Title: The Little Popsicle

Summary: An icy accident helps create a wave of problems and feelings that will test the relationships of five certain bladers. R&R first-ish fic, Yaoi. Rating I would put at 'Older Teen' but they don't have that here so I put it at M just to be safe since implied graphic scenes and language would probably be considered by most as not T. If you think it is too high I could alter it.

Warnings: Implied / Yaoi and swearing. Heavy sarcasm. Also since I have not watched Beyblade (other than the odd 1 or 2) in like ages the characters may be a bit OOC (if not alot...) Tell me what you think? Set after GRev.

Began: 20th December 2005

Finished: 23rd October 2006

Disclaimer: I Do Not own Beyblade...if I did there would be another season...

A/N: I am not going to tell you who is in this fic or what the exact pairings are as I believe, in this particular case it will ruin the story. I apologise therefore if you then end up reading about a character or pairing or whatever that you do not like (hate?). Also be warned! This fiction has multiple ever-changing viewpoints...which I have to say are fairly easy to follow. Though a little concentration may be in order ::Smile::


'thinking' and "talking" "(motions/actions while talking)"

The sound of a key turning within a lock followed by the slight swish of a door opening sounded throughout the high floor apartment. Bryan Moroz (1) was somewhat bewildered that at 09:30 in the morning his boyfriend had yet to get up. At least it seemed that way.

'He can't be still asleep, surely... yet all lights are off and curtains are drawn...he's usually up and rummaging about by now...' the violet haired teen thought as he strolled to Tala's room. A swift knock without answer ensued before he stealthily opened the door only to discover a bed unslept in and empty.

'Huh? He said he was staying in yesterday, not doing much. He should be here because I know he didn't go out.' Looking around briefly, Bryan realised Tala had a spare room that came 'packed and parcelled' with the apartment and decided, for whatever reason he couldn't think of one right now, his lover might be in there.

Walking up to the guest door he noted a sliver of thin light underneath the door and didn't bother to knock this time but just waltzed right in, only to freeze just inside the doorframe and stare in shock at the sight before him.

There on the single spare bed was his lover flushed up against a smaller body of another.

Tala's arms were tightly wrapped around the younger boy's form whose head was side resting towards the wall, slightly on the redhead's left shoulder, sleeping soundly. Navy-blue bangs, splayed all over the shoulder and the other blader's face; shifting slightly as the other's breath floated overhead.

He couldn't believe the light signals his retinas' were processing. He was dreaming...day dreaming in fact! Something he'd never done before but he was definitely doing it now. That had to be it...right? Rubbing his eyes in a fashion so unlike him, he opened them again and stared some more when the scene didn't change.

The Champion beybladers', one former, one current, were still lying, in his opinion at least half naked in bed sleeping, although he was beginning to realise Tala was twitching in a way that signalled he was waking up...

He was also beginning to comprehend the scene before him to the point where it actually registered into something that made sense

'Oj bozhe moj bozhe! Tala. In bed with. With...T-Tyson!' (2)

'T-Tyson Kinomiya's sleepingwith my lov...They're up close, together and...and...'

So deep in shock and disbelief Bryan was unaware that Tala had in fact woken up. That is to say he was conscious and starting to open his eyes. Seconds later the redhead found himself looking straight at Bryan who all of a sudden glared back. Taken aback by the cold fury raging at him through those eyes although Bryan's body language screamed with shock and hurt, Tala wondered briefly what the matter was before remembering last night and the boy right next to him. He looked down for a moment before comprehension hit him as he caught sight of Bryan running flat out of the room. Rushing off the bed and out the room he stopped his lover by the arm just as they reached the front hallway knowing full well now why Bryan was upset and angry at him.

Spinning around Bryan jerked his arm out of Tala's grasp and moved backwards to look at the wearing-only-boxers guy before him; masking all his other emotions under a scowl of disgust and anger towards his former boyfriend…

"Keep away from me Ivanov, before I hurt you!"

"Bryan...I know what you're thinking..."

"I doubt it! I know I've never put you in a position like this before. Or is this punishment for something else I've done?!"

"I'm not punishing you for anything...this isn't what it looks lik..."

"Like fuck its not! I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear any of it! Just leave me alone!"

And with that he slammed his way out of the door, raced down the stairs and out into the cold Russian air, not stopping even once to glance back. Though if he had he wouldn't have been surprised by the fact no one was following him.

Back upstairs Tala was stood absolutely still blankly staring at the interior of his door, staring right where his boyfriend had left in idiotic determination.

