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Summary: Exar Kun appears and begins to set up Kyp. Exar Kun plans on finally taking his revenge on Kyp. Kyp, along with Zekk and Jag, are thrown into a struggle against the mightyist Sith Lord, and the Gallactic Allaince itself. There will be secrets revealed in the temple of Yavin IV. A few people will aid the convicted Jedi Master, like Luke and Han, but most are against him. Can he clear his name, as well as stop Exar Kun from throwing the galaxy into an eternal war, and darkness. The ultimate battle has begun. And Kyp is in the center of it all, can they survive, or will they face ultimate destruction. And, what of his growing feelings for Jaina. You will just need to read and fined out. JainaxZekk implied, JainaxKyp is the actual pairing.

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Chapter 1

Kyp woke up slowly from his seat in the cockpit of the small space vessel. He sighed when he noticed how long it was till they reached Csilla. "Damn, can't this thing move any faster," he muttered under his breath.

"Calm down Master Durron," came a voice from behind him. Kyp turned his gaze around to see Zekk standing there. "We aren't in a hurry, are we?"

"No Zekk," Kyp sighed. Zekk was a Jedi Knight, he became one during the Yuuzhan Vong war. Kyp thought for a moment of how long its been since then, 10 years, man that was a long time ago. "How are you doing?"

"I'm fine Master Durron," Zekk replied, taking the co-pilot seat right next to him. He took a glance at the hyperdrive meter. It was about thirty minutes till they arrived in the space around Csilla. "I hope things go with out a hitch."

"Same here," Kyp nodded. "Wonder why he wanted to talk to me personally, something about a threat to the Chiss."

"Yeah, I wonder myself," Zekk said.

"I hope Jag and Jaina aren't still dating," Kyp muttered.

"What was that?" Zekk asked with a glance to the Jedi Master beside him.

"Nothing," Kyp quickly stated turning back to his instruments. He slowly leaned back into his seat and thought about the past. He didn't know why, just felt like it he guessed. He thought of the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, the Kilik incident, and what was happening to the Jedi while Luke was gone. And the most important events, the time he spent with Jaina. He knew he loved her, but he just couldn't bring himself to tell her. Especially with Jag and Zekk in the picture. He was envious of the two of them, they both have been with Jaina. Kyp sighed and closed his eyes for a short nap. His thoughts on Jaina most of the time as their ship glided through space, and towards Csilla.


In about 20 minutes, the instruments blared and signaled their arrival in Chiss space. Kyp quickly sat up and began pressing buttons to disengage the hyperdrive. The starlines turned back into stars, and the planet of Csilla was floating in front of them. He motioned for Zekk to begin the landing procedrures while he contacted the Chiss. He picked up the communit and clicked it on. "This is Kyp Durron aboard the Journey," he announced over the comm.

"Mr. Durron," came a female voice from the other end. "We have been expecting you. I'm Sheran, Baron Jag's pesonal servant."

"Ok, what's our landing destination?" Kyp asked.

"You will dock in hanger 9, I'll be there to meet you," Sheran said.

"Understood, Durron out," Kyp said. With that, he clicked off the communit and took the controls and glided the ship towards Csilla. They landed a few seconds later, on an icey plane. He dropped the ramp and followed Zekk off the ship.

"Kyp Durron I presume," a femal with a clean blue dress and long red hair stood near them with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Yes, and I guess you are Sheran," Kyp said.

"You got that right," Shera nodded. She turned her red eyes to Zekk and looked him over. "And who is this."

"This is my friend Zekk, I asked him to accompany me," Kyp said. "Just a precaution."

"Understood," Sheran said. "Now, if you would follow me." She motioned for them to follow her and lead them out through an opening in the hanger and down a frozen path. They turned at one of the corners and walked along the frozen lake. Kyp glanced to his side to see some vegetation actually growing on the icey surfuse.

"How does vegetation grow on this planet?" Kyp asked. Zekk also turned his head to see what Kyp was talking about and looked back to Sheran.

"These plants are immune to the frozen area here," Sheran replied. "They are able to grow anywhere on this planet, and we use them for medicine."

"I see," Kyp nodded. They followed her to a giant building in the center of the area. They walked in and saw Jag sitting at a table, waiting for them.

"Kyp, I was expecting to see you alone," Jag said. He gave a short glance before getting up and walking over to them. He gave Sheran a kiss and then turned to look at Kyp and Zekk.

"I thought you were dating Jaina?" Kyp asked with a little hope.

"We broke up during the Kilik incident," Jag answered. "Now Zekk is going out with her."

'What?' Kyp asked himself. He turned to see Zekk with a smile.

"Yep, we are," Zekk said proudly. Kyp sighed and turned back to Jag.

"So, why did you want to see me?" Kyp asked.

