The Little Popsicle part 1c

Summary: An icy accident helps create a wave of problems and feelings that will test the relationships of five certain bladers. R&R first-ish fic, Yaoi.

Disclaimer: same as previous chapter.

Warnings: Same as before.

Began: 20th December 2005

Finished: 23rd October 2006


'thinking' and "talking" "(motions/actions while talking)"

A/N: Whew! Honestly this WAS finished on 23rd October 2006 (except beginning notes, chap breaks and final proof-readings /my own I'm afraid/)! Would not think it would take so long no? Oh yeah and if some of the italics seem without a space next to their adjacent word its due to FF's formatting cause elsewhere they are all properly spaced!

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Happy New Year people!

As per usual, the sunlight rose lighting away the blanket of night leaving but a reflection of the moon in daytime in comparison with its iridescent glory through the post meridian hours. The sun was not an impressive feature on this morning as it had failed to be the past few times, though despite that from this moment on many of the general population of this unappreciated blue planet would wake from their slumbers to a whole variety of environments and schedules that outlined their lives.

Given the opportunity, one particular individual would have gladly slept longer after having spent most of the night talking and typing away with another who, fortune for him, had had the sense to go to bed before falling asleep upon the couch, which this rumpled brown haired person had done. Not only that but sometime during the night he had slipped off the settee to rest half lying, half kneeling upon the furniture and floor beneath.

Wondering what had in fact woken him, he lazily picked himself back onto the maroon, extensively used material before glancing around for the source of his disturbance. His foggy gaze landed on what appeared to be a shiny mop made of blonde strands wafting about as though some eccentric person was trying to clean the place...he briefly considered why any manufacturer would want to make a mop or duster for that matter of such a radiant colour before realising that people did that already; some buy the most ridiculous things but why cleaning instruments of all things? Why bother with equipment intent on getting mucked up, being outrageous colours like…bright pink had to be the worst!

A moment later the bespectacled teen registered a faint noise coming from this blonde mop that immediately cleared away his dredges of sleep as he realised the blonde stuff was hair attached to a scalp which in turn was part of Max's head…


Slightly embarrassed one tired Chief replied "Um…what Max?"

"You were really out of it there…anyway did you see Ty come in last night?"

"Huh? N-n-no Why?"

"Its just I woke up, like just now, and he wasn't in the room we shared and his bed looks un-slept in and there's no sign of his shoes anywhere…so I was wondering if you knew…"

"Sorry Max I don't. Did you two have something planned today?"

"Nah not really…I was just thinking maybe we should, I mean he kind of left in a huff yesterday,…midday like and I think I accidentally upset him…not that he wasn't already upset but you know…and its just…he's not usually up at this time and after what you told me last night, I have to admit I'm a little worried."

"(sigh) It is a little weird…but then it's like I said last night. If he was particularly upset he would have probably wanted to be alone for a little while and then come back when he was ready."

"Yeah but Kenny, we're in Russia…where would he go, if not here, with that storm raging before? There's enough room in this place to have some personal space. I just want to know where he is and if he's okay…with you know."

"You said it yourself; this accommodation is rather large, he is probably on its grounds somewhere and if not…the Beyblade Stadium…he might have gotten up early or ended up dropping to sleep in a stupid position like I did somewhere. If you are really concerned about all this (shrugging) then go investigate some areas."

"Yeah! I'll do that!" Max bounced off to get changed leaving Kenny to promptly flop back down contemplating catching some Zee's.

None of them had overslept, merely woken and dozed, waiting for some other to rise before them, a person who would ultimately push everyone into action…except neither of the four young men could be bothered to shift their…politely called 'assets' or to put it plainly shift their asses!

Of course there was always the possibility that neither participant wanted to acknowledge being at the scene or rather position he, next to the other three, were in. They had all fallen asleep, backs up against the sofa watching that pathetic film "Queen of…" something something…and had lolled, slumped and fallen all on top of one another. From a third person's point of view the jumble of bodies externally looked quite cosy and…if they dared say it in front of three well known ice princes…sort of cute; especially when all were asleep as each ones face regained its own softer quality as most do upon temporarily shutting the waking body down.