Minutes later he sighed exasperated 'Great. That went well...'

Rich brown eyes fluttered open as their owner moaned in warmth and comfort, wriggling in the numerous bed covers. Feeling far better than the previous evening the 16 year old teen yawned stretching his muscles as he sat up and took in his surroundings remembering quite vividly where he was and how he'd come to be here. Thinking it was really late Tyson decided it was high time he got up and found, amongst other things, something to eat 'Man, I'm starved!'

Leaving his clothes where they hung still drying, Tyson slipped on the extra dressing gown Tala had lent him and walked out to find said person hopefully in the kitchen, which would give him the perfect excuse to get something to eat at the same time. Before Tyson could even get to the kitchen though he spotted Tala seated on the couch; elbows on his thighs, slumped forward staring resolutely at the floor. Tyson couldn't get a clear sight of his eyes but Tala's face and posture seemed rather dejected somehow. His face was strangely blank yet at the same time sad like the world had suddenly put its weight on his shoulders.

'Something's up...' Taking a seat beside him Tyson leaned straight back and softly spoke "What's up Tala?"


"...Tala?" as he continued to study his companion like a new found species put under a microscope. The guy didn't appear to be breathing but the slow almost…strained rise and fall of his chest proved he was. He definitely hadn't blinked since Tyson had entered the room nor moved from his statue-like state, he also appeared to be in something of a daze. Cautiously reaching forward Tyson laid his right hand on the very same shoulder he'd slept on last night and nudged him just a-little. "Tala, are you alright?... If I'm invading your space or somethin' I can leave you know."

Again receiving no answer Tyson assumed the silence meant yes and began to withdraw...

"No. It's not that. I mean we were in the same close space for the better part of 12 hours..."

"Uh...yeah... I knew that." Blushing a tad red.

"It's...(sigh)...I've been calling him on and off for the past few hours and I either get an 'F-off' or he doesn't bother answering...more and more the latter" running slim hands through gravity defying strands of hair "The first time I got in with a sentence to which I'd hoped would get his attention but he just refuses to listen to me! I didn't think he could be such an idiot and continue this silly tantrum about nothing!"

"Umm sorry Tala but you've kinda lost me..."


"What about him? You too...uh...had a bad fight?"

"I wasn't given a chance to argue my side before he stormed out! Damn..." Finally dropping his hand back to his lap "I probably should've gone after him instead of staying here..."

"Wait your talking about something that happened earlier? Like early morning today?"

"Well...it was about half nine, ten o'clock this morning. After last night's chaos I guess we both felt the need to sleep in." Tala replied shrugging.

Glancing at the clock above his head on the opposite wall, Tyson saw that it wasn't in fact as late as he thought. 11:45 Am. 'Not bad then. Considering...' Getting a bad feeling over the entire conversation he almost warily asked what the fight was about.

The answer he got, in his opinion, summed up his entire 'vacation' in one. In that he seemed to be constantly causing problems or simply being a bother to all his fellow companions of late. "I hadn't honestly expected to see him this morning whether I'd been in bed or not because from the workload he said he had to finish yesterday I didn't think he'd be moving anywhere. Not that that really matters since we weren't doing anything wrong!" Glancing at the younger boy beside him he saw the confusion pass his face, which was actually present because Tyson didn't think he'd ever heard Tala say so much in one go before, and decided to elaborate somewhat.

"He walked in on us sleeping together and assumed the worst. The fact that he's failing to listen to reason and the truth is just...making this even more frustrating!"

"Waitaminute. Your telling me that your boyfriend Bryan thinks you and I...I mean that we...umm"

Sighing "That we had sex yeah."

Turning a far deeper red than before Tyson blushed furiously at the implications and rather distressing images that began to swirl around his head. Everything from being next to a naked Tala to the redhead moving in a way that he soo didn't want to think about over him (or under him). Naturally this resulted in him turning even redder. The Russian boy noticed this and slightly amused commented on the Japanese's rosy complexion.

"I must say. As much as your face and...well everywhere (grins) matched your hair last night. Red is a far sexier colour on you..."

And despite his current predicament, as Tyson blushed, if possible, an even deeper shade, Tala smirked all the more.

"...So (cough) umm...what are you going to do now Tala?"

Shoulders and eyelids slumped all the more as eyes dulled once again "I...don't know..."

"Maybe try again or go make him listen...?"

"Before he left he looked extremely angry. It won't do me any good to go after him while he's in that kinda state...and he hasn't been listening to a word so far, it's been 2 hours, why should he start now?"

