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Chapter 3

The Chiss space craft exited hyperspace near the green planet of Yavin IV. Kyp stood in the cargo hold staring down at the planet from his veiw point. "It's been so long," he muttered to himself.

"Yes it has," a voice said from behind him. Kyp turned his head to see Zekk standing not to far away.

"I'm ready to end this," Kyp announced as he turned around and headed out of the room. "Let's go Zekk." The young Jedi just nodded before heading out after the older man. They headed down the cooriders and entered the bridge to see Jag preparing for landing. "Is everything ready?"

"It is," Jag said. "You two better take your seat." Zekk and Kyp took their appropriate seats and waited as Jag turned the ship towards the atmosphere and pushed the throttle in. The ship entered the heat of re-entry and continued to pick up speed as it headed closer to the planets surface. Jag turned the throttle up and leveled out the ship before it hit the trees. They glided through the air for a while before Jag spotted the largest of the Massassi Temple. "That must be it." Kyp closed his eyes for a second before opening them up again.

"It is, I can sense Exar Kun's presence," Kyp said. "He is waiting for us."

"Well, we better not keep him waiting," Zekk commented.

"All right guys, here we go," Jag said. He brought the ship down and landed it a few feet away from the temple. Jag stood up and walked over to a containment box, and pulled out a blaster and put it in his holster. "Let's go." Zekk and Kyp nodded before following Jag off the ship. They sprinted to the temple and quickly entered it, not knowing what dangers they would face.


A lone Gallactic Alliance warship exited hyperspace and hovered over the planet of Yavin IV. "We've reached our destination Admiral," a crewman said.

"Good," Admiral Trandin said with a small smirk. "Let's prepare for the arrival of Cal Omas and his fleet."

"Sir!" the Comm. Officer called out.

"What is it?" Trandin asked.

"We got a message from Cal Omas," the Comm. Officer stated.

"Well then, patch it through," Trandin instructed. A hologram of Cal Omas appeared in front of him.

"Admiral, have you arrived at Yavin IV?" Cal asked.

"Yes Cheif of State," Trandin saluted. "We are orbiting the planet now."

"Good," Cal Omas nodded. "I must worn you that the Millenium Falcon is on its way."

"To help us right?" Trandin asked. Cal Omas simply shook his head at the admiral.

"No, they are on Kyp's side," Cal Omas said. "I want you to make sure they don't reach the planets surface."

"Understood sir!" Trandin saluted. Cal Omas nodded before signing off. "All right, all men on stations!" The crew came to life and began to head to their respective areas. "I hope we don't lose this," he muttered. He sat down in his command chair and let out a heavy sigh. "I'm to old for this."


Jag walked in front of the group, Zekk following him, and Kyp at the rear. Their eyes constantly moved as they watched for any signs of an attack. "Strange," Jag muttered.

"What is?" Zekk asked.

"Well, it's quiet, too quiet," Jag muttered.

"I agree," Kyp said. Zekk wondered what they meant, but suddenly the ground beneath his feet crumbled and he began to fall to the bottom of the temple. "Zekk!" Kyp called. He ran forward and jumped forward to grab the boy's hand. He grabbed the hand but was pulled down into the darkness with Zekk.

"Kyp! Zekk!" Jag yelled out franticly he ran to the edge and looked down into the darkness. "Sith spawn," he cursed through clenched teeth.

"Jag.." came a weak voice over the communit. Jag pulled out the communit and clicked it on.

"Jag here, are you two all right?" Jag asked with a worried voice.

"Yeah, we're fine, that was one hell of a drop," Kyp replied.

"I bet," Jag said. "Can you guys get up here?"

"We can find a way up there," Kyp answered. "You should continue up however. We must stop Exar Kun."

"Understood," Jag said. "Just don't end up killing Zekk."

"I'll try," Kyp scoffed. The communit went silent and Jag stood up and began to walk off towards a far door.

"Please be safe," Jag muttered as he began the long trip up the temple's pathways.


"You okay Zekk?" Kyp asked. Zekk lifted his head up to see the older man looking down at him.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Zekk moaned. He got into a sitting position and looked up to see where he dropped from. "Man, that is one hell of a drop."

"You got that right," Kyp nodded in agreement. He brought his gazed down and started to get up. "Well, we need to meet up with Jag."

"Ok," Zekk nodded. He got himself up off the ground and together they ran down the closest hallway. They ran for a few minutes until they saw a few figures walking towards them. Zekk and Kyp pulled out their lightsabers and activated the briliant glow of their blades. When the figures came into veiw, the two Jedi could finally tell what they were. They were tall creatures with black clad armor on their body. They carried a spear and a blaster holsted to their left leg. "What are you guys?" The creatures spoke in a language more confusing than that of the sand people.

"I didn't catch that," Kyp muttered. The creatures growled and got into a fighting stance. "If you want to fight, then bring it on." The creautes charged forward, and Kyp blocked the first one, and then turned to push the other spear away, then place a kick into the creatures stomache. He then turned on his heel to slash through the creature closest to him. Zekk was flipping over one of the spears and quickly thrusted his saber into the creatures back. He quickly brought it out and ducked under a swipe from another creature. He brought his saber into an uppercut and slashed the creature in half. Kyp used the force to push the two remaining ones into the wall. He nodded to Zekk and they ran forward to finish off the creautes.