Ray's head, on the outer right side, had lolled onto Tala's shoulder over Kai, who had slumped upon his Chinese team-mate's lap, Tala's upper body reacting by leaning against Ray's sudden weight and lastly Bryan, on the outer left, curled around Tala's waist; face and shoulders facing towards his renewed boyfriend…all entangled upon the other.

They were saved the trouble of deciding when Tala's home phone rang out clearly into the mid-morning apartment. Springing up rather abruptly Tala snatched the device up causing his lover to smack his head and previously punched cheek onto the floor.

"Ray it's for you…" proffering his phone to the approaching individual. As said blader puzzling wondering who could be asking for him through Tala's phone answered said device, Tala popped off to the bathroom while Bryan and Kai returned with a glass of water each sitting or leaning upon the furniture around Ray.

"Ray here, whose this?...Hey Max!...Yes Kai's here with me…no…Tyson left late afternoon yesterday, why?...No and no, we've been here all night. What is it Maxie you sound stressed?...What do you mean 'can't find…'…Whoa! Calm down…I know we're not in Japan…Max stop. Max! Wha? No he left before it was too bad but um he was a bit upset…Oh just a little misunderstanding. Though…Bryan, Kai and I kind of took things a bit far…"

Overhearing snippets of the converse Kai butted in against Ray's apparent full apology when their blue-haired team mate had also been out of line.

"…Well Kai does have a point. Anyway it doesn't matter and you really should calm down Maxie, I'm sure Tyson wouldn't have tried to brave a storm when there wasn't any need to…" all silence descended upon the Chinese's side of the line, a chill almost visibly settling on the teen as his blonde friend proceeded to explain, freakily calmly, what their brunette mate had told him in turn. The three Demo boys listened in to the lack of conversation, watching in growing bewilderment as Ray seemingly paled with every spoken word.

Suddenly Ray's voice broke through the air again "Why weren't we told…?...too worried about others than himself…yes I know how he is…can you really not…oh okay…sure Max…"

Ray slowly rejoined the phone to its black cradle upon Tala's side table, tension and silence thickening all around while Bryan, Kai and Tala waited for an answer to their companion's obvious uneasiness. Aside from just that the raven haired teen looked quite pale and for a few scant moments there undeniably fragile as though an anvil of revelation was falling upon him. When they were finally able to see his golden eyes, the picture was clear; something was not right…Max had revealed something serious that was sure.

"I agreed we would meet Max and Kenny at Red Square in thirty minutes, from there we can split up to search" Ray hesitantly informed.

"Search? For what?"

"Tyson didn't go back to the hostel last night. Max has already checked a number of places including the Stadium, Park and BBA embassy, some shops and Bey-dishes but…nothing. He ran into Spencer who mentioned about Ty maybe being here so told Max your number and is apparently keeping a look out of his own."

"That's fine only why?" asked Tala

"Come on, Max is panicking. I'll explain everything on the way there" gestured Ray heading t the bathroom for a quick wash up.

"Hey, hang on! How did Spence know Ray and I would be here?"

"I spoke to him briefly yesterday. Mentioned how I was with you two."

"Ray come on what's up?" asked the red-head upon snatching the other's arm.

Sharply turning away Ray replied roughly "You want the simplest version that would…hmm explain a lot? (turning to face Kai in particular) Last night was the double digit anniversary of our team-mates mother's death and now he seems to have gotten himself lost somewhere in the city – as in he wandered off somewhere last night!"

Two sentences were all it took to halt everything for a matter of four moments before wafting hair, rustling clothes and running water signalled the sudden rush of activities. The four fully understood then why their blond companion had been almost shouting over the phone and why upon meeting him forty minutes later his breath was short, face tight and eyes alight with concern; basically Max was barely concealing his panic…he was being just a little too emotional and maybe overdramatic too for the others to stand.