"I need (sigh) just need to think..."

'I have to return the favour...' "Hey Tala you don't suppose he'd listen to me do ya? 'Cause if you want I could try talking to him instead?"

"...I'm not sure if he would or not...he might just punch you and have at it or he...might? listen..."

"I could give it a go? I don't mind. I want to help since it is partly my fault Bryan's having a mardy" (3)

Shrugs "Yeah sure. Doubt you could make it any worse..."

That said Tyson excused himself to find his clothes, get dressed and with a slice of toast between his teeth headed back to the BladeBreakers accommodation near the Russian BBA embassy, pondering Tala's final words and hoping to anyone who was listening that his luck would hold out here just this once

Walking into the BladeBreaker's area of lounge within the low-cost hostel type accommodation they'd picked, Tyson immediately spotted Kai and hoped the two-toned hair boy had seen Bryan. His luck in that respect had been zilch so far although admittedly he hadn't walked too far out of range of familiar places in case he got lost.

"Yo Kai! Have you seen Bryan anywhere around?"

The older boy who was, as always stood leaning against the wall turned his head in Tyson's direction; arms crossed, face set in a slightly colder scowl towards his younger companion. Tyson immediately got the opinion that Kai wasn't happy...well relatively speaking here of course...with him and vaguely wondered if his friend was still angry at him for accidentally slamming the outer door on his face and fingers the day before yesterday. Failing to receive an answer he was about to try again when a voice from behind asked the oddest, to Tyson anyways, question.

"Do you even care?"

"Whaa..." Making an abrupt turn Tyson saw that it was Ray who spoke. He also looked unhappy and once again it appeared to be aimed directly at him. Shoulders tensed; face set without a hint of amusement into a frown and arms almost itching to be crossed by their owner.

Before Tyson could get a word in edgeways Kai in a far colder voice then normal spoke up "We know about last night Tyson."

"You know about mine and Tala's accident? How? When? Who? There was only one witness...(mumbling)...can't even remember his name..."

Almost as soon as the words left his mouth Tyson regretted them. For his two team-mates' frowns / scowls increased and their glares intensified.

"Who else. Bryan of course!"

"Eh Ray..." scratching his head in bewilderment "that doesn't make sense."

"Idiot! Bryan saw the both of you together. It makes perfect sense!"

Thanks to Kai it finally clicked what part of 'last night' they were referring to and suddenly the blunette had the inexplicable urge to run away. Deciding to stick it out for Tala's relationship sake though feeling undeniably cornered by his two team-mates, Tyson tried to stay on top of the arising situation.

"Ohhh! You've spoken with Bryan...yeah about that, you see..."

"What I fail to understand is why Tyson. Did you both get stupidly drunk enough to be curious about the other? Did he make a move on you?"


"Then you did. Whatever. What Ray and I are wondering is why on earth, if neither of you were intoxicated, why did the other accept?!"

"Or perhaps Tala was and you used that to your advantage because I can't figure a reason why Tala would jeopardise his desired but newly acquired status with Bryan like that! And with you!"

"Kai..." was all Tyson managed as he tried to get past the dryness in his throat. He was stunned: one that Bryan had actually said anything to them in the first place and two because they had taken his complete story in even though what he, Bryan, saw wasn't in fact what he saw. And now his friends were, ironically, doing exactly what Tala's lover had done earlier – they weren't giving him a chance to speak. On top of all that, did he hear right? They were blaming him for this entire messed up misunderstanding!

Oh his mind was reeling alright. Tyson wished the hurt of it all and Kai's insult would turn to anger so that he could shout back what the real problem was instead of standing there gaping like a fish, but it just wasn't happening.

"Didn't you consider the consequences? I'm not going to assume who made the first advance but I am going to assume that since you don't appear to have a hangover that you haven't been drinking..."

"..He gave me a whiskey I think but that's not..."

"No it doesn't count. So what possessed you Ty to help him cheat on somebody? Huh?! I didn't think you even liked the guy that way!"

"...Ray...it's not like that..."

"Then what was it like Tyson! Ray and I are dying to know!"


"Leave it guys. Just forget it."

Instantly recognising the voice Tyson whirled around and tried once more "Listen Bry..."

"Don't!" Eyes down, another face set and right hand up in a stopping motion "I don't want to hear your excuses and if your here on behalf of Tala you can tell that bastard to stop calling me."

"Bryan you don't understand..."