"I have something I need to discuss in private," Jag said. He motioned for Sheran to come over. "I want you to take Zekk to an apartment building. Kyp and myself will join him shortly."

"Understood," Sheran nodded. She turned to Zekk and motioned for him to follow. Zekk spared a glance at Kyp before following the Chiss woman out of the room. Jag turned and walked to the table. He sat down formely in his chair, and motioned for Kyp to join him.

"Now then, I want to know if you heard about the man going around and killing anybody associated with the Gallactic Alliance?" Jag asked.

"I don't think so," Kyp answered.

"Well, this figure has been spotted here on Csilla. And he looks like you Kyp," Jag said with a finger pointing at Kyp. "Why are you doing this?"

"But, I just flew in today," Kyp said, trying to defend himself.

"Yeah, and the man left not so long ago," Jag said. "So, I don't think I can believe you."

"You have too, I wouldn't do anything like this," Kyp said.

"I know of your past, Jaina told me," Jag said with anger in his tone. "And I can bet, you would do something like this." Kyp looked down at his hands, a frown plastared across his face. He suddenly felt pain in his head and quickly grabbed it, sweat pouring down his face. An image of a man in black robes with red eyes appeared, a smile plastared on his face. Kyp couldn't make out what the man was saying, the only thing he could make out, was the man's name. And the name shocked him to death.

"I'm Exar Kun..."the voice muttered.

"No. No!" Kyp screamed allowed. Jag raised his eyebrow and pushed his chair back staring at Kyp with puzzeled eyes. "You can't be! You're dead!" Jag wondered who he was talking to, but stood quiet so he could hear the name.

"Yes, I can be," Exar Kun said, more clearly now. "I'm the darkness in your heart, and you can't get rid of me."

"The darkness in my heart?" Kyp said with a confused voice.

"I would advise you to go check on Zekk," Exar Kun said again. "No telling what could happen to him."

"Leave him alone Exar Kun!" Kyp screamed, standing up from his seat.

"Oh, I thought you would want to kill him for taking Jaina away from you," Exar Kun laughed.

"Shut up!" Kyp screamed again and turned to Jag. "It's Zekk, he's in trouble."

"If he is in trouble then that means..." Jag paused for a moment, "THAT SHERAN IS IN TROUBLE!" He pulled out his blaster and ran out of the room, closely followed by Kyp.

"Please Zekk, be alive," Kyp thought to himself as they headed down the frozen roads.


Zekk followed closely behind Sheran, taking in all the stuff around him. There wasn't much to see though, it was mostly glaciers and stuff. They turned the corner and came to a ramp leading to a fancy building. "Are those the apartments?"

"Yep, they are only reserved for Jag's special guests," Sheran replied. Zekk stood with his mouth open, never before had he seen a fancier place. He quickly picked up the pace and ran after Sheran. They were almost to the door, when they saw a light emerge and strike through two Chiss guards. "What the hell?"

"Who are you!" Zekk commanded. The figure slowly turned around, and revealed his face for the first time. "K-Kyp," Zekk stammared.

"Why hello," Kyp laughed.

"Why are you doing this?" Zekk asked his hand all ready on his lightsaber. Kyp just gave a short laugh as he stepped towards the boy.

"For revenge," Kyp simply replied. He ignited his lightsaber and charged for Zekk. He didn't have enough time to attack, but he saw Kyp stop, by a purple lightsaber clashed against his red one. "What the-" He didn't finish the sentence as he was forced push into an icey wall. He raised his eye to see the real Kyp standing before him.

"Kyp?" Zekk asked unsure. "Then, who is that." Jag then appeared beside him, his blaster drawn.

"I believe his name is Exar Kun," Jag answerd. Kyp nodded his head as he got into a fighting stance.

"Haha, you think you can defeat me," Exar Kun laughed. "You are a fool. But, I don't want to fight you right now. I want you to suffer for defiying me."

"What do you mean?" Kyp asked.

"I believe everyone believes you are the one killing everyone," Exar Kun chuckled. "And they will be after you in a second. Well then, goodbye." With those last words Exar Kun disappeared in a dark vapor.

"Sith spawn!" Kyp cursed. He punched the frozen ground with his fist and just stayed there, on his knees.

"Come on, we need to get you someplace safe," Jag said. Kyp nodded as he let Jag and Zekk lift him to his feet. "This way," he said, guiding them towards his home. They kept their eyes moving, and hoped that Exar Kun wouldn't decide to attack them at this moment in time.


It was an hour before they finally arrived at Jag's personal home. It was bigger than mostly everyother buidling, but industrial areas, on Csilla. He clicked open the door and guided his three compainons into the house. He led them to the living room and motioned for them to sit down. "I'll go get some drinks," Jag said before heading for his kitchen.