However with that said, their blue-haired companion had gone wandering at five/six o'clock, perhaps through the night in the middle of a storm, in a place that was not exactly Japan…are you kidding me it was over a quarter a way round the globe…the boy was never very good at directions and on top of the emotional fix only intensified by yesterday You had the formula for a potentially volatile mix…the teen was hot-headed enough at the best of times!

"Chief! Why didn't you tell us about this earlier?!"

"Kai I-I thought you knew or…one of you."

Noticing that both Demo boys had tagged along as well, Max was curious as to why "Why are you two here?"

"Um well we sort of have a hand in why he probably went walkies."

"Yeah and how's that?" eyes hardening in defence of his best friend while absentmindedly noticing their guilty glances and that nobody seemed to want to answer his question. Kai and Ray refused to look him in the eye, though Kai's method was far more casually effective being as how he simply closed his eyes as usual, Bryan was unusually transparent and seemed slightly embarrassed over something while Tala stared quite stoically at him but deigned to say nothing…'it's so obvious I'm missing something important here.'

"Alright fine, don't tell us. I'm sure I don't want to know anyway. Just help us find him and I'll ignore whatever went on between you guys."

"So Max where have you checked – just the places you mentioned?"

"Uh-huh, the staff are gonna make sure Ty or someone calls me if they see him."

"I figure that the number of places Tyson knows is limited. If we split up and systematically check each, agreeing to meet back here afterwards with news or he himself. Really until then, you've got to remain calm Max, we will worry where he could be and cross that bridge when and if we come to it okay."

Nods and "Sure Chief" followed alternating around the group.

"I don't know about the past two days but someone ought to check the park, around here, the Kremlin, that shopping centre…you know the one with that massive sports shop and the leisure centre next door – someone should scope that out. Then there's that café and our accommodation back that way. Um…"

"How about the Abbey and woods around the stadium – didn't you (nodding) train with Tyson in there Kai during first year?" said Kenny looking around for confirmation while silently apologising for bringing up that place.

"If we're checking everywhere he knows then you should try the train station and there is a set of small craft shops and games court he and I visited day before yesterday."

"There is also the hotel we stayed at last time and the Lake…but I doubt he would go there, right?" interspersed Ray glancing around.

"No not without a ride and even with it would make no sense to" answered the brunette.

"Okay, everyone split up, take the places you know and you two (pointing at Max and Kenny) do not get lost in the process! We will all meet back here in an hour max" Kai informed taking charge like the leader he was.

So for the next sixty minutes heads of red, purple, brown, yellow, black and blue took to the streets of Russia's historic city; checking behind doors, inside buildings, under bridges, behind trees and in between structures. They asked the few they came across: security, staff and kids; creating echoes within colonnades of white trees and sleeping trains, long emptied but not forgotten test rooms where lights buzz and glisten on broken tubes that should never have been used.

But everywhere these five ventured the person they sought could not be found. Soon each relied on knowledge that one of their group was already back around Red Square with said individual – only to discover they had no such luck. Two in particular were beginning to remember what the lad had said less than twenty hours earlier and the full impact of their situation seeped in. After all when one talks about 'regretting their own existence' alongside potentially hazardous circumstances the issue of continuing that 'existence' may not seem worth it…fortunately both black and two-toned blue heads knew better than to let others panic…

Because with ideas all run out the blonde was finally allowed to stress, freely

Just because a flaring orange yellow rose, illuminated and shone down upon one part of a cityscape did not mean that the entire city benefited from its rays. As it was western outskirts, which included much of the countryside and suburbs of that orientation was experiencing a light morning drizzle that had failed to unload its burden before reaching a now drenched city. Honestly if the flora could sprout larynx' to speak they would be chanting to the heavens to stop making a swimming pool of their homes.

A brick building in bad need of refurbishing stood resolutely ostentatious between a varying assortment of structures and its presence was all the more accentuated by the large sign above its doors. Inside looked far more modern than the outside yet still seemed to need some repair otherwise the rather welcoming reception almost took the full reality edge off of the building. Yet its stone cells and empty bar windows in back clearly announced its function and authority for anyone to notice. Still it must have been a job moping out each cell floor every time it rained as a fine sheen of moisture wafted into the jail.