"Your right Kinomiya, I don't..." and with that he and Kai turned away. Ray moved to follow right after them, not once looking at Dragoon's holder as he made his last parting comment.

"I'm very disappointed Tyson. I never expected you as the type of person to do this."

Within moments all three bladers had disappeared leaving a rather depressed Japanese behind.

"Hey Ty whatcha been doing? Did you even come in last night?"

"No Maxie I didn't. Pretty much stayed up all night." Tyson replied to his friend who was cleaning up his blade on the rug next to the fireplace.

Interested, the blonde energetic blader looked up to find his friend eating the pasta from yesterday, and asked rather slyly "Sooo what have you been doing that could keep you of-all-people up all night?"

'Freezing to death...' Although he knew that Max would support and most importantly listen to him if he told him what had happened. What had really happened. It meant getting another person mixed up in what was essentially Tala's (and Bryan's) business. Really not wanting to push his luck and make Tala angry at him by bringing another person into this mess he decided to stay quiet. "Oh you know beyblading."

"Don't tell me you stayed out this whole time?!"

"I got caught up, stayed over at one of their houses when it got late…of course I didn't stay outside the entire time, who would?" thinking 'I didn't lie, just left out a few bits.'

Putting the used dish and cutlery in the sink while finishing his juice, Tyson returned to the common room to fetch Dragoon and his jacket before heading towards the door - planning to see if Tala had had any progress and to report his 'progress'.

However, before he could get anywhere Max, who was still working on his blade, stopped him. "More blading? Just to warn you, I've heard the weather forecast for later and apparently there's a major storm heading our way. Their expecting snow and strong winds and it is the right time of year for it."

Grinning "It's always the 'right time' here Maxie. All cold and white and…cold again."

"That's because we've never come during the summer. But seriously Ty, don't get caught out in it, get inside somewhere before it gets bad yeah."

"Yeah yeah whatever" waving his hand dismissively his mind already on other things as he turned and opened the door.

Max yelled his name, dropping his blade while moving closer to get his attention again and firmly make sure Tyson understood.

The blonde, although one of the only ones to do so, had noticed that since the start of their arranged group trip his friend had been acting kind of subdued, like something was bothering him. Max hadn't missed the fact that at the airport Tyson seemed almost reluctant to leave, definitely not as thrilled or excited as Max expected him to be. After all it was the original five going on a trip together for 14 days to do whatever. Away from Japan for a change and into the glorious winter of Russia, catching up with old friends, maybe a few friendly opponents without the stress and pressure of new trouble hanging over their (and their bit beast's) heads. The perfect opportunity to: hangout, catch up, rest and revitalise for anything that was bound to come their way.

'Like always. But I guess that's a given when you own one of the sacred four'.

No he hadn't missed Tyson's unusual behaviour in the five days since they got here, hadn't missed the fact that Tyson wasn't as lively as he normally was and when at times the teen seemed to realise he wasn't acting apparently as he should be, he overcompensated to disastrous results 'Like ruining one of my favourite T's and nearly knocking Kai out with that door. Come to think of it…last time I checked Ray was still annoyed at him for tripping him into that frozen pond the other day. But I believe Ty when he said it was an accident, he looked too damn out of it before and afterwards for it to have been anything else.' That's another thing when he wasn't overcompensating, half the time he looked…dazed.

Oh sure Max had asked him what the matter was on several occasions but had given up after the second day when Tyson had bluntly told him to stop pestering him for info when nothing was wrong, before giving something of an excuse, saying that he couldn't believe they had decided upon somewhere cold as a vacation stop.

But Max being the sensitive and empathic person he was didn't buy his friend's bullshit and so had sensibly decided to wait his navy-haired friend out for a better opening to find out the real cause.

"Ty, we've been here before. If your intent on only wearing that little jacket and you get caught up with the weather later your gonna get ill or…"

"Max…I don't remember saying I needed a new mother…so stop trying to replace my old one!" As Tyson slammed his way out the door he realised he had just succeeded in upsetting someone else, someone who had only been concerned for his welfare, who didn't deserve such an outburst, which was supposed to have been said jokingly with a light smile instead of his misplaced anger. 'Damn'

Glancing to the sky Tyson angrily swore to the bastards who weren't listening.

A knock at the door brought him out of his thoughts and away from the window. The peep-hole confirmed that he'd guessed correctly their identity and immediately swung open the door leaving his visitor to close it as he walked back in.

Partially leaning against the right hand wall towards the back of his apartment he asked "Well how did it go?"