"That's that," Zekk muttered as he deactivated his lightsaber.

"Yeah, I wonder what they were?" Kyp asked himself.

"Yeah," Zekk nodded.

"We can think about this later, let's continue on," Kyp said.

"Right," Zekk nodded. The two Jedi ran down the hall with more speed than before.

"I can sense what Exar Kun wants," Kyp mumbled.

"And what would that be?" Zekk asked.

"He is using a force powered crystal, and he plans to plunge the entire galaxy into an age of darkness," Kyp answered.

"That's not good," Zekk commented.

"That's right," Kyp nodded in agreement. A figure jumped from behind the duo and knocked Zekk hard to the floor. "Zekk!" Kyp ignited his lightsaber and charged forward, only to meet a black blade. Kyp moved his eyes to see Zekk not moving. "Damn." He jumped back a few and then charged forward again. Kyp knew he had to kill this guy now, he was the strongest thing they have fought yet. And he was not about to let this creature get to the other Jedi.


The Millinium Falcon exited hyperspace near the planet of Yavin IV. The ship flew forward and slowly more and more ships were becoming visible. "Sith spawn, that's a lot of warships," Han said.

"Yeah, and we have to get pass them," Jacen added.

"You think they will even shoot at us?" Ben asked. Han quickly rolled the ship to dodge a laser bolt directed at the ship.

"That answer your question kid," Han commented. "Luke, Jacen! Get to the gun turrets!" Han commanded. Luke and Jacen nodded before turning and running down the halls of the ship. "Ben, you sit down." Ben did as he was told and watched with fear as the Millinium Falcon dodged each blast, barley. Han aimed the ship for an opening in the line of warships and pushed the thottle to full power. X-wings and Tie fighters exited the warships and were on the tail of the Millinium Falcon. The turrets came to life and started to shoot at the fighters. Han rolled the ship to the left and then instantly yanked the ship back to the right to dodge a storm of laser fire. "I'm too old for this."

"Just don't go to sleep on me," Ben said with a little fear.

"Don't worry kid, I'll get us down there. So quit being scared," Han said. He put the falcon into a nose dive and then pulled out of it to come heading straight towards the planet. Another warship eclipsed its path and started firing a volley of blasts. Han quickly turned the ship to the left and pushed the throttle. He then threw the ship into a nose dive to dodge the warship. Another one came into view under them. "Damn, you would think they had something better to do. I'm sick of this!" Han bellowed as he began another session of dodging giant warships. He brought the falcon in between several more warships and continued to speed towards the planet. Some of the fighters were slowly disappearing, signiling that Luke and Jacen were doing there job. "Hang on kid, we're making a crash landing!" he called to Ben. The child merley nodded as the falcon hit the atmosphere and headed towards the ground at top speed. "Hang on!" The falcon crashed hard into the earth and skidded across the ground, creating a long trench of dirt. The falcon came to a stop, ironically in front of the giant Massassi Temple.


Zekk slowly opened his eyes and saw Kyp sitting near him. "Hey Zekk. You feeling okay?" Kyp asked.

"Yeah, I guess," Zekk replied. "What happened?"

"You were knocked out by a creature that fought like a Jedi," Kyp answered. "I managed to kill it, so don't worry."

"That's a relief," Zekk sighed. Zekk closed his eyes and just lay there on the damp floor.

"You know Zekk," Kyp began in a small voice.

"Hmm, what is it?" Zekk asked. He opened his eyes and turned to look at Kyp.

"I was jealous of you, you know," Kyp replied. "I mean, you were with jaina more than I was. And I guess, I wanted to be there with her. I'm just a hopless person." Kyp sighed as he lend back onto the wall and began to doze off.

"Why didn't you tell her?" Zekk asked.

"I knew she wouldn't want to be with me. I mean, I was a little cruel in the beginning of the Yuuzhan Vong, and even though I became more open in the end, people still hate me," Kyp sighed. "I love Jaina, and I'll never stop loving her." Zekk turned from the Jedi Master and took interest in his hands as he thought about what Kyp was saying.

"How long have you loved her?" Zekk asked.

"I guess when she was 15 I started falling for her," Kyp said.

"Right after we broke up," Zekk smiled. "I see, you might have loved her longer than myself."

"What good is it though, she hates me, she probally thinks I kidnapped you or something," Kyp said. "What's the use."

"Don't talk like that," Zekk said, his eyes shifting to stare at Kyp. "If we kill Exar Kun, then they will relize that you are innocent."

"Yeah, maybe. But Jaina is with you," Kyp sighed again.

"After this, I will help you get with her," Zekk said. Kyp opened his eyes and stared at the young man in front of him.

"Why?" Kyp asked.

"I think you deserve her more than me," Zekk said with a nod.

"Y-You mean it," Kyp stammared, a small smile touching his lips.

"Yes," Zekk said. "Now, let's stop sitting on our butts and go get that sith bastard."

"Right," Kyp said. He stood up and watched Zekk get to his feet. They nodded to each other before continuing their run down the hallway. There future was coming close to being decided. But, who would survive the coming battle, and war. The war of all time begins.

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