"Get up punk. Time to go."

The blue teen stiffly rose from his hard rough sleep and cold wake up 'shower' before he followed a blonde officer back out to his desk. Sleep, nausea and a dull head throb always a problem from sleeping after crying ensured to make even this dull room too bright, the floor to feel slanted and buzzing bees within his ears and blurring mucus within each eye making everything all the more difficult to comprehend.

His 'captor' appeared to be looking at him half-expectantly though for what he did not have a clue, just as he was clueless as to where he was…a problem that had only just settled on his mind. With no money, no decent sense of direction – there was no point lying to himself about that – and with still soaked through clothes he was not sure how he was going to get back into familiar territory.

Oh he knew he was in a police station, knew he had stayed the night, knew he had managed to walk here…well mostly…but he had no way no how paid any mind to where his feet had taken him other than somewhere out of the way. He was not even sure if he was still in Moscow though that seemed highly unlikely.

Needing advice he shook himself to comprehending ability before referring to the blonde man – still on duty?! – and questioned as confidently as he felt "Um could you tell me how to get to the…well the Red Square will do, I suppose…from here?"

"That where you live?"

"Uh-uh no…I'm staying somewhere near the large sports stadium."

"That's quite a distance, over on the other side of the city that is. We're talking a good seven miles and I don't believe you need to get any wetter" gesturing outside.

'I cannot have walked seven miles…ok ok not seven exactly but…can I?'

"Get a taxi to take you" interjected the officer.

"I-I can't, no cash and I don't know if anyone will be there for me to lend any…"

The other officer still felt more than a little offended with this foreigner in front of him's behaviour "Well ya ain't staying here. And don't think we're giving ya a lift, not after what ya did! Ya have got some nerve ya little…"

"Partner your not helping." The blonde said appeased "you could just walk it but we do have a responsibility towards people's safety whether we happen to like that person or not. You will probably be ill going back out there…and I would not want anymore innocents to come to 'harm'" he added as a sneered afterthought.

'Right…so I can't stay here and I'm not allowed to leave on my own…hmph why can't things be simple…' frustrated and tired Tyson admitted defeat, he was going to have to call the cavalry, namely one short brunette that he had half-promised to leave alone. "May I use the phone then?" it was a long shot since his friend had no mobile, hopefully though, if luck was on his side he could get to him through someone else…

"Over there…knock yourself out."

Here's hoping. (Fingers crossed)

An overly joyous tune disrupted a gloomy atmosphere around its owner who jumped in surprise. A blonde teen scrambled to flip his phone and exterminate the currently very irritating noise, not recognising the digital number upon his green screen he answered it anyway "Hello?"

"…Tyson?" forcing everyone around to become suddenly attentive "…where…Ty?...we're…but…okay okay…here he is...He wants to speak with you Chief" passing his mobile to a bemused brunette.


/Kenny! Look…/

"Tyson! Where the heck are you?! What were you thinking walking off and not telling anyone and while we're in a whole different COUNTRY! We've been looking for you everywhere! How can you be so stupid! If you've gotten yourself ill do not come running to me about it…."The others sweat dropped in response to genius' sudden unexpected and very condescending temper rant. Although Tala could not help thinking maybe the lad was bipolar in personality from not knowing him all that well, when Kenny switched moods so abruptly.


"Sorry. Are you okay? Just tell me where you are so I can relate."

/I'm…alright. As to where I am well…/

"Well?" Kenny was told a street name that Tyson read from the wall in front of him while Kenny set up Dizzy to coordinate where in the city that was.

"Please tell me you didn't spend all night on the street, right?"

/Um no...Did I mention that there is a police station right in the centre and I spent the night there…?/

Picking some odd tone in his friends voice Kenny hesitantly asked why, to which Tyson hurriedly yet nervously responded having a fair idea how his friend on the other end of the line would react…"You WHAT!?" startling a few small birds not to mention everyone in the vicinity who could hear him.

/Umm…I…got arrested…?/ still wincing from his now throbbing eardrum.