"He didn't punch me or nothing but he did tell Kai and Ray and had them back me into a corner. I couldn't get a word in edgeways and well…their assault kinda surprised me."

"…Assault? They blamed you?"

Tyson went on to tell Tala exactly what they had said including Bryan's little message to which Tala huffed.

Reluctantly though slightly grateful to get the plague off his chest, Tyson admitted his guilt over current affairs "They…do have a point though…it is my fault. If I'd been paying proper attention like I should have been I would have seen that guy before he went into you and could've dodged out of the way."

"Don't be ridiculous! There wasn't enough time. It all happened far too fast even for me and it was my bitbeast. If anybody could've stopped the following consequence it would've been me…I should've been able to stop this…"

Although the words meant well they weren't said with any real conviction leaving Tyson to wonder if Tala really meant them. It also appeared as though his friend had the left the whole 'denial-I'm-lost' phase and become the pinball machine that bounces back and forth between anger and regret.

"…So how about we say it was a mistake on both our parts?"

"The only mistake was me not following Bryan out the door in the first place!" He continued to grumble about what he should have done every so often raising his voice in an angry exasperated fashion. Tyson heard his name on a few occasions and presumed at least some of that was directed at him.

'Man I'm beginning to have enough of this and its still the same day. Since Bryan won't stop being an ass for a minute and listen to Tala, it's almost like this was waiting to happen. It's like Bryan saying he never trusted the guy and how do you even start a relationship without trust? Unless their all retarded (4) in this friggin' country…heh Kai I could understand but now its rubbing off onto Ray!...No Tyson stay calm…deep breaths…nice and calm… (sigh)'.

A loud thud against a wall brought his attention back to the Russian who had just punched the immaculate white wall across the room. Deciding that okay…they hadn't been very productive in their 'make stupid-Bryan understand' mission but by letting Tala make himself feel worse (and subsequently make Tyson feel worse) was not going to help any. So Tyson once again tried to alleviate Tala's anxiety and overall stress - despite his own - with a bit of hope.

"Ummm maybe he'll have calmed down by tomorrow and you could start up fresh. After sleeping he might decide that he wants to know why and you could…"

"Tell him what a prat he's being. Yes! I'm sure that'll go down well!... Idiot!"

If Tala had been facing him instead of that wall Tyson might've been able to see that that last comment wasn't aimed at him. But instead he took it as such. His emotions especially his anger building over today, over this week, over Grandpa forcing him to go '"It'll do you good to get away" he said', over his friends accidentally getting in the way, over his team-mates suddenly turning into jerks, over Bryan being stupid 'And people call me stupid', over Tala not being honest about what he thought, over the cold, over…well over everything, Tyson decided it was high time to leave. He needed to be alone tonight, no question. The sooner he got away from this catastrophe the better or he really would lose his cool and then it wouldn't be pretty – the Chief could vouch for that. And honestly these guys had enough to deal with, Tala felt bad enough already again for no real reason and Tyson didn't want to add any more volatile components to the mix.

His guilt coming right upfront Tyson quietly spoke "I'm sorry" before heading towards the door and what he hoped was peace. Although at that moment he wasn't mumbling to himself and so heard Tyson quite clearly Tala was unfortunately too wrapped up in his own emotions to realise another misunderstanding had taken place. One that was again likely to have repercussions if not dealt with soon.

'Of course (sigh)…I should have known it wouldn't be so easy…'

Tyson had just opened the front door and had come face to face with a sad and angry looking Bryan, a surprised Ray and a dutifully scowling Kai 'The Three Stooges again Oh what a lucky day.' (5)

'I'll go in get my things and walk out. I'm not going to let this get to me. I won't even look at…at him.'

Trudging up the building's stone cold stairs, Tala Ivanov's 6th floor apartment loomed not far away. The three climbers were eager to reach their goal and get out without hassle; the brown jacketed individual in particular found returning to that place for the second time today of a harder order than running an Olympic marathon right now. Although Bryan would never admit it he had over the past few minutes been praying no one would be in. So upon moving his key to the locked door, the fact that said door suddenly opened revealing one rather unhappy World Champion who he'd supposedly caught 'sleeping' with his lover – correction former lover - last night was now confidently (of all the nerve!) standing in the entranceway came as quite a nasty surprise. A surprise that clearly showed on the cheated boy's 'emotionless' façade.

His fellows were similarly thinking as they stared at the person holding the door even though none had knocked for attention.

