lockers.

"Family got involved, it wasn't nice."

Aly made a sympathetic face and patted her arm.

"Hey! Guess what?" she asked, her face brightening.

"What?" Chris asked hesitantly.

"There's this really cute new guy that's just transferred over the weekend," Aly said as she opened her locker and started taking out tons of books.

"Great," Chris wasn't really that interested.

"He is unbelievably gorgeous! Did you see him at assembly?"


"Yeah, well he was sitting next to Charity that's probably why. You never look over there unless you can help it."

"Feel sorry for him already, sitting next to that witch!" she shuddered.

Aly tried to give a disapproving look but failed miserably and they were soon giggling.

"She really fancies him, but I don't think the feelings are returned. He actually looked nauseated!"

"Okay enough gossipping for one day, c'mon or we're gonna be late for maths. We have Mrs. Thorne remember!"

They walked together to the maths classrooms.

She normally sat next to James for this lesson, but she didn't want to face him so she decided to sit at one of the spare desks.

"I'm sorry," Aly apologised, "I would sit next to you, but I promised John I would spend more time with him."

"It's okay, give him a kiss from me!" she smirked.

"Will do!" she called, as she went to sit beside her boyfriend Johnathan and quickly gave him a kiss on the lips, then one on the cheek and she winked at Chris and whispered something in his ear.

He laughed and blew a kiss towards Chris, who smiled.

Mrs. Thorne walked into the classroom and everyone immediately stood straight.

"Good morning."

"Good morning Mrs. Thorne," they chanted.

"Sit. Now we will expect our new student to join us any moment, and while we are waiting open your textbooks to chapter eight."

Then a boy walked in to the classroom and all the girls in the class giggled.

Except Chris, her eyes widened and she moaned, "Oh no!"

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