"Dammit Ty…"

/Look I kind of need someone to come and get me. These guys aren't letting me go without an escort, its raining here still and I haven't got any cash on me. So umm if I called a taxi would you be able to…/

"I'm not surprised they want you to have an escort! Look just wait there, I'll get a taxi come pick you up and bring you back."

/But chief that will cost a fortune!/

"There isn't a lot of choice is there! You will just have to pay me back. I will see you soon, so don't move."

Promptly hanging up Max's phone he turned to the others who looked rather puzzled from their conversation. Of course, they had only heard his side of it.

"Soooo…where is he?" asked Tala.

"And why would he need an escort?" followed Ray.

"You remember Max some of the stuff I told you? Well… seems he is on the other side of the city, in a police station after being arrested last night for smacking some priest." Chief replied exasperatedly.

As expected a certain degree of stunning revelation not dissimilar to Kenny's outburst travelled over the group of adolescents, some found this quite shocking, some unbelievable and all uncharacteristic to be rendered rather speechless. I mean what is there to say? As far as they were aware the blunette had never assaulted anyone before, least of all a holy man, unlikely that the kid had ever been in comparable trouble before either. Well…at least it explained why Kenny looked on the verge of a coronary moments ago.

"I am going to get a taxi there, pick him up and bring him back…can I borrow your phone Max?"


"Wait. I have a car, I will drive you there" Bryan spoke carefully speaking up for the first time.

"I don't know love, being in such a closed space with you might not be such a good idea yet."

"It's a four seater right?"

"Five, counting the middle, but yes?"

"Just thinking the sooner we get things straight the better. He's expecting Kenny, you'll (pointing at Bryan) have to drive, with myself and Ray. Then if Max wants to go he can. On a side note we'll also get to relax quicker."

"Nah I can wait. You guys have obviously got something hanging to sort out so let Tala be your fifth passenger, I'll catch up with him later" said Max waving them off.

Half an hour later saw a more composed – for the moment – lilac driver adjacent to an infinitely better red-head in front of two thoughtfully frowning individuals and one smaller angry and disappointed brunette, heading on a direct course to the cities outer reaches. It had stopped raining; a more pleasant sunscape now shining through all area of streets and infrastructures; brightening what was to be another dreary day.

It had already been decided that the brunette would enter first, retrieving their missing and briefly explaining the four other presences outside before his two team mates followed forward for a quick chat…mend the simplest cracks first, work when more appropriate timing is available on the harder gaps later…then returning as one to the final individual hovering by his car. The red head acting as a gatekeeper who will refuse to let his other pass without accomplishing his task first. Naturally said redheaded Russian was making like he was a five year old dressed up in a ridiculous outfit and bragging because he was the 'star' player.

Chief Kenny entered the slightly rundown building immediately spotting his blue haired friend circled by three others in uniform; they were talking about something and from the dirty looks the tall blond kept sending his friends way Kenny figured these were the officers from previous evening's events. The dark haired one who was actually not in uniform passed by him on his way out simultaneously locking attention from those really in uniform in the room.

"Can I help you?"

"Ah I'm here for him"


"Oh goody, take this blasphemous child off of my hands!"

Beckoning "Come on Ty…time to go back. Do I need to sign him out or anything?"

"No" blondie supplied "Just take him. We have all ready given him a warning."

Turning away from his 'captors' Tyson walked towards his long-time mate swivelling back for a moment to mumble an apology over his still damp dark red clad shoulder before retreating to a safer distance from the officers though perhaps not to the safest person right now. He fully expected to go out side yet was puzzled that instead they stopped just outside the interior doors yet before the actual entry/exit portal.

"Chief? You came by taxi right?"

"Ah…not exactly."


"First things first. Just tell me are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

"Well you don't look it. Look at you, you're still soaking wet, you're shivering and pale…"

"…didn't sleep well is all. Yeah I'm a little cold and…okay so I do feel a bit rough but…no problem."