'What the hell is he doing here?! Even after being caught red-handed he still has the cheek to come back here so soon after!? If I was still in charge he wouldn't be moving by the timeI was done.'

'Tyson?...Damn. Kai looks ready to kill and Bryan…It was supposed to be in and out nothing to it. Now…'

Now his immediate shock quickly turns to outrage as the lilac-haired blader clenches his keys hard enough to bruise his palms, while his mask effectively slides back into place leaving only his cold eyes to blaze with absolute fury. Still Bryan finds himself without the ability to form words. So his brief once-upon-a-time team mate perfectly voices what he cannot help thinking.

"Wow. You've been here 5 minutes and already you're comfortable enough to answer his door!" Kai's mock astonished voice dripping with sarcasm as he continued his sub-zero scowling towards the younger Japanese.

"Sorry but I could have sworn you hadn't even touched the door when I opened it. So I hardly see how I'm meant to have answered it." Tyson simultaneously thinking 'Finally! If only my aggravation had kicked in before'.

"Grrr Look. I came to get my spare wallet and jacket I left here the other day. (Gritting his teeth) Getoutofmyway and then he's all yours."

Biting back the urge to make a very sarcastic reply like 'Oh really? How truly sweet of you it's what I've always wanted' Tyson instead settled for alerting Tala since letting the three boys in wasn't his right to make. "Yo Tala! Get out here you have visitors!"

"Visitors? Who would be…Oh" The red head came to an abrupt halt in the interior doorway the moment he recognised the others. He had been ranting to himself the whole time non-stop since Tyson had left but had found himself at a loss for something to do. Idly pacing around his apartment he had come across the guest bedroom and noticed the overkill of blankets and towels still in position across the bed and floor, deciding that it needed to be cleared up anyway, he set about doing so simply as a means to occupy himself. The dressing gown and two towels lying by the side of the bed were simple enough to return to their rightful place in the bathroom. The 14 tog double duvet quilt for his bed caused some hassle – as it had the night before – to get it back to his room without falling or knocking something else over. The 20 tog single quilt that was only ever used in emergencies or for guests because the thing was too heavy and warm usually for him or any of his other friends, since they were all used to the cold anyway; was always stored wrapped up at the top of the wardrobe, where he had initially found it upon moving in. Despite being a single duvet it was still a sweat inducing chore (particularly in the warmth of the room) to get it rolled up, its folds strapped together within the belt clasp and stuffed neatly into its small space of the wardrobe. Tala had just turned to change the bed when Tyson called for him. He retreated from the room undoing the top half of his shirt in the process, thinking since he still hadn't turned off the heating from before it was high time he did so – 'Its boiling in here!' – and walked towards his front door.

Bryan immediately noticed the sweat glistening off his former lover, as well as his slightly flushed face and rather rumpled, half done up loose shirt and assumed what his brain had been assuming all day. The most extreme possibility; only this time he was not going to turn tail and run nor stand staring like some dimwit. This time he was determined to leave with, what Bryan thought as 'some dignity'.

Almost sneering Bryan glanced at Tyson "Well, you've certainly been giving it to him haven't you little one?"

Tyson bristled at that; he was anything but little

"At least I know what that bastard found wrong with me. Who would have thought all that energy you carry could be resituated to keep your cock up longer" So maybe he also wanted some payback. Which he somewhat got as the comment sent Tyson into a full body blush.

"You moron! If I just wanted some easy fucks I would never have gone to you in the first place!"

Completely ignoring the red head, Bryan continued with his vulgar as though the subject was anything as normal as chatting about the weather. Not that one would ever get the cold older teen to pointlessly chat about anything never mind the weather. "Of course, I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised to find you hard together. It's a wonder I didn't walk in during mid-climax. Now that might have been interesting. Maybe you could have shown me how fucked up you both are!"

Hoping to prevent some massive fight from breaking out: Tala was almost completely red in the face – heating not to blame – Ray noticed Tyson had tensed after that last comment and looked to be grinding his teeth, Kai simply looked like a panther waiting to pounce (if it came to that) and Bryan, he wasn't so sure of, partially due to being unable to see his face. All Ray knew was he didn't want things to get any worse, though the Chinese was still dreading the prospect of interrupting even as he placed a gentle hand on Bryan's shoulder, which was jerkily shrugged away. "Bry…you don't have to do this. In and out, it's your things they can't stop you…nothing to it. We've got your back, you know that."