"So, what now?" Zekk asked.

"I think we should go after Exar Kun," Kyp simply replied. "I have to kill him. It's the only way for me to move on."

"What do you mean?" Sheran asked.

"Years ago, when Han saved me from the mines of Kessel, I became a Jedi and shortly was controlled by Exar Kun," Kyp began. "I killed many people with the power of the Sun Crusher. But, thanks to Han's efforts of reasoning, and Luke's intervention against Exar Kun, I was free. Through the years, I kept filling Exar Kun's pressense, and sometimes acted darker than usual. You know what I mean, right Zekk?"

"Yes, I do," Zekk answered with a nod.

"Exar Kun is a remnant of my past, and I have to put an end to it," Kyp said. "So, are you with me Zekk?"

"I am," Zekk said with a smile.

"And so am I," Jag said, returning with a few drinks. As he set them down, the holonet turned on and they looked to see a picture of Kyp on the screen.

"This man is Kyp Durron, a rogue Jedi Master, who is killing many people within the Gallactic Allaince," the announcer said. Everyone stared with their mouths open, this couldn't be, they all thought. "The advisery council, as well as a few others, are trying their best to find out where Kyp is. When they do, they will arest this criminal. If anyone has any information, then please contact the authuroties. We will protect you, so be on the look out." The announcer disappeared to be replaced with a commercial.

"What do we do now?" Zekk asked.

"We need to leave as soon as we can," Jag said.

"Baron Jag, you aren't going, right?" Sheran asked.

"I have to love, I will return," Jag said, kissing his girlfriend on the lips. "You will be in charge till I return. I now declare you Baron Sheran."

"Okay, then I will go and start my duties then. Just, be careful," Sheran said with a worried face.

"Don't worry," Jag said. Kyp, Zekk, and Jag waved goodbye to Sheran, as she left to Jag's office. "We should leave at night, when everyone is in their houses."

"I agree," Kyp nodded.

"I hope some people are with us on the council," Zekk said.

"I'm sure Han is," Kyp said. "And possibly Luke. I don't know about the others. Jaina might be against me."

"Why do you say that?" Zekk asked.

"We haven't been on good terms for a while," Kyp replied.

"I hope she is in on our side, I don't want to have to fight her," Zekk said, his face turning to look at the ground.

"I don't want to fight her either," Kyp muttered.

"You two should get some rest," Jag said. "I will wake you up when its time to leave." Kyp and Zekk nodded before heading off for some sleep.


It was a few hours later, and the trio was running through Csilla, heading for the spaceport. They were able to dodge a few Chiss, but had to stun a few as well. They reached the spaceport and quickly ran for the Royal Hanger. Kyp and Zekk stopped when they saw the Chiss vessel in front of them. It was a ship colored silver, and had some red streaks across its sides. Jag ran up the ramp and was immediatly in the pilots seat. Kyp and Zekk joined them on the bridge and he motioned for them to take a seat. He picked up the communit. "This is Outrunner, requesting permission to take off." They hoped with all their might that the people in the control room didn't suspect a thing.

"Alright Outrunner, prepared for launch," a male voice said. The doors to the hanger slowly creeped open, and the Outrunner was taking off. They headed into the space around Csilla, and Jag turned around to face Kyp.

"Do you know where Exar Kun might be?" Jag asked.

"I'm guessing he is on Yavin IV," Kyp replied.

"Okay," Jag said. "Let me punch in the coordinates." He turned to his instruments and began to press in the proper coordinates for travel. He then moved his hand to the hyperdrive level and pulled it. The stars turned to starlines as they headed into hyperspace. "All right, we should take a nap, it will be a while after all."

"Good idea," Zekk said. He got up from his seat and walked off towards the beds in the back. Kyp sighed at the retreating Jedi and also stood up.

"Kyp?" Jag asked. Kyp slowly turned around to face the man.

"What do you want?" Kyp replied.

"I want to know if something is wrong," Jag said.

"I don't know," Kyp said before starting for the door.

"You love her, don't you," Jag said. Kyp stopped right then and turned to look at Jag.

"W-What?" Kyp asked, unsure of what he was saying.

"You love Jaina," Jag repeated. Kyp quickly turned around to hide his sad eyes from Jag.

"Yeah, I do," Kyp said. "But, don't tell Zekk, I'll tell him when I'm ready." Kyp then left the room and headed for his bed as well.

"Man, Jaina is having one hell of a love life," Jag smiled. "Good thing we broke up. I couldn't handle two other people on her heels. Good luck to the both of you." Jag sighed as he got out of his chair and walked out of the room. "Well, better get some sleep. Exar Kun is going to be a tough battle." With that he headed to his bed and lay down. He thought about everything for a few moments, before drifting off to sleep.

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