"Yes well I realise we have barely seen one another this week and I cannot help but feel a little guilty of that…"

"Don't be. I've been telling you for years and you're only now taking my advice? If anyone should be guilty it is me and only me."

"But maybe if I had stuck by you wouldn't have been put into this posi..."

"Kenny I don't want to hear it! I walked out due to reasons you certainly had no control over; I punched that guy…though I wasn't really thinking at the time…and I ended up staying here out of choice…no matter how unreasoned that choice really was…you are not to blame for anything of this. Got it!?"

He continued once receiving a nod "now what do you mean by not exactly?"

"Ah well, I don't know the circumstances or anything but you had something of a falling out with Ray and Kai yesterday which somehow involved Bryan and Tala?"

Shaking his head 'please don't tell me their out there! Please. I don't want to deal with that again…not now.' "Are they…outside?" his suspicions were confirmed and the want, no the need, to run back in and force those back inside to give him his cell back just to get away from the impending fight became steadily more appealing. Unfortunately for him some kind of silent signal had been sent as his team mates walked through the door 'drat. I'm tired I don't wanna do this over again…'

There he was, appearing quite unhappy to see Kai and myself here though I suppose that's no surprise. It seemed none of us knew what to say, or rather I knew what needed to be said I just did not know how to. I certainly did not want to end up in a shouting match again and Tyson looked like he seriously could do without that. In fact he looked on the brink of breaking down if anything more went wrong. I tried catching his gaze but instead watched how he glanced at us, opened his mouth and then seemed to change his mind, gritted his teeth and turned his head to one side in…what was that annoyance? No…it's more like embarrassment or shame…heh it's probably all three and you call yourself good at reading people. Suddenly it wasn't so hard anymore like his small movement was the crack in a foundation of stone that would very soon crumble under its own weight because of that fault.

I knew how to start. Now I just had to hope Kai could or maybe that's would follow me through…except I was beaten to the punch and I don't think anyone present could have guessed he would crumble first.

"I'm sorry"

Our team mate's head whipped around in surprise almost unable to believe Kai had let go of his pride first…what am I saying?! I cant believe it…as well as I know the guy I expected him to mostly stand there and nod, maybe a yes or something but not outright…had hell frozen over?! Okay so I am not one normally for such clichés but that really does fit right now.

"For what?" and again that was not the expected response…this day is getting weirder.

"What, you want me to spell it out loud!" oh-oh. Kai must have noticed Tyson flinch because he just winced in return. Maybe I should interve…

"…for…you know for…misjudging you completely."

"You only knew what you were told."

"Don't give me that naivety. And would just accept that I'm admitting you were right?!"

"Or that we should have listened to more than simply Bryan's side of everything…"

"Tyson, you really should have mentioned about this week."

"Wait wait. What about this week? What's there to…?"

"I'm sorry Ty but I kind of told Max about, you know…"


"It just sort of slipped out. I thought you had said something…I didn't mean to break confidence or anything…I'm really sorry…" ah and now chief was upset, never mind weirder this day was getting increasingly more depressing.

Tyson sighed tiredly, whatever posture he had still been holding vanished completely then and I could not help but notice that our friend really did look like he was about to fall down and not get back up for a long time. Instead he answered in a voice that entirely matched his current presence and sounded as though someone I did not know was trying to speak normally through a strong wind.

"It doesn't matter Kenny. Really." Chief doubted that, it was clear, even more so when Tyson tried to put a no-problem cheery smile on his face and failed utterly…it looked more like a grimacing half-smile Kai or Bryan would frequent. "Look Kenny your all probably right, I probably should have given some warning on…you know. I was…hoping…I don't know…I just thought…I could…URGH!(fists and body clenching)'s just another year…I mean ten years you would think…"

"Ten is a significant number. It's a solid number with two digits. It is the same kind of principle as when a child turns ten years of age, they are no longer in the little leagues and to some, say they parents or siblings that is a big deal."