"Don't worry yourself Ray; I'm not in any rush. But I think these buggers are." Turning back to the open apartment Bryan mocked in disgust "We'll let you get back to your activities".

His left eye severely twitched as the last reserves of his control were rapidly thrown to the wind. He had quickly gotten over his minor embarrassment before to absorb enough of Bryan's point-of-view to have reached his limit on listening and simply allowing this crap to continue. So with quickened breath and moving to the right, away from the entrance though still holding the door, Tyson stopped gaping and started acting, though to what end he could only hope.

"Oh for Kami's sake! Stop standing there like a twit and come in already! You really are fussing over nothing, but since you insist why bother having to come back here at all! Take Ray's advice and get on with it!"

"Actually Ty, I don't think I want to let him into my apartment, I think I'd rather tell him what a prat he's being after all!"

"Ty…?" listening and talking for the first time to his bastard 'boyfriend' "Very cute. I bet you screamed yourself hoarse with that one syllable huh." Said 'boyfriend' responded with a growl.

"STOP IT! Enough. You're going off on a tangent Bryan from what the real situation is and your two stooges…"



"…here aren't helping any. Their not giving you any support other than to make it look like the odds are against us being in the right and you in the wrong – which you are!" glancing behind to the other two "why are you gawking around like you've actually got a say in this?! If you really want to help Bryan out you'd be working towards alleviating the turmoil by perhaps…oh I don't know… finding out how this whole business began in the first place and why! How the fuck are you supposed to solve a problem if you don't even know all the details!? Instead you temporarily dye your hair blonde and act like complete bimbos! HOW IS THAT HELPING?"

'I'm loosing it and fast. But heh...I don't care. I'm not gonna take one more piece of crap from them. Not today.'

"Why you little…" Kai although initially in shock from the Japanese's forceful outburst had gone into full 'Death Glare' mode and looked on the brink of strangling his younger companion. Ray on the other hand had stiffened at the younger's words; he was no longer his reputable calm self but instead had crossed over to the realm of the angry. Fists clenched, eyes reduced to slits and fangs slightly bared; he also was near the end of his limits.

Patience gone the navy-haired teen moved suddenly grabbing Bryan's shirt and yanks him inside. Tyson moves a usually unmovable object due to his action's complete unexpectedness, which incidentally takes everyone by surprise. "Just come in already. Your activities will only take a moment."

After briefly stumbling for five steps, Bryan roughly yanks himself out of Tyson's grasp glaring with no lacings of humour "Don't touch me. Must you butt into everything…(smirk)…or everyone..?"

Tyson couldn't stop himself. Before anyone could move he'd punched the irrational lilac blader…hard. Least to say slightly stunning his companions as they momentarily watched (or in Bryan's case felt) the other hit the floor. Bryan was upon his feet rivalling Kai's infamous glares with one of his own within a second though and Ray had simultaneously rushed forward to hold back Tyson – although rather tempted to knock some sense into him as well – who seemed more than willing to duke it out right then and there despite the fact he was probably heavily outmatched.

Glaring determinedly at Bryan and before anyone else could speak or move he heatedly continued on more seriously than before.

"If you've ever trusted Tala as a friend…captain…whatever! You'll at least give him five minutes…"

"I warned you. Touchmeagain and you won't get back up."

"Five minutes Bryan, five measly minutes that's all I ask!" shrugging out of Ray's grip.

"What for?... I know all I need to! Why would I want to listen to the explicit details!?"

"Has everybody lost their will to reason today?! Haven't you ever heard the term compromise? Or is that beyond you? I'm the one that's supposed to be overly stupid and stubborn…yet I'm not the one having a fucking tantrum over absolutely nothing! Listen to Tala for five minutes and then I'll leave you well enough alone. You can do whatever you want, I won't stop you. You can threaten me all you like Bryan but I won't stop until you give him five minutes and actually pay attention! GOT IT!"

Throughout his entire speech Bryan had been getting more and more worked up that he was barely holding it together. The others who had stayed relatively quiet were all well aware of how thin the ice Tyson was walking on was, as Bryan growled out his response to the younger's ultimatum "Don't you dare tell me…"

"Are you that up yourself?! Do I have to tie you down just to get you to stay put. What's five minutes plus getting your stuff and afterwards never…(huffing) if you so wish…standing foot in either of our presences again!?"

Slowly deliberately Kai attempted to diffuse current hysterics despite being overly angry himself…specifically towards his rival "Perhaps you should accept; five minutes, not a second more. Then it's all over."

"Yeah we'll wait for you and that's that."