"…yeah I guess so Ray…still…"

One track path is not a good thing and we were not going to get anywhere – like out of this station – at this rate "Friends right?" I asked sticking my hand out for him to shake, marginally fearing he wouldn't. He looked at me dumbfounded but I must have played it right though for he stuck out his hand, wrist and arm attached, and shook mine as though my slight innuendo to the contrary of what I was asking was an absurd thing to even suggest! I glanced at Kai briefly wondering what our Russian member would do, even just one of his trademark smirk slash smiles that told all was right again…at least in that little yet extremely complex mind of his. Instead Chief and I watched as our not-so aloof team mate flicked his wrist out to form what would have been clashed as the beginning of a handshake if Tyson had followed through. Perhaps being more than a little stunned – and pleasantly surprised – he launched himself wrapping Kai in a rather large hug that toppled them both to the floor, earning an irritated shout and scowl from a 'I've-returned-to-normality-Kai'.

Still I imagine we will still have to sort out all the little kinks of these past few days later on. So looking forward to that episode.

Bryan and I watched as they came outside 'AWOL Tyson' in tow. His appearance was as bad as I figured it would be though it was nothing compared to the spectacle he was two days ago, at least this time around he was wet, damp and chilly rather than frozen, dry and cold. I think it was safe to say he was going home next week with a cold virus. Ah well.

Kai, Ray and Kenny stopped just short behind Tyson practically caging him into standing in front of my reinstated lover where I stood blocking his path as planned. Now that we were all here and waiting I realised the simple plan was not quite as simple as we had led ourselves to believe. Only God knew how this little confrontation would go because the possibilities in my mind were rather endless, though I'm not quite deluded enough to think they will grin at each other glomping while making the sun shine and all right with the world 'cause that kind of cheesy sentiment never happens in the real world.

then again I did not expect them to attempt to murder each other either. That would have been silly, and my Bryan just doesn't do silly

So instead they stared at each other…the silence less than comfortable. Bry was obviously having trouble forming words that would rid him of the embarrassment I know very well he is feeling without making more of a prat of himself. Although, I could be wrong about the last statement, he may just be having an issue with that pride of his…I love his headstrong pride of course, I adore everything about him; from his hard eyes that have literally melted for me to his indifferent nature to his almost arrogant possession and determination in all of his passions to his intelligent humour and never mind what people say about my 'frosty' boyfriend his body is undeniably hot. I could be in midst of a cold shower yet one look at him and a million flames are rushing down my spine…my god he is absolutely delicious! Roughish lips...pearly firm skin…bittersweet taste…and long hard pulsing

Whoa but what am I saying …gottostop thinking like that or we'll get arrested for public indecency. Not that we didn't get caught that time in the graveyard…

I must have really been daydreaming as Bryan's started talking – better start listening to what he is saying in case someone needs back up.

"…'ala's explained to me what really happened. Apparently I have to apologise" Bryan said jerking his head towards me. Ah so that's his chosen tactic. Even though both Kai and Ray (and myself) know otherwise, he is making it out to be more my insistence than his own idea…clever. We are certainly not going to correct something as insignificant as that though I don't think it would matter if we did, I think Tyson's seeing right through the pretence anyway…if the look on his face is anything to go by.

"So…I'm sorry for…well…"

"…For not trusting us? Or Tala?"

"Yes but…I said some things that…" oh-oh he's stuttering. I hate to make him do this considering he feels so humiliated with it all but it is necessary. "…in reality had no meaning and accused you of things that were not necessary." Bryan's head was still directly frontal but even from behind I knew he was looking elsewhere, probably anywhere that allowed him not to stare into anyone's eyes.

No matter now if Tyson can… "It's okay as long as you and Tala have worked things out."

"We have."

"Good. Ah…is your cheek alright? Sorry about that."

"It's fine just a bruise."

"You shocked us somewhat when you hit him you know." Ray put in.

"No doubt, course I thought this bozo here was going to kill you for a second there." I half-teasingly said, elbowing my boyfriend in his ribs. He had stopped looking so uncomfortable now that he had done the hard part and his so called 'rival' had waved it all off like someone would waft off a fly. I noticed he looked at me before glancing straight at Tyson mumbling a 'thanks' before retreating to his seat, I think the blunette was fairly surprised over such a phrase coming from him particularly as it was directed at him.