Almost not daring to hope Tala held his breath anyway as he waited silently for his lovers answer before releasing in relief, realising the Japanese had just given him the opportunity to set things right…

Bryan had concurred.

Almost 3pm in the Russian capital city the forecasted weather began to rear its fierce front. Tourists who were unused to the weather conditions started to rush through their activities as the winds picked up, the already cold temperature dropped and a light but soon to become heavy rain/hail mixture precipitated over the city landscape. Locals who were familiar with these storms but still knew better than to be caught in one followed in the tourist's example at a less frantic pace. A couple miles from the city centre an apartment block containing five certain beybladers stood strong, waiting for the wind to once again try to bring it down.

Two currently ex-boyfriends had retreated to the red-head Tala's lounge to talk, or rather he would talk, Bryan would listen. The black haired and blue/grey haired teens; Ray and Kai were being forcefully, much to their anger and annoyance, pushed out of the apartment by their similarly irritated team-mate Tyson; who incidentally had insisted upon the former two sitting in the lounge.

"Come on…out! Lets give these guys some privacy, they do not need you two looming over like a bad cloud." Tyson said with a commanding nudge at his friends towards the door.

Pulling out of the boys grasp Kai, a regular to disliking being pushed around clearly expressed this loathing without any need for words and said back "Watch it Kinomiya! You're on my last nerve."

"Ooh scary….not." since both Ray and Kai had stopped, Tyson grabbed their shoulders again and with slightly more authority pushed them right out the door "Move it! Now!" stepping out himself the navy-haired teen shut the door behind him well aware of the glares his fellows were aiming at him before turning around. He had been right in his assumption and if looks could maim and injure, he'd probably be permanently crippled by now (6).

"Your one to order us around Ty…you're the problem here…" mocked Ray, his fangs clearly showing.

"And you're the rubbish cheerleaders. Look…you haven't even remembered your pathetic little pom-poms" Tyson replied officially pissed off.

Though so were his companions…

Harshly growling "What the hell do you think you're playing at Kinomiya? Do you really believe your actions of moments ago will atone for last night, or be of any help at all!? Thanks to you insisting upon making this mess of yours even bigger, it is very likely those two will never get around this any time soon!"

"And how about listening to my side of the story as Bryan's doing with Tala right now? There are two sides to every..."

"You were right in one thing Tyson; it is not entirely our business. If Bryan mentions it then fair enough, otherwise listening to some lame excuse from you is unnecessary."

"Lame excuse?! I don't need to excuse myself for sleeping 'with' Tala because whoever said 'sleeping with' meant having sex!"

Snorting Kai answered "It's a common fact that even someone as dumb as you should be well aware of."

"Anyway never mind your little excuse you haven't even apologised! If you actually want to be of some good use before the end of today it's the least you can do, instead of standing around like an utter idiot!"


"Don't Ray me Tyson! You're always being so impulsive in everything you do especially of late! You can't go through life thinking without consequence and expecting everyone to be fine about it! Because when you screw up royally as you have done today, it reflects on your friends almost as badly as it does on you! And I personally, am not going to stand for this immaturity you've displayed since we got here!"

"That goes double for me!"

"Well geez I'm sorry I EXIST!" practically screaming the last part in hurt and disappointment more than anger. 'Again with the not listening! Those...those morons…how can they be so high and mighty and then complain about the same thing to me?...They don't even know the full story and yet they still…Aargh! Fuck this!' Finally having gotten sick of all of them, Tyson quickly turns around and stalks down the stairs determined to not let them see how badly their words burned. Neither Ray or Kai stopped him nor said a word as he disappeared from their sight, yet his last words to them did create a small pang of concern and guilt and for a brief moment the normally kind, caring and calm Chinese wondered if he'd been a little too harsh.

So with nothing but a short-sleeved t-shirt and a flimsy jacket, Tyson Kinomiya stepped out into the worsening conditions of the storm; visibility minimum and temperature near freezing, he walked away without any concern of his direction…


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(2) Oj bozhe moj bozhe! is basically Oh My God! in the closest I could get to Russian since spelling it and whatnot in Russian English is difficult without using their character alphabet, even more so when your reference points are grandparents from Ukraine and Belarus wherein the language, though similar, is not exactly the same. I just thought it would sound better...

(3) For some reason some people have no idea what 'mardy' is. So I'm telling you here to stop it appearing elsewhere. It's someone who's having a kind of sulky tantrum - that's the closest I can explain because to me mardy is just someone being mardy...

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