Right then time to go home, I may have forgiven my gorgeous boyfriend but he's still got a lot to make up for and this time I'm not letting him go until I'm satisfied (14)

It may not have been the most thrilling of 'rescues' but it did the job. All the teens began to turn towards the car when one tired bluenette decided to point out something extremely obvious…there were six of them present!

Tala even had the idiocy to ask why that was important which in turn gained the attention of the others, all who did not seem to realise their current circumstance.

"Guys by any chance am I supposed to sit in the boot or something?"


"Tala. There are only five seats and there is…ummm…lets see…one two three…six of us" mockingly counting his fellows heads. The red head blushed while Kenny sheepishly umm'd and erred, Kai looked momentarily dumbfounded while Ray clearly pointed his opinion with a 'oops'.

Half out of his seat Bryan, who had already noticed this fact, informed that four of them would have to squish in the backseat as it would be less obvious than having three people upfront.

"Well then…Kenny you go in the front."

"Hang on, are you trying to imply I'm fat?" the brunette said indignantly.

"No not at all it's just your shorter and chunky."

"You ARE implying he's fat!" Tyson insulted on behalf of Chief said, tensing angrily.

Not wanting to start another argument and certainly not wanting to be bruised Tala lifted his hands in a defence/surrender gesture "No no I'm not. But it is a uh fact that taller people have um slimmer no I mean more lanky body structures, easier to fit into tight spaces uh together than shorter people like him." Seeing that Tyson only looked slightly appeased the red head moved into a very comical gesture, hands shielding his head and practically pleading the younger to not hit him.

"Just get in must you always cause trouble" said Bryan frustrated.

So with Kenny upfront the others systematically piled into the back not bothering to go around instead sliding across the seats. Kai followed by Ray followed by Tyson and finally Tala; Ray and Tyson more sitting on each other than on the seat beneath them.

Just setting to be on their way a loud noise rumbled throughout the car causing everyone to stare at their reconciled companion who grinned sheepishly rubbing a hand over his hair at the overly loud and embarrassing noise his stomach continued to make.

"I'm going to regret this but…when did you last have something to eat?" Ray hesitantly asked in mild concern.

"Ah well…that would be…yesterday around two pm. But I only had what was left of that pasta I didn't have anything proper really…and that's it."

"You had a slice of toast at mine before leaving."

"Yeah and whatever crap you tried to kill me with the other night" scrunching up his face in disgust.

"I was not! I simply followed my doctor's instructions."

"Oh I see and your doctor specifically told you to straddle me on the floor, force my throat open and chucking it right down, never mind that I couldn't swallow anything in that position?!"

"Well maybe if you had just taken it like I told you to I wouldn't have succumbed to such tactics and threats. Hmm?"

"So where we going?"

"Somewhere with lots and lots of food please."

Even though their amusement was clear everyone groaned. Whatever greyness had settled over the boys seemed to have lifted, it appeared that everything had worked out for the best, providing they remembered to keep their Japanese blunette away from meddling clergymen in the future and in particular that one he met last night. After hearing what he could remember of it all over a large buffet big enough to feed two hungry and very pregnant women they decided that was especially the case. The Chief though feeling slightly sick watching his old friend eat so much – he ought to be used to it by now – felt relieved that he had gotten his appetite and normal mind-set back after what he had discovered must have been quite a hectic week. Thankfully the teens had another week to make up on all lost time, this time perhaps without all the accidents, distress and heavy hearts.

Of course there were two Russians who had far longer than a mere week to make up; Bryan Moroz was not going to forget his mistake for long time to come….then again if his lover had anything to do with it he would probably end up applauding his error very much so….


(14) Personally I think Tala's character is way wrong in this scene...or maybe it's the better version here than anywhere else…whatever…just saying I wasn't too sure on the overall ending much. It was sort of a realisation after the decision to drive them all there by car with the five in said car that I realised MY mistake and pretty much used that as my ending…since it was all like 'how do I end this thing'?

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